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Redmi Note 8 Pro Quad Camera Tips and Tricks

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Redmi Note 8 pro comes with Quad camera and here are some tips and tricks you can try on the camera UI.

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This Post Has 38 Comments

  1. Mayur Panchal

    Worst brand and worst servicing by redmi xiaomi.
    I purchased this mobile it was come with isuue with proximity sensor. I replaced this device with another withing 10days you know we got time right?
    After 6 months i got display issue with white dot on it because of overheating im normal user and casual gamer still i got that issue the device is still not capable of day to day tasks and casual gaming and all.
    So after i went for service center to fix my device it got stuck till Month around. They provide cheap services too. After 20 30 calls i got my device with just display replace not evem single try on heating problem.
    I request for New device because of this poor service and all and still my mobile is not fully repair though i gotta mailed from xiaomi that with term and condition we cannot get you a New devide and submit your phone at service center for pending issue.
    This is how they treat customer and this poor brand just solving issue till your mobile is fully repaired and get stuck again after sometimes.
    Very poor service, very poor brand, even their coordination with us is poor too.
    I recommend to dont buy this brand and don't brand this phone.
    Go for Samsung any other brand its gives much much better service than this.

  2. A Staten

    oh and this app changed with the new MIUI 12.0.2 . 64 MP is under "More" in the camera app now instead of the bottom. it's better organized.

  3. samuel irom

    Hello bro. I need you help. I somehow (because of ignorance) happen to not allow bokeh to access my gallery and hence I can't use the dept effect settings in portrait mode. How do I change back to allow and use it? Thanks.

  4. Vedant Maske

    Plz check the function of 1st camera from top of your redmi note 8 pro

  5. Aaliza Tavere

    Their Selfi camera not good as compare to redmi note 5 pro

  6. Manay Ray

    How we use 2 mp camera on the top which is the first one in the series of 3 camera

  7. LONE Lone 456

    While calling video calls in WhatsApp camera is dark and over saturated its showing like some old age camera performance.

    How can i fix it? Or is that a bug need to be fix?

    Please help!!

  8. Nitish XoXo

    where is the fucking your tips and tricks ??? garbage video !

  9. Rodel Y.D

    glad to hear a english language in this review, good content keep it up👍

  10. NiZam Dalal

    Where are tips and tricks you did nothing but introduce 😅

  11. I have a blurry front camera on Redmi Note 8 pro.. Do you have any solution for that. I just bought it in February.

  12. Vj

    How high can the iso and shutter speed be pushed ? Good enough for night sky pics ?
    Aslo, is the same available in note 8 ?

  13. Pratap Singh


  14. Kalyan Sanavoina

    I have this mobile.. everything is s good but if take pictures it's showing good quality in my mobile.but if I share pictures through what's app or any other applications the picture clarity was decreasing too badly..even we can't see the numbers in the picture as well..y

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