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Ralph Macchio and William Zabka Discuss the Return of Elisabeth Shue | Entertainment Weekly

Ralph Macchio and William Zabka break down what it’s like having ‘Karate Kid’ star Elisabeth Shue on ‘Cobra Kai’.

Watch the full Around the Table Interview with the Cobra Kai Cast:

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Ralph Macchio and William Zabka Discuss the Return of Elisabeth Shue | Entertainment Weekly

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This Post Has 31 Comments

  1. Angela L

    Ralph Macchio is a handsome man but Billy Zabka is hot..Just a different point of view

  2. Paul Beck

    Will the rebirth I like Johnny knowing all hes been through explains alot…

  3. Dream Walker

    It’s soooo not fair that Daniel ~son to look exactly the same!!!!! I love that you guys are back ?

  4. Merlinda Rivera

    Seeing the The Karate Kid movies when they originally came out, I'm super excited about Cobra Kai. The biggest disappointment is the excess use of the "P" word. Is it really necessary especially with so many younger kids watching it. That ruins it a bit for me. I don't remember it being in the original movie.

  5. Dinesh Rawat

    I admit till 2020, I only had watched The Karate Kid starring Jackie Chan and Smith.

    But this January 2021, I just got an idea to rewatch The Drunken Master and I found it interesting.
    Then Netflix suggested me this old Karate Kid and I wasn't knowing anything about old movies, The first movie I watched was one masterpiece, then I saw Okinawa diaries in 2nd, then in 3rd I saw Daniel Lurasso changed a lot, got bit bulky, i felt he might got bored playing the same character, but no doubt about 3rd movie, it was one level up.
    Then I saw the next Karate kid, it still kept us in touch with Miyagi magic.

    Then I got to know that there is a continuation of the same franchise in current time with all same characters.
    Even I saw everything related to Karate kid franchise in one single month, I still kept on feeling the nostalgia of original movies.

    Just imagine what those people are feeling who would have watch this in 80's and early 90's.

    We miss Mr Miyagi a lot, Saw few interviews of Pat sir, and he was so full of life and laughter, he has such a talent of mimking voice.
    Rest in peace sir, I am sure you are watching this from somewhere and would be very happy to see that Cobra kai is now bringing the joy in people's heart.

    Ralph is 59?
    I am sure Mr Miyagi has given him some secret of his ever green youth and I hope he share it some day to all.
    I wish him luck.

    The chemistry between Daniel and Johnny is so awesome, how should I compare it, incomparable.

    Last but not the least, the new cast and character are up to their mark and now they have taken this legacy ahead.

    All the best for Cobra Kai.

  6. Chai P

    In my opinion, she shouldn’t have returned. She spoke negatively of Ralph in an interview and her “dry humor” comes across kind of bitchy and bitter. I was so happy to see Tamlyn return as Kumiko though! She’s lovely !<3

  7. Denise Williams

    Never has a show been more nostalgic than this. Every time they bring back someone from the original cast I get all the feels!!

  8. Deb Ronca

    OMG I love Johnny! He looks gorgeous and his character in this film is raw and real. Major hearts!!!!!

  9. Greg Mazza

    Johnny make sure your laptop is wireless lol


    How on earth do they separate their real lives from the identity of the tv show character? Must be very weird.

  11. Ravishing Beast

    Mary is so pretty. Ralph needs to shit can that hairpiece and go to a better vendor. That thing is hideous.

  12. Brooke G

    Can you believe ralph is older than william ralph still looks so young

  13. Vince Neil


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