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Prince Harry Says Mom Princess Diana Would Be ANGRY Over Royal Exit Fallout

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During Sunday’s ‘Oprah With Meghan and Harry: A CBS Primetime Special,’ Prince Harry opened up about what he thinks his late mother, Princess Diana, would think of his royal exit and the subsequent fallout. Diana died in a car accident in Paris in 1997 while being chased by the paparazzi following her own exit from the royal family. The 36-year-old Duke of Sussex admitted that seeing backlash against his wife, Meghan Markle, made him fear ‘history repeating itself.’

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 38 Comments

  1. winter *

    You will become "different person" when you love a woman with different perspective in life. If she doesn't love her own family possible she will destroy your family too. (But if she dearly love her own family she will also love your family and will obey the rules within your fam) she will respect husband relatives and vise versa.

  2. Christine Lennox

    They wanted private lives they got it. Then they did the interview?. They wanted to cut ties with the Royal family. They got that. Then they did the interview?. And moaned about the queen canceling a date with them and hadn't heard from his dad. They don't want anything to do with the news papers interfering in there lives. They got that. Then they did the interview?. 9 times police called to there house. They did the interview?.its like there trying every angle to get what they want? Confusing. A don't think they no what they want. Playing games with everyone. U only wonder what goes on behind closed doors. Why should we all pay for security when u both trashed everything Prince Phillip and the queen and everything they stand for past and present. U have a roof over ur head and food on the table clothes on your back and money in the bank. Keep quiet get on with ur lives love ur children keep off the TV unless for good causes and u won't need security. Meg is spoiled she choose the wrong family a will bag a Prince have a kid have security didn't go as planned. U could have had it all Kate, William, Harry, and Meg being a team an example. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔❤️❤️

  3. Ника Таш

    Harry hates UK tabloid but American media – it’s ok. Is it a difference?

  4. Kripa Harris

    Disgustingly narcissistic display …harry is in Meghan's cult ….totally brainwashed

  5. Angel55

    Princess Diana to me, is a very peaceful personality. I see that character of peace and quiet around the Royal family. No matter what. Peace is Great.

  6. Mountains

    Yeah, he understands the system killed Diana.

  7. Michael Wildman

    The thing people actually do for fame & money 💰 all these lies for cash

  8. Di Ane

    Dr Phil (Oprah's friend) always says the No1 tool of toxic people, is isolation.
    He calls them BAITERS.
    If someone tries to separate you from family or friends, put on your trainers, and run – FAST!
    Harry has been massively isolated from everything he held dear. All his family & friends, the charities he supported, his military roles and connections. Everything that was important to him. EVERYTHING!
    To lose everything so early in the relationship will be extremely damaging, and gives her total control over him and his life.
    It seems the Royals have tried their utmost to give Harry a way back, and a way out, should he need it. But stupidly he's burning all his bridges.
    Does he not realise Markle will chew him up and dump him, when she no longer has any use for him?
    What makes him think he'll be treated any better than those she's dumped before?
    The rest of us can only watch and wait.

  9. Di Ane

    Diana would be disgusted with how these two have behaved.
    She would also be disgusted with how he is being manipulated by a mean, vindictive, malignant narcissistic personality.
    She'd actually be so sad that Harry was doing this to himself.

  10. Are they not considerated that doing the Oprah Interview actually can make them (of course Meghan) get another session hate by media? I mean cuz not ALL of they talking about even true

  11. Mrs. Nerdy

    I think Diana would be very upset that Harry left his Duty, and is not standing with his brother,and that this emotionally unstable woman he married has been conning Harry that history is repeating itself. (She even called Harry from Canada when they first started seeing each other saying the paparazzi were chasing her and broke in her house and her life was at risk. When the police arrived there was NO evidence of a break-in an NO PAPARAZZI ANYWHERE.)She has imitated all these stages in Diana’s life. Diana did NOT say their happiness was above every other goal. She felt that DUTY TO THE MONARCHY WAS THE GOAL SHE WANTED WILLIAM AND HARRY TO STRIVE FOR ABOVE ALL ELSE, and she wanted Harry to stand in support of William. DIANA and Prince Charles were in complete agreement on this. I believe Diane would be appalled at Meghan’s selfishness, and her desire to be the Queen Bee above HMTQ,CAMILLA,AND KATE, AND HER FAKE PREGNANCY.

  12. VLuffyV VLuffyV

    Harry, you failed to mediate between your family and your wife. It was your fault. And don't you drag Diana's name in this.

  13. Donna Fitzgerald

    Diana angry…really Harry? I think she has rolled over in her grave from disappointment in your actions! I could see her wanting to slap the both of you to kingdom come, and it would be in private not in public as what you have actually done…which is slapping the Royal Family and showing how low class you are! Oh wait, your wife is low class and is rubbing off on you. Harry is a sad sad person these days! I remember a big head line on a paper the day Diana died. The whole cover of the newspaper was a simple message in letters a foot tall …."Di is Dead." I cried for a week. If the new said that of Meghan tomorrow, Im sorry I would shed one tear!

  14. Marion Mcphee

    Meghan new all about his mum your just a evil being let your mother rlp

  15. PipersSon

    Harry must have known the people Meghan Markle was going to meet and socialise with were out of her league especially after she was caught with a camera photographing the interior of Kensington Palace and thereafter was forbidden to walk around similar properties unescorted. Looking ahead: 'It appears the view formed was: "That if a future marriage rift occurred she would -be in possession of private photographs and information that foreseeably could be sold-on to supermarket tabloids and tv stations. The Oprah W "I was there and this is what I noticed Meghan show" is proof positive that these initial Palace officials suspicions were correct – meaning she had traitorous thought no True Brit or member of the Royal Family would ever entertain and which incidentally prove Piers Morgan nailed her correctly and he deserves all our thanks and praise. Harry was a fool to go along with her scheming and not to put a stop to it, appearing on the show with her was a huge mistake on his part for which he will never be forgiven.

  16. Mary Whitmore

    She would be very ashamed of you for what you have been doing to your family.

  17. ShA Khan

    I don’t agree with Magan leaving family , that was not right choice

  18. ShA Khan

    Lady D got separated due to her husband was having affair

  19. Sheila Aker

    Prince Charles should have protected the mother of his children. Harry has ever reason to be angry. He watched his mother go through hell then die. God bless Harry and protect him and his family.

  20. Georgia Kritikos

    information turns patterns recognized by reasoning good job prince Harry! Megan included

  21. Dawn Carnell

    Absolutely!! Princess Diana would be sad for all this chaos Meghan has caused, along with Opra 🙄 what their calling racism is wrong! (My opinion is based from all the shows, Good Morning Britain and THE interview) when you as a mixed mother or father, “what color do you presume your baby will be” is not a racist question, it’s legitimate! I’m sorry if it makes the parent uncomfortable (why are the white ppl the only ones held accountable)? Instead of Opra gasping for a 10 minute breath, as a reporter she would know that is a legitimate question AND so.. leave Britain alone hell we can’t even do USA. Point to be seen here, white stay with white and black stay with black not doubled oppressed ppl and Alex and GMB should be reprimanded for his terrible attitude and attack on Pierce!

    Leave Harry and Meghan be.

  22. cutsie kitz

    There is a catalogue of inconsistencies, from Meghan saying that she had a cosy little wedding in her garden 3 days prior to the main ceremony, to lying about when she last saw her sister Samantha.
    As for the ALLEGED skin tone remark,  Meghan says it was made to Harry, then why doesn't Harry lead the narrative? Why does Harry let the woman of colour air his dirty laundry for him? Can't he speak for himself? No, Harry is much more comfortable to let the woman of colour do the dirty work for him.
    Harry is a coward, and there is no place in the Army for such cowards.
    No wonder he had to leave.
    Or was he kicked out??
    There is no room in the Army for spineless people..

  23. Genie Smith

    Rachel Megan Markle even wear black and white dress and said the same thing that she love him, meaning Henry,Harry Charles. Rachel Megan Markle was trying hard to play the part of Diana in her own drama show.

  24. Genie Smith

    Henry,Harry Charles if you know your mom would not like the megxit fall out then why do it. RACHEL MEGAN MARKLE HAVE YOU BELIEVING SHE ISB DIANA. RACHEL MEGAN MARKLE IS DELUSIONAL.

  25. Marie Fitzmaurice

    Is duty suppose to condone racism and abuse of family members/associates/employees? What kind of cockeyed system is that. Give me a frigging break.

  26. Asma Aziz

    He is a wonderful husband,a real prince.Even ordinary men sit on a high horse when it comes to helping their wives.

  27. orion ou

    Megan such a narcissistic she will name the baby after herself LOL 😆

  28. Margaret Wambaiye

    Its true always mums likes👍 kids to be happy😊 we ate ok God still blessing and u guys and archie god 🙏 will bless u lots of loves from all over the world🌎

  29. Sam G Davis

    I feel so sorry for Harry . He needs to leave Megan

  30. Babee Bee

    The monarchy are racist. If he would have married one of his cousin's it would be okay. There is probably so much more we just don't know about the twisted creep monarch.

  31. Army fan

    Princess Diana admitted she was worried about Harry.. Harry is not entitled to the crown and so has acted out in his life… I wish him peace with or without Meghan but for his own soul..

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