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Prince Williams REACTS to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Racism Claims During Oprah Interview

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On Thursday, Prince William broke his silence following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey. The Duke of Cambridge shot down claims of racism within the royal family during a visit to a London school with his wife, Kate Middleton.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 45 Comments

  1. SS ZN

    Megera Megan nutria Harry papinho furado

  2. Daragh Lawlor

    These colinizing overlord dinosaurs, who have divided and conquered nations, such as my nation, Ireland, and left behind hatred, racism, and divided nations such as Kasmir /India, Ireland with Protestant settlers, America before they were ran out, Australia, and the majority of the African nations, not forgetting the Carribbean slave trade sugar plantations, Mary Antoinette was beheaded in France, Nikolaii the second a cousin of the British royal family was executed, the British nation occupied Ireland from 11 69, so when James Hewett's illegitimate son Harry runs away to Hollywood and expects bodyguards and royal title's after his £65, million pound wedding,.
    Google Queen Elizabeth's nazi salut when she was a child with her Father George the sixth!.
    These overlord racist, facist, paedophile, dictatorship should fall like a house of cards.
    The have blood on their hands.
    They will collapse like the the Greeks, he Romans, the Aztecs, the Shah of Iran,.
    All dictators,.
    No difference between them and Sadaham Hussain, Gafahifi, Stalin.
    And all the dictators they implored.
    Let them dissapea like Kaiser Soirchai

  3. francis lea

    It was Andrew who made the racist comment but he went on to say that they are all pink inside and you don't look in the mirror whilst poking the fire.

  4. beingme

    Nine years ago Queen Elizabeth put her arm around Michelle Obama. The world witnessed this warm gesture.

  5. Anna Cot

    Over privilege entitle wicked woman meagan is and harry weak AF stay in hollywood nobody cares how much money you got paid for it ?

  6. Elen Pence

    Megan is not a Princess, she is a Commoner and an American.

  7. Elen Pence

    We disapprove of Megan being a British Royal Subject.

  8. Elen Pence

    Megan Markle is not Royalty and should not be given a Title.

  9. Noel Ohashi

    I am mixed asian-european and gay, and used to have white skin. Now, I love the Sun and to expose my skin to it. I eat loads of fruits and now my skin is somewhat colorful. I love colors. And I gotta say: when one person injects ethnic hate in someone else's ear, one can diffuse this negative energy and then this energy will be transferred to the whole institution. I have experienced that, as I got a part time job as a timp in the brazilian bank Banco do Brasil, located in Belém, North Brasil, 1998. When one supposed Regional director of that branch, who surely looked like portuguese, injected ethnic hate in me. He did it slowly (till the third day of harresment. He whispered in my right ear, by getting close to me, as I was getting my boss her coffee), in front of the whole staff to whom I belonged and felt good with. But, as I was not energetically prepared for that awful experience, I ended up believing that the whole Institution was the reason why I was disrespected. Its been 23 years since that happened and for 6, I follow a VEGAN life style. I am now fully aware I was dominated by that low frequency energy and now I feel 100% ready to face those kind of people and digest it, by transforming hate into self love. Because now I know and feel truly empowered, to never believe, not for even a second in low frequency energy. We are all humans, naturally vegan. Unfortunetly, at that time I was addicted to animal based diet and mentally confused and weak. But now, not only I witnessed a physical regeneration on my body, but also, now I feel my energy so expanded. I truly wish that the beautiful royal couple who now live in the US turn Vegan too. That will help them digest that awful energy that still hang on to them and turn it to dust. The Queen and Prince Phillip deserve to see their so loved grandson and wife feeling Love again. They need to witness their prince charming transformed into a truly kind and grown man (vegan). Although all of us, the people, are sufferring finantial instability, we must be aware that Love always prevails. May intuition rise into their minds. May love begin in their plates, because they need to heal. Because the firm also needs to heal. Because this WHOLE planet needs to heal. Because we have an Eternal Source of Light 🌈 longing for us to provide the right source of life (vegetable of course).

  10. J. M. Johnson

    Meghan has white skin. Harry has white skin, so why would the baby be anything but white????? I don't believe that the question about Archie's skin color ever came up.

  11. d

    Damn a outsider is tryna ruin the royal families rep😂😂

  12. albert mooney

    the royal family is so racist they used to only date people in their own family.

  13. Geneva Saulsberry

    It's really going to be a very sad day, when so many people finally realize, "the color of one's skin, doesn't matter with God". The Almighty, didn't give His only
    Begotten Son, to die for our skin, "He died for our sin's". Oh! I'm trying to see, the gift of being White. I've seen them get sick. I've seen them suffer, and they will die. This White privilege was forced on people, by way of deception, and wickedness, and there's a price, "to be payed". God made us all, "in His image". He commanded us all, to love Him, with all our heart, mind, soul and strength, and to love one another, even our enemies. But many of us, chosed not to obey, and here we are. God destroyed the disobedient before, and He will do it again. You got to be out right heartless, to hurt someone, because of the way God made us. We all were God's choice, not the other way around. God gave us His Commandments, not the other way around. Everything that God said, He will do. It shall be done. Man can stop man, (if God allow) but no amount of men, can stop God. Meghan, don't let them sweat you, about how light or dark your children are. If God's not pressuring you, there's no worry. You see! God can stop them from bothering you, and your family. Amen!!!

  14. 2endsformacircle

    I see a privileged Hollywood actress leveraging her ethnicity to benefit from the stigma of racism.

  15. winchester

    Harry is a serious jerk, they should never speak to him

  16. Dean Collins

    this day and age king and queen of england royal family is load of shit yes back an they exist not in this time 2021 its load of shit

  17. A Z

    We are very much not a racial family… Markle in the public… someone there is racist but I can't tell you who but trust me
    LOL… What a cancerous couple those woke idiots are

  18. Debra Little

    Do they understand that Meghan is a narcissist! She only cares about herself, no one else, and Harry is trapped?

  19. V

    They literally had slaves of course there is racism connected to the family

  20. thrutheforrest

    Everyone single human being on earth could have the same culture/ be the same colour/have the same religion/occupy the same place on the ladder wealth ladder/be the same sex…exactly alike in every way… and you'd Still have people selling the 'R' narrative –
    Wouldn't hurt to watch some YT docs and listen to some highly respected people who are far more educated and astute than most of us –
    I felt the same until I listened to Thomas Sowell, Trevor Phillips and others – After a while I stopped following the "R" carrot –

  21. jude hancox

    Magen and Harry are a cheep Circus sideshow disgusting shame on you both

  22. Denise Mezynski

    Like Megans brother said before their marriage, Megan would destroy the name of Monarchy. As she has, cuz she is a very Selfish wench, doesn't want to go do nice good deeds like Kate & Philip. Also it was One person who talked about kids skin color, everyone acts as though it were whole Kingdom…lol. Many of kids born also do not get a Title, yet her son did!! Harry is a fool !!

  23. Patrick YK

    If a white person wants to marry a white person, a black person wants to marry a black person, an Asian person wants to marry an Asian person, is that called racism? If your Asian mom, for reason she feels more comfortable with someone from the same culture, wants to see you marry an Asian person, is that called racism?

  24. Stone Slider

    One of the more immature things I’ve seen from celebrities,… including Oprah.

  25. Eternal Light

    Prince William didn't speak out,,he walked away. Without answering the question. The color of skin played a big role.

  26. Jack Moon

    Trump starvation. Mainstream news busy digging new toilets. Finding racism wherever they dig. "You're a racist". How do you react? Doesn't matter. As soon as you attempt a retort, the race baiter says "I know what you're going to say, all racists say that".

  27. Alice Achieng

    Thanks Meghan you made history for standing up for yourself you were mistreated by everyone because of your race. What happened to Diana when she dated an Arab? At least you have your freedom now.

  28. veny tjita

    Simply put, even “common” family has rules let alone ROYAL FAMILY, if meghan don’t want to live with rules and want freedom, don’t marry prince madam, I used to adore her but now I lost respect:(

    Maybe Kate is also under pressure at some moment of her life being a royal, but she is wise enough that it is her choice since the very beginning to be married into the ROYAL FAMILY.

  29. Mine Finder

    Is there anything in the world that black people don't deem as racist?

  30. Zolisa Zolisa

    Prince William will say anything to protect monarchy and racism in it as he is king in waiting and Kate Middleton is desperate to be a queen.

  31. Madeline Durand

    While everyone is fighting in the comments, Markel is working on the next episode of her movie. Divorce next after the baby is born….Harry returns to England and took the kids with him. Stay tuned.

  32. norman tsui

    Pretty soon, if you ask "where are you coming from" can be so call racism

  33. Cherry Diaz

    Megan is controlling Harry. She was nothing when he married her. She was now part of the family, she should have discuss that with the queen and the rest of the family. Harry was born royal he cannot change his family. Meghan a half breed wants to divide Harry from family. She is wrong. Meghan knew they were royal when she got involved. Hoping Harry wakes up and leave her.

  34. Phyllis De Silva

    Family comes first Harry there is a saying u could always get another wife but u will never get another mother in your life.dont lose your family , woman can always trick men. Your grand parents lived for so long I hope u and Meghan won't live that long, after she came into the family she has a lot of stories what about her family stories I like to here she is the person who did not care for her sister and she talks about other first see the speck in your eye Meghan before you take the speck from another person eye

  35. Nirlaj _Insaan

    Practice of racism has always been there in the British bloodline. Not at all surprising honestly.

  36. Phyllis De Silva

    I agree with William ,maghan has brain washed Harry towards the Royal family this woman is evil.dont listen to Meghan ,

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