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Prince Harry Has Spoken With His Dad and Brother Since Explosive Oprah Interview

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On Tuesday’ ‘CBS This Morning,’ anchor Gayle King said she has spoken to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle since their tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey. Gayle revealed that Harry said he has spoken to his dad, Prince Charles, and his brother, Prince William, though the conversations were ‘not productive.’

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 44 Comments

  1. Ruth Agor

    Ofcourse Gail ànd Oprah will side with heŕ because their both blacks…….iam not racist BUT I am turning out to be one with this issue.

  2. A Crime Story

    Everyone is getting a front row seat to a mid range narcissist. You have watched her love bomb/ensnare him (engagement video is a good example of this period) to systemically dismantling his life until the only voice he hears is the narcissist. She has numerous times mimicked his mother in detail, from perfume to head tilts to words. She has convinced him she was mentally ill and couldn't get help and so they HAD to leave the royal family it was the only way. When you understand what Meghan is, you understand these behaviors from her. Why things are the way they are and also predict future things. Like when she will devalue Harry and disengage him completely.

  3. A Crime Story

    Gayle, you have become (unwittingly) a mouth piece for a mid range narcissist. This isn't about race. And Noone in the royal family owes meghan a "conversation" …she does not want "healing" she isolated Harry from his entire family, "healing" will bring them all back together and threaten her narcissism and control. I implore you to watch HG Tudor on YouTube. Her narcissism is well laid out and I don't think the royals should give her anymore fuel/attention. She has, in a very short time, made a train wreck of her and harrys lives, this will continue until he breaks free from her. You are sadly, along with Harry, making a fool yourself by being her mouth piece. People see through it.

  4. Patricia Ferrell

    What is Gayle King doing in the middle of all this Oprah is making a lot of money off of Harry & they all are sicken taking advantage of Harry at a time when he needs someone to talk to about everything Shame on both of them Gayle & oprah

  5. marilyn delisle

    I don't think any of the Royal family has to make a public comment on Harry and Meghan's conversation with Oprah. That is their complaints against who ever they were talking about, they never specified anyone. The color of the Baby's skin, well I think anyone would have wondered about that and most people wouldn't care what the color was. I think Meghan just threw the race card in there for attention, it seems Harry knew nothing about it until she mentioned it to him. As for security, if movie stars can afford it, why can't they, Harry is a millionaire from both his mother and his father, and his grand parents, Why the heck are they complaining publicly about this. They have to really grow up considering their ages

  6. Laura Schoenborn

    "I didn't know who Prince Harry was, when I first met him."
    There is a picture of her standing in front of Buckingham Palace as a young girl.
    "I didn't know I had to curtsy in front of the Queen, I didn't know what to expect as a member of the Royal Family".
    Who's fault is that exactly? I am American, and even I know you have to curtsy in front of the Queen of England, even members of the Royal Family have to. Also, if I was dating Prince Harry, I would ask him every question in the book on what life is like as the prince of England from the very FIRST DATE!

  7. Leigh Nisbett

    It might be time for the press to leave Prince William and Prince Harry alone to sort out the families issues ,instead of stirring up all the problems and causing the anger and hate to be front and centre .The press is responsible for all of the discord in the Royal family,the press jump on every rumour and heresay from the household staff .

  8. Taryn Fivaz

    Lots of comments about how wrong Harry and Megan are…yet we are talking about an institution protecting one of their own accused of pedophilia. Look and investigate and you will find this goes a lot deeper than one family member. Mmmm, gee I wonder which side is the lesser of the 2 evils. I take my hat off to Harry for being able to think for himself and make his own decisions, regardless of whether you agree they are right or wrong.

  9. C Sanford

    It's getting pathetic that everything has turned to race. Very interesting that gail gets insider scoops from ofra who has a pipeline to the poor oppressed dutchess. meghan takes no responsibility for any of the bad press. And harry, how could he do this or let this be done to his family? You would think he would know if his family were really racists, wouldn't you? What a shame.

  10. Jonny Host

    My time married to Prince Harry. That's Meghan's new book, she been writing it since she meet Harry and will be released on the day the divorce is finalized.

  11. highlight me

    did prince harry tell you to say that on national tv?

  12. Lisa Moolman

    Did she not give up her title when she left the Royal Family???

  13. Evelyn Miller

    William didn't make things better by criticizing prince Harry getting engaged to soon he should of mind his own business and let prince Harry do whatever he wanted to do and not interfere regarding his choice.

  14. Toni B

    Gayle is so full of it and so bias it is sad. She not a journalist but she and Oprah wanted to be friends with "Royalty". Meghan said she did not know Oprah when she invited her to the Royal wedding. She is a master manipulator.

  15. etta rogers

    Sounds like Megan is mad because Harry isn't the next in line for the throne. And Artchie doesn't have a title.

  16. Linda Rodriguez

    I wish it would stop picking on her you guys hold everything in the back of a closet you guys have treated her really bad and I saw the interview with Prince Diana you know you have to like be a person that you got to go by the rules or no I feel so sad for both of them and they're freaking out they need to go back to their pages and see what they've been through it's like watching princess Diana going through what Megan's going through you guys are the mean ones you guys got lost skeletons in your closet

  17. Theresa

    🤣😂🤣😂 not his family anymore!

  18. For Justice

    As far as I can see the only outcome of this scandal is going to be that most of the white and well established people will consider not twice but 200 times before getting involved with any non-white person to avoid this sorts of tantrums and accusations. The strategy : " my way or high way" always result in this sorts of outcomes. (Just a little note for gold-diggers with a race card in the pocket 😉

  19. 손영수

    Mghan still keeps the bombshell in her hand to cast again such an explosive interview any time in the name of Archie or any issue related with Harry and his RF according to the response from the Royals.

  20. Noel Ohashi

    I am mixed asian-european and gay, and used to have white skin. Now, I love the Sun and to expose my skin to it. I eat loads of fruits and now my skin is somewhat colorful. I love colors. And I gotta say: when one person injects ethnic hate in someone else's ear, one can diffuse this negative energy and then this energy will be transferred to the whole institution. I have experienced that, as I got a part time job as a timp in the brazilian bank Banco do Brasil, located in Belém, North Brasil, 1998. When one supposed Regional director of that branch, who surely looked like portuguese, injected ethnic hate in me. He did it slowly (till the third day of harresment. He whispered in my right ear, by getting close to me, as I was getting my boss her coffee), in front of the whole staff to whom I belonged and felt good with. But, as I was not energetically prepared for that awful experience, I ended up believing that the whole Institution was the reason why I was disrespected. Its been 23 years since that happened and for 6, I follow a VEGAN life style. I am now fully aware I was dominated by that low frequency energy and now I feel 100% ready to face those kind of people and digest it, by transforming hate into self love. Because now I know and feel truly empowered, to never believe, not for even a second in low frequency energy. We are all humans, naturally vegan. Unfortunetly, at that time I was addicted to animal based diet and mentally confused and weak. But now, not only I witnessed a physical regeneration on my body, but also, now I feel my energy so expanded. I truly wish that the beautiful royal couple who now live in the US turn Vegan too. That will help them digest that awful energy that still hang on to them and turn it to dust. The Queen and Prince Phillip deserve to see their so loved grandson and wife feeling Love again. They need to witness their prince charming transformed into a truly kind and grown man (vegan). Although all of us, the people, are sufferring finantial instability, we must be aware that Love always prevails. May intuition rise into their minds. May love begin in their plates, because they need to heal. Because the firm also needs to heal. Because this WHOLE planet needs to heal. Because we have an Eternal Source of Light 🌈 longing for us to provide the right source of life (vegetable of course).


    Oh shut up king are you in the middle of the bed??????? Layoff enough

  22. Pat Long

    They need to give meggot and Harry the boot take everything back from them Harry has a job now meggot needs to get an job and not one where she can lie all the time they wanted out and live a private life but she can't stop getting attention ,she has to be seen so she can lie

  23. I am getting tired of all this. There are more pressing things going on right now in the family and family affairs need to stay just that, no diss to Gale or Oprah but I feel they should if talked them out of this dirty laundry interview. Get home and let all see that the family is trying to clean up misunderstandings and move forward.

  24. Dayle Hudson

    Does Gale King no Meygan got documenting by sneaking in tape recorders and reading private mail?

  25. NHLANHLA Zilwa

    Prince Harry never ever leave your family, your wife according to Prov 14v1 should be wise and be the peacemaker not destroyer. We love her but she must not seek sympathy from social media.

  26. favchanel01

    Gale and Oprah should discuss more important matters in the world rather than spend time on this couple just to make money out of it. They are not experiencing hardships and money woes as those who are genuinely fighting for Black Lives Matter, bullying, racism and poverty.

  27. Lucy Gomez

    Absolutely disgusting how he said he respected this Grandmother but he goes and does this interview. if all he wanted was to protect his family. He had already left Crown .. Go do your thing and be happy. Don’t betray your family because your wife couldn’t handle criticism even though she was a 37 year old actress . Also we don’t care about title but why wasn’t my son a prince Jesus grow the fuck up! read about it !
    not everything is racist !

  28. Ramon Lopez

    I am guessing the next call will be – Harry, forget how we treated you and your wife bad. But can you smooch up with the president to support British interest?

  29. michelle williams


  30. Chichibu01

    Stupid Harry, he’s going to so regret this when he’s 70 and his grandkids are working their shifts at McDonald’s.

  31. Kari Davis

    Pedos trying to cause more division.. You aren’t a speck of dirt in the monarchies eyes, they don’t even have to answer to you people LOL

  32. Kari Davis

    LmmfaO!!what a Sham! First off.. lil miss thang needs to learn how succession goes, Race had nothing to do with it cry baby.. 😂 Get over yourselves! Lies are already being dismantled Meghan ain’t got shit but an appearance of Narcissism and possible Socio pathic tendencies

  33. Shelley Davis

    Just make William king, and these two's money, status, entitlement and titles no title drama and freeloading problem will be stopped dead in its tracks. They need to go find jobs like the rest of the world

  34. JLDS

    People shouldnt being talking about this Its all disgusting and for all involved should be ashamed of them selfs .

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