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Prince William 'DEEPLY DISTRESSED' Over Prince Harry's Conversation With Gayle King (Source)

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A source tells ET that Prince William is ‘deeply distressed’ that Prince Harry confided in Gayle King over personal family conversations. On Tuesday’s episode of ‘CBS This Morning,’ King revealed that she had spoken to Harry and Meghan Markle following their tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey earlier this month. The journalist said that Harry told her he has spoken to his brother and his father, Prince Charles, but that those conversations were ‘not productive.’

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 45 Comments

  1. Sarah Gordon

    Well obviously william can't talk with his brother anymore His brother gets on the party line with Oprah and gang And repeats private conversations I thought he was stronger than this.

  2. KY SH

    Kate = Simba
    Meghan Markle = Scar

  3. meklit melkamu

    They spok of there trueth if u dont like it leave them alone okay🙄

  4. Claudine Denys

    She can go to a baby shower from London to Washington at 7 months pregnancy but cannot go to the funeral of the grandfather of her husband…that means everything

  5. xyz001

    I'm sure Harry is more in pain than any of you viewers here considering he has lost his grandfather who he actually knew as a person and not just as a public figure who's lives you can only gossip about. If any of you have lost a loved one, you will shut up and not make this about Harry and Meghan..and let them grieve in peace. Harry's PUBLIC tribute was to a PRINCE…his PRIVATE tribute to his GRANDPA will be PRIVATE as it should be……………..AND as for people cursing Harry and Meghan for thrashing the "royal family"- the only people they thrashed was Charles, the PR managers and the British tabloids that were racist…if ur dad had treated ur mom the same way Charles treated Diana you wouldn't want to have any relations with him either. So stop judging unnecessarily. Harry and Meghan never once said anything bout his grandparents, he said he's closer to the queen than ever and respects her. Meghan said the queen was the most welcoming person of all…

  6. laura-anne kelly

    Meghan is a narcissist and Oprah and her best friend should be ashamed because they are loving the drama and keeping it going. Please go and get a life all of you people so ego driven so sad and all live in a bubble.

  7. The serial Bunny

    She’s no Diana she’s but Wallis Simpson
    Okay now yall will say I’m racist lol (I’m POC)

  8. Evelyn Miller

    I don't feel their interview with Opera was so revealing we knew that the couple wasn't happy with the media treatment.

  9. Cheeky Cupcake

    It’s their fault how can you trust a journalist especially Gayle King, Oprah’s best friend(wants dirt on the Royals) Harry you are no prince by any means, you’re a coward and a (to say it in English terms) turncoat!!!!!!! You will reap what you sow and your soul too

  10. marichu nacor

    If I were them won't never trust them or his brother, never won't speak to them ever, their are snake

  11. PipersSon

    The real test for Harry is flying into Heathrow Airport London, and he's got to stand in line to produce his passport then collect his luggage. If I was the Passport Officer I'd love to say to him "Have you anything to declare?" An hour later I'd go for a cup-of-tea and leave him speaking to himself

  12. L. Ryan

    Gayle King, the new spokesperson for Harry and Meghan…. And why is Gayle King doing this? Why Gayle? Can you answer this question please. It is So very obvious what Markle is all about, and yet she has these hangers-on, like Gayle, who speak for her. Why? Is this all in the name of eliminating "racism"? I think not, Gayle you are out of line, you are way out of line, and you are only doing exactly what Meghan is doing, which is "promoting" racism. Absolutely sickening, just too much, I cannot believe how evil these people are.

  13. MelBelle

    Just another narcissistic move by Meghan. Harry is pathetic and useless…… poor Harry cut off financially from his family… he only has the millions of dollars left to him by his mother and great grandmother…(que violin).

  14. Ash0125 Disp

    What is a family? Family issues need to sort out within family privately and not going public. There might be some misunderstandings. Regardless royalty, or president or celebrities, they are still human putting aside all identities. Once you put out these misunderstandings in public, do you still regard them as family? But after all, is it about financial and money?

  15. Lisa Smith

    Oh my God…This narcissistic woman wants to be President one day!….the world wouldn’t be surprised after the last 2 voted in!

  16. David

    Go William, you should be upset. You have been totally betrayed and humiliated by your brother and that evil, narcissistic piece of total shit Megan. Shame on Opera and Gayle, no one is saying how biased and unprofessional these people are, as professional interviewers they have so much to answer for

  17. Vic B

    William and Kate highly respected by all , We are very proud and love you

  18. cutsie kitz

    There is a catalogue of inconsistencies, from Meghan saying that she had a cosy little wedding in her garden 3 days prior to the main ceremony, to lying about when she last saw her sister Samantha.
    As for the ALLEGED skin tone remark,  Meghan says it was made to Harry, then why doesn't Harry lead the narrative? Why does Harry let the woman of colour air his dirty laundry for him? Can't he speak for himself?
    This interview was PR tactic to discredit to British Monarchy.

  19. Doris Fischer

    Everyone with a few brain cells wouldn´t believe that nonsense. She wasn´t locked in somewhere and got tortured. Sure, the protocol isn´t cotton candy and it´s not the "make a wish foundation". They´ve got offered, by the Queen, to live a normal life without obligations (and titles), but guess who was greedy!
    The Palace didn´t say one word about them since Megxit until a week before the Oprah interview, which was recorded 10 days before….

  20. natalie stabback

    Why doesn't Meghan Markle just keep update The world all about the royals, William and Kate and buy a talk show host, the new doctor Phil , Harry and Meghan Markles
    All the best drama and personal stuff give to world on the Royal, the firm and all family members, because Cinderella has moved away, Meghan Markle
    Doctor Phil is awaiting Meghan Markle 🤑🤑🙄🤴😜😜🤑🤑💲💲💲💲
    Who next is on Cinderella's Castle hit list
    Quickest ever seen love story, wedding and baby and 3 different house in different countries aswell
    Another baby on The way all on for 3 yrs
    Interview process

    And why The world is going through a pandemic and people are homeless
    Give it Meghan Markle to say she a victim of mental health issues and she was silenced
    What's next with the Jones family
    Living up with the Jones
    Meghan Markle

  21. Autumn Tatu

    Doesn’t help when fake news calls William to find out “how they’re doing”. And the “spin” begins.

  22. pamela miller

    Your head’s getting way too big Gayle. Can’t buy class

  23. hamish hamish

    The interview has turned out a lie but the damage of lies is now on record the likes of Gayle King likes a race bating story story it is pity she ignored the Deaths of Murdered Butchered Poor Black Children during the BLM riots not one word .not one l am sorry it is easy just like her career chasing celebs and gushing with friend Oprah time she resigned

  24. Elaine Chisholm

    Is Harry academically qualified for the new job , or is he just a glorified good Samaritan on a huge executive wage??
    The last time I looked, Samaritans worked for free, behind the scenes and didn't expect a round of applause for the fantastic support they give.FREELY

  25. Caroline K

    She broke her family and now his in less than 2 years. That’s her only talent: wreaking families.

  26. Billie Bunker

    K. REILLY…Princess Harry Windsor. And calling Princess Harry Windsor ugly says more about you than the Princess.

  27. bonnie Davis

    Megan is shamefully lusting after what she's not entitled to & with Harry's Grandfather in bad health. Her kids will hate her for it.

  28. Virginia Costello

    Oh boy. Privacy definition….opposite of what Gail is spouting. Unprofessional and annoying

  29. Disgraceful opportunists. How dare she lie about royal family. They welcomed miss me,.again with open arms. She turned her back on her own family as well as harry's..the to throw her sister, under the bus for her oen gain.. No class.

  30. Bershanned Wilson

    Why is he distressed? If my family was mistreating my brother and wife and he did something like this, I would understand and be like, you know what, we are family, and we do have crazy people in our family, but i understand you, lil brother….like William should understand despite how hurtful it is to hear it. All Harry wants is his brothers support and full support, and that would mean a lot….gosh, im praying for them.

  31. nimrod maoz

    The inyerview with Oprah:
    A billionaire priviliged woman interviewd a millionaire woman about how difficult it is to be a spoiled millionaie Dutchess.
    Maghan, what a crying baby. Spoiled brat


    Doesn’t mind sharing her charitable letters. Yuk

  33. Pamela Brown

    I don't agree that the royal family are racist because if they are racist they did not let harry and Meghan wedding happen it is better to talk it in privately when it comes to family matters, it makes the royal look bad and make wiliam and harry not be in good terms because before they are close and been there for each other just my opinion

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