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Prince William Spoke Out About Oprah Interview Because He Is 'Beyond Livid’

Royal expert Katie Nicholl shares why Prince William has spoken out following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey that aired Sunday on CBS. The 38-year-old Duke of Cambridge broke his silence on Thursday when he and his wife, Kate Middleton, were visiting a London school. William’s comments come after Meghan claimed in the interview that there were ‘concerns and conversations’ about their son Archie’s skin color before he was born.

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This Post Has 45 Comments

  1. Realist

    If I were William, I would want to get my little brother in a room away from everyone and pop him in the face. Harry completely disrespected his family and hurt them.

  2. Patricia Yohn

    I think that Prince Charles and Prince William need to take Prince Harry out to the woodshed and knock some sense into him while he is in England.

  3. Gnomingez

    Weding was unnecesary fanfare yet Megan made scene about flower girls dresses ?hmm and tiara ?
    was that necesary ?

  4. Gnomingez

    i do think rf is relict but im sorry for William. They let oportunist naivly in and she exploited them like her exhusband. Oprah questions are banal and unchallenging but ofcorse its not about truth its about how Meg felt after they took her title monetizing options away.

  5. Marlin Rayvon

    Prince Philip has just died, I suspect that all the stress caused by Dumb and Dumber has helped him on his way!

  6. Stephanie Derois

    "Royals are bold" "Royals are this and that" but yet when someone admit how life for royals are really like, then that is when they start to protecting themselves. I am not defending anyone but nobody is perfect. So I refuse to believe that Megan would call out about the skin tone problem without the royals calling her out themselves. Megan might have been an actress in the past but yet haven't we all. Royals don't have it easy like we do.

  7. Marion Mcphee

    Meghan is going to be the downfall of Harry and the lies he must no all the lies she told he can't be blind

  8. only girl

    Let's clarify a tiny detail, this was Catherine's engagement. He wasn't supposed to be here but after celebrities wanna be stupid claims he knew that reporters would ask something like this. That's why he was here, this is how you protect and support your wife, not by being embarrassed to tell your family about her mental issues. Even more not being able to provide proffered help to her. The family, William none if them is guilty. It's not their fault that she is married to baby who can't look after her.

  9. Emily Ka Rina

    William The Future King UK he is and his wife Kate classy and respect The Monarch❤

  10. Karen Ili

    MM’s mother is a social worker. It doesn’t seem like she is telling truth!

  11. Una Adair

    Should the royals be paid Huge sums of money by the Chinese for political favours?

  12. Mary Herman


  13. emma waldner

    MM is ruining Harry and all his family! She's nothing but a trouble maker!!!!!!!!!

  14. Rosa Stratton

    Royal Expert lady, get a different job to earn a living, I don’t know how you can say William is livid and angry when he answered the questions. He seemed calm and professional

  15. Noel Ohashi

    I am mixed asian-european and gay, and used to have white skin. Now, I love the Sun and to expose my skin to it. I eat loads of fruits and now my skin is somewhat colorful. I love colors. And I gotta say: when one person injects ethnic hate in someone else's ear, one can diffuse this negative energy and then this energy will be transferred to the whole institution. I have experienced that, as I got a part time job as a timp in the brazilian bank Banco do Brasil, located in Belém, North Brasil, 1998. When one supposed Regional director of that branch, who surely looked like portuguese, injected ethnic hate in me. He did it slowly (till the third day of harresment. He whispered in my right ear, by getting close to me, as I was getting my boss her coffee), in front of the whole staff to whom I belonged and felt good with. But, as I was not energetically prepared for that awful experience, I ended up believing that the whole Institution was the reason why I was disrespected. Its been 23 years since that happened and for 6, I follow a VEGAN life style. I am now fully aware I was dominated by that low frequency energy and now I feel 100% ready to face those kind of people and digest it, by transforming hate into self love. Because now I know and feel truly empowered, to never believe, not for even a second in low frequency energy. We are all humans, naturally vegan. Unfortunetly, at that time I was addicted to animal based diet and mentally confused and weak. But now, not only I witnessed a physical regeneration on my body, but also, now I feel my energy so expanded. I truly wish that the beautiful royal couple who now live in the US turn Vegan too. That will help them digest that awful energy that still hang on to them and turn it to dust. The Queen and Prince Phillip deserve to see their so loved grandson and wife feeling Love again. They need to witness their prince charming transformed into a truly kind and grown man (vegan). Although all of us, the people, are sufferring finantial instability, we must be aware that Love always prevails. May intuition rise into their minds. May love begin in their plates, because they need to heal. Because the firm also needs to heal. Because this WHOLE planet needs to heal. Because we have an Eternal Source of Light 🌈 longing for us to provide the right source of life (vegetable of course)…

  16. cutsie kitz

    There is a catalogue of inconsistencies, from Meghan saying that she had a cosy little wedding in her garden 3 days prior to the main ceremony, to lying about when she last saw her sister Samantha.
    As for the ALLEGED skin tone remark,  Meghan says it was made to Harry, then why doesn't Harry lead the narrative? Why does Harry let the woman of colour air his dirty laundry for him? Can't he speak for himself? No, Harry is much more comfortable to let the woman of colour do the dirty work for him.
    Harry is a coward, and there is no place in the Army for such cowards.
    No wonder he had to leave.
    Or was he kicked out??
    There is no room in the Army for spineless people!

  17. Mojy Argh

    Oh petty I’ll miss Harry, now he’s gone to join the Hollywood drama with the 🤡s.

  18. Shell Dahl

    Meghan is a false person, she is an actress used to, loving and addicted to publicity !!!
    The remarkable and sad is that Harry is totally manipulated and only a tool in Meghan's aim and agenda for attention and smearing what is honestly great and has dignity!
    Harry is no man, has no decency, and he is losing all respect – he is not even respected by his wife !!!

  19. Lisa Roberts

    Lot of families R falling apart these days. Including my own
    Have NO idea why. 🤔😪

  20. Daniel M

    Absolute gentleman well mannered , wash how it stops then let his wife walk through the gate first 👏🏾

  21. Lita Heffley

    Harry and Meghan crawl back under a rock 🪨 and keep your privacy

  22. tom gust

    Meagan is a racist traitor to Harry's family
    This woman is not worth it Harry

  23. Forrest Dawson

    Distraction: while the 'great reset' steals our way of life to 'save a planet' that maybe just needed us to stop driving so much and filling the ocean with mcdonald's take out packaging and discarded prescriptions.

  24. Sarah Golenko

    Who cares about the royals? I dont. There are more important people in this world. How about we focus on people who are starving, homeless or dying of illness in this world? Those matters are of more importance than giving these twats air time.

  25. Jaswinder Kaur

    Prince William, please keep this Meghan away front your your family as she has no respect for her own family as well as Royal family. Harry has become a puppet, he will do what Meghan tells him to do so.

  26. Moose

    They would never say they racist please … they have an image to fool the bline ….

  27. Seems very odd that they welcomed her and was able to be married in a traditional royal wedding with her black mother yet feels like they are racist??!!

  28. Glenda Cooper

    I've never seen any racism in the principles. In fact, quite the opposite in my (limited) experience. They're surprisingly LIBERAL for such a wealthy and powerful family. Meghan must be referring to some behind the scenes Royals that the public doesn't know about. The extended Royal family is quite large.

  29. Sally DoZ

    A true son. I really feel for what hes going through at this time.

  30. Blue Bell

    This is heartbreaking.
    Diana loved her boys so much.
    Stay together William and Harry
    Work it out in private. Don’t stop talking
    Take care.

  31. Patricia LK

    Who cares? The whole mess is crazy and thankfully not my problem!

  32. Judy Manuel

    I had no feelings about this couple before this interview but since watching Megan in the interview, now I can say I do not care for her, I find her to be manipulative and craves attention. I really don’t care for her, she used the race card as a weapon against her husband’s family and went on television at a horrible time for his grandparents, very telling on her part.

  33. Good to see they have gotten away from the lizards. As princess dianna used to call them. Saying their not human.

  34. salley Mudd

    Who gives an eff about Meghan & Harry. 
    Let's talk about Oprah & Weinstein and Andrew & Epstein .

  35. Jeff Smith

    I call BS! Her mother is a health professional with a degree! No one to turn too 😞😞😞😞. Anyone with an ounce of an idea of body language can see she was bltently lying. And Opra!!! What! What! 😮😮😮

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