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Queen Naija Trending For C0l0rism | NEW Song w/ Ari Lennox

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This Post Has 35 Comments

  1. Jai K

    In this day and age when I'm trying to have EVERYTHANG in my house black owned in some way, shape or form, you hit me with a black owned coffee company!! Ordering me some today.

  2. BreyFit_

    Y’all are delusional ! She’s wrong as fuck for what she said and should be labeled as a colorist. What we are not going to do is act like light skinned females aren’t bullied because they are simply light skinned ? Now who’s fault is that ? No ones … it’s societies problem … it is a thing , it happens

  3. Shan non

    Tbh I could never get into Ari….nor Queen

  4. Doc Flop

    I’m not going to lie, they both looks great on the thumbnail, but Ari looks absolutely gorgeous hands down ⭐️

  5. Mercy Ogiri

    To think that Queen Naija got her name from an all black nappy headed nation called Nigeria which the locals it Naija.

  6. K B

    Throw it out 🤷🏾‍♀️

  7. Simply Shar

    Black women can be forgiving to a fault. Im choosing to break the cycle!

  8. The Mp

    I mean that tweet at 5:37 was true though. What Queen said was definitely wrong and I don't agree with it. But I don't believe in cancel culture cause ya honestly pick and choose who ya want to cancel. I believe Doja cat said racist shit about black woman too, but ain't nobody speaking on that like how they are with Queen. Cardi B has said things about black women, even called a black baby a damn roach, but ya still support, and listen to her songs. If ya goin try to hold one person accountable for their wrong doings, you need to hold everyone accountable in my opinion. Ain't nobody getting no damn special treatment with me.(That's also what I like about this channel, Eloho doesn't pick and choose)

  9. tootums

    there’s no such thing of “lightskin” and “darkskin” we are all shades of brown .

  10. Malaisah Trophy

    that’s not even her first comment abt darkskin women , she even told a darkskin girl to take a bleach bath

  11. Y'all need to stop bringing this old and over with bs up. You don't do this to the males who are constantly being a colorist. Nope, y'all broads act like a dumb little itch when it comes to these males that are truly colorist. Queen isn't a colorist.

  12. Queen is a blank woman who has grown up in a BLACK household bro. What black family doesn’t use those words? Dark skinned women say the sand shit but I guess it’s ok because they’re darker 🙄 foh

  13. k. emine

    yikessssss so she refers to being “black and nappy” as ugly wtf is wrong with her ain’t nobody jealous of you ew bye

  14. J Ramirez

    Her first baby daddy is dark skinned though?

  15. Bri_ lowkeyy

    Chris was looking like “mmmm idk about that 1🌚”

  16. Africans really hate light skin and mixed people. It’s interesting how foreign people like to attack people in their own home. Yet we know that would never happen in reverse in Nigeria. Imagine a light skin or mixed woman moving to Nigeria and criticizing the women in their homeland. The disrespect is staggering. This is light skin privilege huh.

  17. The Aiyanna Show

    So what did Queen Naija say or do that was colorist? I keep hearing that she is, but I don’t know what she did.

  18. ClaimedQT

    That video of the couple was hilarious! The woman was immature and delusional and the man was dejected and meek. HE also knew she was being ridiculous. Smh the people things do for attention. All children get picked on for one reason or another why are you holding onto that into adulthood? You weren't abused or assaulted you should be living your best life and leave the past in the past. I tell you what, This is how the devil steals joy.

  19. ChiChi Appio

    Girl you are a student tooo?!? What are you studying?

  20. beebee vids

    “Wasn’t nobody jealous of you.” Period bc uhuh

  21. Shannon Charles

    I wasn't feeling that song it was lame and Ari dont really make lame songs sooo my the its Queen dirty deceptive vibes

  22. selfish eve

    honestly this sum real ass content!! i feel u sis on every level yup

  23. WomblAt Dwbmit

    Even though her comment was wrong and she shouldn’t have said it, i understand exactly what she means. In middle school, i was always bullied by darker skinned girls. Maybe they were inflected their insecurities on to other people im not sure. (btw i am not lightskin)

  24. omg ..she sounds like a foool..and why would black people support this mess unless it is true black people have low esteem pic me behaviors no matter what..say it ain't so

  25. If those weren’t colorist remarks then why tf did she said: ain’t got nothing to do with color? Make it make sense, pls somebody tell me that lady mixed, we fully black light skins don’t want to be associated with that type of mess

  26. Celia The Beauty

    Maybe she needs to be educated more about what colorism really means. Most people don't realize they are/were doing it (myself included) I was use to hearing it growing up and I never questioned it till I had gotten older.

  27. Karlissa Fox

    She meant the darker girls. She said the black girls with bad hair was jealous of her. Listen cmon now don’t be blind she know what she meant cause she mixed she meant DARK BLACK GIRLS BROWN BLACK GIRL.!

  28. Lexi Justine

    I agree with the pick and choose stuff. Why the hell are y’all only saying something about some people. CANCEL ALL OF THEMMMM. literally Kodak is Colorist AF. NO.ONE.IS.SAYING.ANYTHING. I will never understand 🤷🏽‍♀️😟

  29. Peach Ti

    People definitely pick and choose and people also pick and choose when pain should be acknowledged. Just because an experience is not your own, it isn’t cool to just discount someone’s experience. Queen Naija is no genius and comes from nothing so she literally was just too ignorant to properly articulate her experience. Y’all still poppin pussy to Chris brown and he straight came out and told everybody he was buying everybody’s lace fronts as a grown ass 30* year old man

  30. Peach Ti

    It’s so ironic that everybody is angry at queen and ari for doing this song, but they’re actually friends and love each other.

  31. More iz Lyfe

    Imma need BW as a whole regardless of skintone to get it together I'm so tired of the jealousy, hatred and backbiting amongst ourselves. What will it take for us to apologize to each other and move on together? I mean damn!

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