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QUICK TIPS | Using ND FILTERS | How To Use ND Filters for Beginners – 5 TIPS

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QUICK TIPS | Using ND FILTERS | How To Use ND Filters for Beginners – 5 TIPS

In this video I provide 5 tips on how to use Neutral Density Filters, a general guide to ND filters, what ND filters do, what effects they create, and how different ND filters are measured.
We discuss camera settings, useful accessories, which ND filter you should use and when, and more tips and tricks to help you understand the use of ND Filters.

0:00 – Introduction to ND Filters, different types & how they are measured.
2:51 – 5 Tips on ND Filters

Follow these tips to improve your efficiency of using filters, save money, and to achieve sharp photos each and every time.

If you have any other tips on using ND Filters please leave a comment πŸ™‚

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This Post Has 15 Comments

  1. Excellent vid Rauri! Well explained and great tips! Step up rings are the only way to go $$$$! Photopills has a great exposure calculator, but you really cant beat having a physical copy of a chart. Didnt know about the stacking/light leak – though I never used ND's as I prefer non destructive bracketing. Cheers mate – "I made it this far" :).

  2. Matt Pindar

    Hey man been super busy so bit of a social media hiatus. Great video, how do you find the quality of these nisi filters, I'm looking for a few decent nd filters as I've moved away from using square filters and grad nds etc so really only need a couple for longer exposures

  3. Wild

    NEW FRIEND OUTDOOR BUSHCRAFT WILD Hi, how are You Ok you don't know me but we can be friends if you don't mind. So I do bushcraft videos too but I'm new and I'll start
    and I've made some videos so you can check if you will)) from me full support to you and I'll be happy to see you among my friends! God bless you by any way!

  4. Hey Rauri, great video man such great tips… I love NDs never use graduated tend to just bracket. You are so right with the aluminium rings I have stuck them to my lenses πŸ˜‚ hope your good man πŸ˜€πŸ‘

  5. Great hints and tips Rauri – love my 6 and 10 stop filters for those long exposures on the coasts or when capturing cloud movements πŸ™‚

  6. Robert Bishop

    Well explained. I should try out the step up rings – I must have over 20 different filters which becomes annoying to carry. I've also never tried a graduated ND because I always just use the filter tools in Lightroom. I really should invest in one and give it a go though – I guess it would help to keep down noise when darkening with a Lightroom filter.

  7. Awesome Work and great tips Rauri. Nice explanation on the types of ND filters and such great tips my friend. Have a Great Week Rauri !!

  8. Adam Robert Young

    Nice, clear and informative video again. Glad to see the channel growing. I got my first ND filter for a cover shoot when I worked for a lifestyle magazine in Vietnam a while back (my first one for the mag, so I wanted to nail it). I had to shoot a model outside a shopping centre, and wanted to use really bright studio lights to blast her and underexpose so that she was well-exposed, but the building in the background and sky were much darker than they actually were in the full Saigon sunlight. Got a cheap variable ND filter, read a bunch of tutorials, and hoped for the best. Luckily it turned out really well, and now it's one of the few covers that adorns the walls of the magazine's office.

  9. Steve Pike

    "Rules are made to be broken" 😎 If I wasn't already subbed mate, I'd have hit the +1 for that alone. Great video! Keep em coming… Increasingly I only carry a CPL but if I'm visiting water for a golden shoot a 10stop can find its way into my bag. Since film I've never used a grad (prefer the non-destructive Lr/Ps) workflow myself. Maybe I should add to my collection πŸ€”

    PS Looks like you have found a new niche of commenter too πŸ€£πŸ’‹πŸ€£ I think I might visit their channels & comment : "I need a tripod & some new ND filters!" πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‰

  10. pc3photos

    Great video and tips Rauri! I use ND filters constantly in my photography and everything you said was spot on! Very well presented and very informative for those looking for good info on ND filters! Nice work! Hope all is well!

  11. Rauri Barron

    Hi there! Thanks for watching 😁 Please let me know what your favourite filter is and why?! 😎

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