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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Interview With Oprah: Watch the First Footage

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ET has a sneak peek at Oprah Winfrey’s upcoming two-hour sit down interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The interview, which Oprah says no topic was off-limits, will include the famous duo speaking out about their lives in the public eye and why they ultimately decided to step back from the royal family. ‘Oprah With Meghan and Harry’ premieres March 7 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 22 Comments

  1. Megan What did you expect? "Welcome Megan"? "Make yourself at home"? "Marry my son"? You've gotta remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land, the common clay of the UK
    . You know… morons. 🇬🇧 🤡🤣🎯
    D-Truth 3:16

  2. QueenMerlyn Amaya

    So Prince Harry never worn a Nazi costume, said racists comments against Pakistans/Muslim community or ran around naked, high and drunk in Las Vegas? Yep he did. He was corrupted until his wife came.

  3. Pee Nut

    These are the only humanitarians that Loves to BURN BRIDGES and would do anything to destroy the reputation of their families instead. We don’t want to hear ur crying over flower girl dresses while the world is under lockdown! Meghan & Harry is a certified attention seeking Narc during these Pandemic Era! Oprah’s credibility went as low as the Mariana’s trench!

  4. Ramona Ringel

    Grace kelly hatte auch nicht die Etikette verletzt 👍👍👍👍

  5. Noel Ohashi

    I am mixed asian-european and gay, and used to have white skin. Now, I love the Sun and to expose my skin to it. I eat loads of fruits and now my skin is somewhat colorful. I love colors. And I gotta say: when one person injects ethnic hate in someone else's ear, one can diffuse this negative energy and then this energy will be transferred to the whole institution. I have experienced that, as I got a part time job as a timp in the brazilian bank Banco do Brasil, located in Belém, North Brasil, 1998. When one supposed Regional director of that branch, who surely looked like portuguese, injected ethnic hate in me. He did it slowly (till the third day of harresment. He whispered in my right ear, by getting close to me, as I was getting my boss her coffee), in front of the whole staff to whom I belonged and felt good with. But, as I was not energetically prepared for that awful experience, I ended up believing that the whole Institution was the reason why I was disrespected. Its been 23 years since that happened and for 6, I follow a VEGAN life style. I am now fully aware I was dominated by that low frequency energy and now I feel 100% ready to face those kind of people and digest it, by transforming hate into self love. Because now I know and feel truly empowered, to never believe, not for even a second in low frequency energy. We are all humans, naturally vegan. Unfortunetly, at that time I was addicted to animal based diet and mentally confused and weak. But now, not only I witnessed a physical regeneration on my body, but also, now I feel my energy so expanded. I truly wish that the beautiful royal couple who now live in the US turn Vegan too. That will help them digest that awful energy that still hang on to them and turn it to dust. The Queen and Prince Phillip deserve to see their so loved grandson and wife feeling Love again. They need to witness their prince charming transformed into a truly kind and grown man (vegan). Although all of us, the people, are sufferring finantial instability, we must be aware that Love always prevails. May intuition rise into their minds. May love begin in their plates, because they need to heal. Because the firm also needs to heal. Because this WHOLE planet needs to heal. Because we have an Eternal Source of Light 🌈 longing for us to provide the right source of life (vegetable of course).

  6. Diana presented herself as a lady but she was a melodramatic mess who had no place in the Royal family. The trashy downslope now continues.

  7. Reggie Wagstaff

    Notice that Meg is wearing a $4,000 Armani dress while Harry has on $2.99 socks that show his legs.

  8. Debbie Johnson

    I can’t stand that brat, Megan. What a little con artist she is! Anybody who can’t see through her is blind!

  9. Lin Luo

    nice. 3 rich women sitting around talking about how oppressed they are. you can't make this stuff up

  10. Janice Krueger

    Patriots: (1) see bulge in Os boot? = ank bracelet = house arrest. (2) Harry not real H, chipped front tooth? Really?? (3) MM not same person as in SUITS (4) wind blows one but not others?? Hmmmm…this is your wake up sleepy heads!!!!

  11. Ozun Kanbay

    what a boring couple tearing their ass out to become popular enough. shame on harry

  12. Hazel Birch

    I very much recommend HG Tudor's videos and blog on the subject of Megain… A Very Royal Narcissist. Fascinating and so spot on.

  13. BoomBoomLou

    Get the tea! lol, imagine being in such a class where nothing matters but it matters to you somehow.

  14. BeeThaBeauty

    Oprah let’s talk about that ankle monitor you have on 🥴😂

  15. Mario Reyes

    Come on people what's wrong with the picture? From Oprah to Megan's face neck and nose and Harry's Face and teeth you are being fooled by actors pay close attention, sometimes I wonder if people is awake.

  16. The Picture of Meghan Markle from her worlds and her actions:
    All parents in the world and all relatives ask themselves who the baby is going to look like, even If the parents are both white.
    All asks themselves If the child will have blue eyes like mother or dark eyes like father, or If the child will have nose like father or like mother, mouth like father or like mother, and so on…

    If the family and the relatives and the nations ask themselves what color of skin the baby will have this is not racial issue but just a natural and human issue.

    The Big Problems are with Meghan Markle. MM has serious problems on herself and this interview just confirm that, and not only this but all her life! She is the one who have problems and she put them on the Back of others.
    She is the Saint and Eternal Naive, as she proclaimed in the interview, on her 36 -40 years with many men relations and very experienced woman playing Naive like a Virgin (as Diana – who MM is imitate – really was) but all around her are guilty!
    She is proclaming herself in the interview as eternal " Naive" despite her age and experienced life of wich she said she is proud, without any embarrassment of contradiction!
    Even Oprah said that : " Everybody who get married knows that You are marrying the family too and You should have a conversation with yourself and your friends" but she lies that she was "Naive" and not interested altough she was the one who fixed with her girlfriend the First Blind meeting with Prince Harry!
    Also she said " she was lucky that she were very experienced woman " and than said that " she is very Naive" ! This contradictions show She is Demonic : her soul and her mind are posesed as Bible says. She is mental sick because of her Big and Millions Sins unrefined. Everybody has sins but to put your sins on Back of others is demonic!
    She is the Eternal Naive Victim!

    There must be big problems with her inside and Meghan Markle's conscience, she must pray to God to help her. She really needs help, like all the people have, in fact. God is the only Salvation!

    More, the Biblie shows that all people who wants to suicide are posesed by Devils like Iuda was. Only God can save peope in this moments, not other people, because only God can clean their messy life and messy soul because of their past life and MM was an adultery and messy sexual life witch is big Sin for God and that must be paid as Biblie says!

    She really needs mercy because she is posesd like Iuda was. She is blind about herself! Everey body is in fault but not her! Everybody: sister, father, her ex men and ex husband, the royal people, the media, etc. She is a Poor Naive Saint!

    She is abusing poor Orphan Harry by playing the Eternal Victim Card! Harry is confusing her with his mother, Diana, because this is happen with Orphans that why they are easy Victims and that why God directly protect Orphans, as Biblie says !
    Harry is mental abbused by Meghan Markel he is terrified and pshycological tortured every day by MM playing Victim Card and he is her puppy because he is terrified his wife not die like his mother Diana. This torture paralyses an Orphan mind and his reactions!

    People must Save Harry from MM by praying because of mental abuse and terrible and atrocious on him! This is why he accept a 3 years older woman, he needed subconcious a mother, but She is a
    tortious on Harry. He is not aware because he is in her diabolic trap.

    She lies that She don t reasearch on internet who was Prince Harry before meeting the Prince but in the same time She said that they met trough a Blind Meeting arrannged by her friend (of course on her command) and also she said to her father " I met a Prince".

    She lies too much, Pierce is right that she lies every word, and She is the one who abuse Harry, in mental problems, as he said. She speculate an Orphan's menthal issues. So She get her hand on him!

    But Bible says that God will Revange Orphans from those who abuse them !

    She says that the wedding was for whole world because of Prince Harry, not for her. But, of course, she felt the most important person and fatal woman because she hunted an Orphan Helpless Prince.
    Than imediately she contradict herself pretending that She was Most importantant woman in the world because "people go crazy for her personal life " saying subversive that She is the Most importat woman in the world . She is sick narcist visible posesed by demons, in all her elementary contradictions, exactly the way Bible says.

    In fact She said in other interview that She is the Most trolled woman in the world, and so to amaze subversive that She is Most important woman in the world and fatal woman! No woman is like her!
    She is not fatal woman as She thinks she is just because She was recruiting a Confused Orphan Prince by diabolically methods!

    Not Harry court her like a man does but she clinged him: she is the man in this relation but only with rights not with obligations! In obligations she transform herself, like that woman of White Snow Story, in Fatal Woman of the World and Prince must be her Valet!
    This opinions are made only on her words and actings!

    If a woman is happy with her husband she never give such a public interview! And If a man is happy with his wife he never give such a public interview! They are not happy with each other! Time will prove the truth!
    Untill now , she is destroying Harry and herself!
    Only God is Salvation for both of them !

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