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Prince Charles Ignores Reporter's Question Regarding Harry and Meghan’s Revealing Interview

The 72-year-old Prince of Wales was the first royal to make an official appearance since the couple’s Oprah Winfrey interview.

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This Post Has 44 Comments

  1. Milch Engel

    The culprits are always the media – they destroy people or uplift them! The crowd is just stupid to believe that. In the end nobody knows the truth but judges without wisdom. 🙏

  2. Meghan oportunist par excellence……….shame on her….in a few years all of us will be dead…on the other side it will not be the same for the hypocrits

  3. Nish Fernandez

    British people are so racists. They dont like brown or black skin.

  4. Emily Ka Rina

    Classy Royal Family nocomplainings no explanations just announcement that RF still sending warm messages to Harry and Meghan just rude couple of Sussex against the RF

  5. Sam Slipper

    Right enough of this drama!

    Let’s go back to dirty Andrew, he’s well and truly slipped under the radar now 🙈

  6. Di Ane

    It's actually wicked in my view, to publish their Oprah interview on Commonwealth Day, whilst Prince Phillip was fighting for his life, in hospital, and when they knew the Queen and the Royals were planning to air a celebration programme.
    These two are very contrived, manipulative, selfish and obviously loathe both families with a violent rage.
    Well, good luck with that. It can't end well.

  7. Di Ane

    The facts about the interview……
    She didn't know who Harry was. LIE
    Friends say she was obsessed with the Royal family had multiple books about Diana. She wore his mother's favourite perfume to their first few dates. – Manipulative and Dishonest.
    She thought the Royal family were just like American celebrities. LIE
    She never googled Harry or found out anything about him, before dating and marrying him. LIE
    They got married 3 days before the Royal wedding? – LIE
    Archie didn't get a title because he's mixed race – LIE
    Archie wasn't given security because he was mixed race – LIE
    Someone (no name, no time, no details, no facts) commented on the possible skin colour Archie might have. – Underhand, deceptive and manipulative.
    The fact that they expected to move abroad, make mega million dollar deals with media companies, give up Royal duties but still expect the British taxpayer to provide security? – Arrogant, entitled and deceptive.
    The Met police provide security to Senior Royals who perform official duties. Why would the British taxpayers be required to fund security for two people who have gone to live abroad and do not perform Royal duties?
    Prince Charles has the 'Duchy of Cornwall', to provide an income for members of the Royal family to compensate them for their work for the crown, and the fact that they cannot do media deals.
    It's privileged and arrogant of these two to think they could ignore these conditions, but still be paid from the fund.
    To say that Charles cut them off financially, without the full details, is both deceptive and dishonest.
    He would have come under a lot of criticism and a backlash from our government, other Royals, as well as the public, if he allowed these two to reject the lifestyle but still be paid /compensated.
    To say that they love and respect the Queen, whilst attacking the Royal institution that she has created and dedicated her life to. – Fake, dishonest and deceptive.
    The 'fact' that they didn't know how to get counselling or therapy for Meghan, and were refused. – LIE
    Multiple members of the Royal family, including Diana, Charles, Harry have all had therapy and counselling.
    To say they asked Human Resources is just a red herring. They are not staff, so why ask them? Why not ask the bank of Royal doctors who are constantly on duty?
    Doria, Meghan's mother is a trained Social Worker, and knows how to access help. Harry knows how to access help. They were probably too mean to pay for it for themselves, despite their huge wealth of tens of millions of pounds.
    I'm a disabled British taxpayer, on a low income, and I've had to pay for my own counselling, many, many times in my life, when I've been struggling and suicidal.
    Her passport was taken away from her and she was not allowed to leave the country. A LIE and a farce as she was busy flying all over the world, often in private jets, at the drop of a hat, for numerous social functions, whilst lecturing the rest of us about reducing our carbon footprint.
    Not being accepted by the Royal family. LIE
    She was given a lavish £32 million wedding. They were given a beautiful mansion to live in (Frogmore Cottage), which was refurnished with taxpayers money, especially for them.
    The Queen broke many Royal protocols, early in their life together, to allow Meghan to be included in more things, and much earlier, than any other new member to the Royal family.
    Prince Charles even walked Meghan down the isle on her wedding day. If he was racist, and didn't want her in the family, he would not have done so.
    Meghan's sister Samantha only changed her name back to Markle, in her 50s, once Meghan started dating Harry. – LIE.
    Samantha has provided proof that she filed for, and changed her first name, back in 1997! She's always been a Markle, which she's proven with several official documents.
    Meghan's family told the Royals and the public that she was narcissistic, manipulative, and trouble, from the very beginning but the Royals and the British people ignored them, and very warmly welcomed her anyway.
    If only we'd all listened!
    When you look at what these two say, it's hard to find anything that is accurate and believable.
    Apart from the comments made by her own family, it would seem.
    They've told so many lies, it's hard to believe a word that comes from these two ingrates!
    And yes, they seem to believe that the public are naive, dim, easily bamboozled and manipulated, if they thought we would blindly accept everything, not think about or check out what we've been told.

  8. Margaret Stewart

    What is the big bump on Meghan’s back. Every time I watch her walking into the Oprah interview I wonder 💭 what is that big bump in her back. Anyone else wonder this? Anyone know?

  9. Isla Holbox

    Meghan: sues the media for publishing a private family letter between her and her father

    Also Meghan: gives the media details of Harry’s private phone call with Charles and Harry for world wide promotion

    Hypocritical narcissism at its best!

  10. Stone Slider

    One of the more immature things I’ve seen from celebrities,… including Oprah.

  11. Maybe now Archie the color like harry but the next not the color like the first one or take the grandmothers curly hair sometimes in the family will enherit like us our color like my mother but one of my sis like my dad

  12. Il Rutten

    Tue 9 Mar 2021 07.00 GMT
    Ben Quinn

    Prince Andrew
    Lawyer accuses palace of using Meghan to take focus off Prince Andrew
    US attorney suggests bullying inquiry is ‘calculated decision’ with prince mired
    in Epstein controversy A US lawyer for some of the women who say they were victims of Jeffrey Epstein has suggested that Buckingham Palace’s plans to examine
    bullying allegations against the Duchess of Sussex are a “calculated decision”
    to take the focus off Prince Andrew.
    “Allegations about him are far worse than the allegations about Meghan
    Markle. Prince Andrew was a working royal when he became a
    friend of Jeffrey Epstein, who was a sexual predator,” said
    Gloria Allred.
    “Prince Andrew is accused of much more than bullying or harassment in the
    workplace,” said the lawyer, who does not represent Virginia Giuffre, who has made
    the allegations against the prince, but is acting for 20 women
    who say they were victims of the disgraced US financier.
    Allred and others have been campaigning for the prince, who denies the
    allegations against him, to offer himself for interview in person by US
    criminal investigators and prosecutors looking into Epstein’s crimes and those
    associated with him.

    The lawyer last month arranged for a US-style school bus to drive through
    different parts of London, including past Buckingham Palace, with a message on
    the side asking the prince to speak with the FBI.
    In a statement issued on Monday, Allred said: “Why does Buckingham Palace
    not conduct an investigation and make a public statement condemning Prince
    Andrew for failing to provide what is requested to those who are
    seeking the whole truth and justice for the victims of crimes against children?
    “Why has Prince Andrew not been stripped of the royal titles that he
    enjoys, as has been the case for Meghan and Harry? He has certainly not brought
    dignity and respect to his work as a royal.”
    Allred added: “The investigation into Meghan Markle is a distraction, and
    it appears hypocritical under the circumstances. I have to wonder if it
    reflects a calculated decision to take the focus off of Prince Andrew.
    “It is long overdue for the palace to change its priorities and announce that
    it is conducting its own investigation of Prince Andrew. In addition, it should
    immediately issue a statement condemning Prince Andrew for failing to provide
    full in-person cooperation in the ongoing criminal investigation by the United
    States justice department.”
    In December, Andrew’s spokesperson declined
    to comment on a report that the prince stayed in the New York
    mansion of the sex offender Epstein
    in April 2001, despite Andrew denying doing so in his infamous Newsnight

    The refusal to repeat the denial came after the Daily
    Mail uncovered a fax that said the prince had stayed at a
    “private address in New York” on 11 April and its sources confirmed this was
    Epstein’s £60m home in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.
    Giuffre, who was 17 at the time and called Virginia Roberts, alleges
    Epstein flew her to New York to have sex with Andrew – something Andrew
    continues to deny.
    Giuffre says she was trafficked by Epstein to have sex with the prince
    three times in 2001. The prince has always denied any wrongdoing and says he
    cannot recall meeting her or having his picture taken with her.
    He said in November: “I continue to unequivocally regret my ill-judged
    association with Jeffrey Epstein … Of course, I am willing to help any
    appropriate law enforcement agency with their investigations, if required.”
    Since then he has not spoken to US authorities investigating Epstein’s
    alleged crimes.
    … it looks like you’re quite new here, welcome to the Guardian. We hope
    you’re finding our reporting valuable. As you join us today from the
    Netherlands, we’d like to take a moment to introduce ourselves a bit better.
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    for truth and integrity. Readers tell us how much they value our editorial
    independence, particularly in these challenging times, when access to
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    meaningful action.
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  13. Bambi

    Wonder if Prince Phillip dies, if Meghan and Harry r aloud to attend the funeral.

  14. Emily M

    I’m American and I am definitely not buying what Meghan and Harry are selling and everyone I know either don’t care about them or can’t stand them so no most of Americans do not like them

  15. Ningnong4u

    Meghan stop being such a drama queen & blowing things out of proportion. You should’ve known what you were getting yourself into. Know what it is to be royalty & support your man. You’ve separated him from his family. He won’t be happy for long. Harry get ahold of your woman. Stop being such a pussy wipe & get on with it!!! GO TEAM KATE!!!

  16. Jack T

    Can’t you tell by looking at them that their racist

  17. sara maher sara

    This meghun is selfish she creates lies to get sympathy and attention using the racism card she is liar and royal family is not obliged to explain or apologize for athing They didnt do or behave i m from middle east support him and his wife against that selfish woman

  18. Lee Davidson

    Harry if you're listening, leave that silly girl, come back home where you belong. You can have any gorgeous girl in England and start afresh ! We all make mistakes in our lives. We miss you, you ought to be here, England awaits your return. God save the Queen

  19. Albertino Mendes

    Why the Monarch family keeps hiding the truth, yes we are racist!!!
    They insult intelligence of African peoples…✊🏿
    Why all the lies!!

  20. Rustyrules 426

    They need to take all titles from them. Harry was born prince,but dutchess and Duke, take it away!

  21. Jonathan D.

    I believe everything Meghan Markle says – NOT!!!

  22. 555faith

    Megan is splitting the family of Harry as she has done with her own! She is a narcissist!, she is an actress, trying to be sweet and innocent! She is a snake 🥶

  23. 5cloudwalker

    The question of skin colour obviously comes from an older individual. I come from Britain and I would have no doubt that my father born in 1926 might’ve said the same thing if I put in the exact same situation as Harry. going to Charles not talking with Harry at the moment speaks volumes that he might’ve casually said that in a conversation. Charles might not be racist but it hits close to home and I have no doubt Charles would’ve asked that question benign as it was.

  24. MCM

    Two millionaires complaining to a billionaire chat show host about how bad their lives are. Meanwhile in the real world people are burying their loved ones and declaring their businesses bankrupt.

  25. j mc

    If they were so worried about abuse and women’s rights then why not speak out about his uncle plus Epstein/Maxwell and Weinstein?

  26. Airma_SJ

    I do not who cares about Charles opinion on Meghan's state of mind when he never protected his own wife when she needed him the most.

  27. Airma_SJ

    Baby Archie is still a privileged baby so her parents. What about kids living in puberty and in a really racist environment?. Meghan and Harry knew what was coming so what about raising their kids to be strong individuals?. Let's not forget ANDREW'S CASE OF SEX TRAFFICKING HERE!!

  28. Cort Right

    I am tired of hearing about the interview. They certainly are not the only couple who have had someone talk about the possible color of a mixed families child.

  29. dhriti kapoor

    So what do u expect them to do? Make their family life broadcasted like the kardashians? 😂

  30. m p a t m

    Nice to see Charles out and about mingling with black people. Guess he and Chinchilla can do those Africa visits now that Meghan and Harry have departed.

  31. UAN

    They are plain evil and without any empathy
    Who did they ask for help?
    She rejected Kate and tried to make up to William and all men in the family

  32. Louise Kleinman

    Meagain and Harry should have kept their grievances private …
    obviously they like drama, attention and money. Probably bored in their new do nothing life.

  33. Deep sea

    that's why they got kicked out at 1947 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣( brishit)

  34. Sery Moler

    We clearly watched character assassination of the UK paparazzi and tabloid destroying Meghan and Prince Harry with insiders' complicity. She married into a system that failed to protect her, but actively destroyed her. She is free to tell her side of the story. FBI wants to investigate Prince Andrew for Child Trafficking but that system is protecting him.

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