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Prince Harry Reveals Prince Charles Stopped Taking His Calls Amid ‘Megxit’

Prince Harry admits that his father Prince Charles stopped taking his calls when he revealed his plans to step down from royal duties with his wife Meghan Markle. The revelation came during Sunday’s ‘Oprah With Meghan and Harry: A CBS Primetime Special.’ The Duke of Sussex said he believes this came after he took matters into his own hands following Meghan’s increasing distress that led to their royal exit.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 50 Comments

  1. Nish Fernandez

    British people are so racists. They dont like brown or black skin.

  2. Wanda Via


  3. Wanda Via


  4. Why did he no stop talking to camilla.Why was he not force to put on BIG BOYS PANTS? Maybe PRINCESS DI would still alive. You think?????????

  5. jo douglas

    Does she have false teeth? Is she able to manipulate him under the covers?

  6. Lily Bond

    These 3 belong together. Maybe they can work on removing the huge chips on their shoulders.

  7. mary shaffer

    Harry's called 911 so many times his home is now a nuisance address.

  8. Belle Marfori

    I'm glad William is more like Charles. If he's like Diana it would have been a disaster.

  9. PALI HU


  10. CrackedStar 99

    isn't it embrassing how ppl are expsoing her loopholes through out the interview even the archbishop who met them 3 days before their "just a show" wedding giving statement against them, archie still receives the protection because of them untill he's old enough n he couldn't receive a tittle because he's not the direct in line nor a "grand son" but a great grandson of the queen…and american press who claims royalty is an old school system n has no place in usa milking this matter every chance they got LOL

  11. CrackedStar 99

    Look charles is rotten that's why he doesn't giving much care for harry just like how meghan doesn't contact her father's family because they're rotten too… apparently ppl around them are rotten and they're the only saint n saintess in this commotion

  12. Di Ane

    If you are always calling your father, whingeing, moaning, demanding money & your own way, I think you might find he might start refusing your calls.
    Duh! No surprise there.

  13. Di Ane

    Those who support H&M must not have bothered actually watching the Oprah interview.
    It was one, big constant whine from beginning to end, packed with dozens of lies, manipulations and vindictive content.
    Did we actually hear any words of gratitude for the amazingly privileged, abundant life they've been gifted? Not a word.
    Whilst they said they loved and supported the Queen, they have most publicly insulted, denounced, and threatened everything his hard working, dedicated, grandparents have achieved in their lifetime.
    And for what reason? For fame, fortune and personal gain.
    They blatantly lied, virtually from beginning, to end of the interview, delivering their attack when Harry's grandfather was in hospital, fighting for his life, and amid all the family stress that causes.
    They planned the interview to be broadcast on Commonwealth Day, when they knew that the Royal family were putting out a programme celebrating the commonwealth.
    These are a greedy, vindictive, nasty, mean couple, who use everything for their own advantage, and to smash and destroy others.
    I can't summon up any sympathy for them at all, because they really don't deserve any.

  14. Loco Loco

    Yes….. you have problems with your dad,
    What's so special about that?
    I'm sure there are plenty of people here who have problems with their parents.
    I dont see why he needs to open his family issue on Oprah???

  15. danapnmk

    After the interview of these spoiled brats, I can well imagine why Charles doesn't like to take the calls.
    "Dad, give me more millions, otherwise Meghan will get in a bad mood."

  16. PipersSon

    Harry must have known the people Meghan Markle was going to meet and socialise with were out of her league especially after she was caught with a camera photographing the interior of Kensington Palace and thereafter was forbidden to walk around similar properties unescorted. Looking ahead: 'It appears the view formed was: "That if a future marriage rift occurred she would -be in possession of private photographs and information that foreseeably could be sold-on to supermarket tabloids and tv stations. The Oprah W "I was there and this is what I noticed Meghan show" is proof positive that these initial Palace officials suspicions were correct – meaning she had traitorous thought no True Brit or member of the Royal Family would ever entertain and which incidentally prove Piers Morgan nailed her correctly and he deserves all our thanks and praise. Harry was a fool to go along with her scheming and not to put a stop to it, appearing on the show with her was a huge mistake on his part for which he will never be forgiven

  17. Mrs Dee

    So unfortunate that Harry and Meghan have become such harbingers of pessimism. They have so much privilege and wealth but they focus on the negativity.

  18. paulwilfridhunt

    What a lot of people don’t seem to realise is that most royals don’t want to be King and if they can get out of it they will. Charles is no exception. He won’t want the job. And who would blame him. If he could he can get out of it he just might step sideways and let William have it. Don’t faint if that happens. But maybe he might step up for it and spare William for as long as possible. It’s no walk in the park. However I think Charles would be a very good king especially with Camilla by his side. These two people are good guys. You need to cut them a lot of slack. You’re too hard on them.

  19. sallie ceelee

    Despite everything, Harry and Charles have the same preference in women: They both prefer divorcees.

  20. Rose Power

    Oprah is getting fatter with all the garbage on her show

  21. Ron

    Charles will takes his calls when he wakes up.

  22. Awaited One

    Our QUEEN is not racist. And harry Hewitt ahem
    And Meghan suites need to stop 🛑 making up lies. Long live our queen. And our royal family. We will die to protect them. Regardless. Ameen

  23. Awaited One

    Our QUEEN is not racist. And harry Hewitt ahem
    And Meghan suites need to stop 🛑 making up lies. Long live our queen. And our royal family. We will die to protect them. Regardless. Ameen

  24. Joanne Gonzalez

    So why does he fear for Archie I would say I hope his grandmother is there Megan's mom at least

  25. Joanne Gonzalez

    It is so sad she told him what to say and he's sticking to the same thing he repeats the same thing he blinks his eyes cuz he cannot think and he bent his head cuz it is hard for him to concentrate and remember he has a severe concussion ever since he came from the Army he needs help

  26. Joanne Gonzalez

    Okay so associations they've been supporting no Harry the queen supports every Association in the Kingdom and the King takes care of every Prime Union Association in the Kingdom you don't take care of anything you just work for one of the association's within the kingdom well at least used to.

  27. N

    Dear Harry. You make life colorful and wonderful. Control by fear has existed since time began. It is terribly hurtful to hear "Can you put it in writing." Anyway, love exists and God watches. You and Meghan are lovely.

  28. Tasnim Rifa

    Meghan's letter to her father is deeply private but Harry's unanswered phone call to his father should be shared with the world.
    What a logical howler !!!!

  29. Sidore Avonne

    Why does Charles have to talk to H? He stopped because H and MM are asses.

  30. keziah mwaura

    I like Harry. If all this causes him healing,way to go. I love it that he refuses to be tied by traditions for his own life and his spouses. Such strength.

  31. Pri

    Feel sorry for Harry, he's as naive and in love as Diana was when she first married. Hopefully he'll also be able to grow and learn and move away from such a toxic person just like Diana did. Something just doesn't sit right with me about Meghan.

  32. Isla Holbox

    Meghan: sues the media for publishing a private family letter between her and her father

    Also Meghan: gives the media details of Harry’s private phone call with Charles and Harry for world wide promotion

    Hypocritical narcissism at its best!

  33. Daiseysun

    Oml megan and Harry are drama 🎭 QUEENNNS 🙄😤


    They are worry about the thruth is starting coming out soon or later the respectful people are seen as same as everyone else.

  35. Peter Gardner

    Prince Charles stopped taking calls from his son Harry because Harry was always hitting him up for money

  36. karen karen

    Harry is supportive of his wife whilst his father Charles never supported Princess Diana

  37. Caroline Janssen

    These 2 people cannot choose they way they want to live and complain about their life. They chose the narrative the articles were incorrect and now they change. I am looking forward to the external investigation. I believe the royals covered for her bad behaviour and now because the royals say no. They are using blackmail. There are too many inconsistencies. 2 FACTS law no great grand child of the sovereign has titles that law was in 1917. Princess Eugenie and jack without a title had a son with no title. You don’t hear them complain. Also security when they gave up their roles and moved to the UK and law they were not considered IPP international protected person. They are not a president, prime minster and no longer royals. Yet they have got money from princess Diana and the queens grandmother. $40 million while people have lost jobs, housing and lives and they tell us someone made someone cry and they didn’t get what they wanted because they are not airs to the throne. They are spoilt hypocritical entitled brats. Who signed Spotify and Netflix worth $100 million. The are playing the victims and Meghan saying there were POTENTIALLY many conversations with Henry. Henry comes out and said only 1 before she was pregnant. They lies they are praying on the US people not to do research and just go on their word. NOT good enough. Facts. I have noticed. If they don’t sue it’s true. They have no dignity and respect. Also Charles help set them up. No the royals don’t have any right to be upset. No. Of course the drama only came from a d list actress that is wanting global fame and power. Watch out

  38. Roxanne Smith

    Because daddy didn’t want to have to keep paying millions of dollars for their lifestyles in the US after Meghan had come through and completely disrespected British culture and tradition. “Conquer yourself, rather than the world” Descartes

  39. geri911

    He stopped taking your calls cause you kept asking money. Lol

  40. E Sazak

    Good that his father never made mistakes to inbarice the Royal famely 😂😂😂😂😂

  41. Patricia David

    The man has worked all his life the country and parents now they cut him and his wife off from anything they are cruel these couples were honest about the hell they went through sometimes it's good speak the truth but it hurts when especially when the other side has so much power this is why Megan run I don't blame them who feels it knows it that palace is full of nasty secrets

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