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Royal Family 'Underestimated' How Much Harry and Meghan Would Share With Oprah (Exclusive)

Royal expert Katie Nicholl opens up to ET about the royal family’s response to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s revealing interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 42 Comments

  1. Daydreamz17

    They definitely through them under a bus.. I definitely think it was malicious

  2. Patricia Yohn

    Prince Andrew should not think for one minute that his crimes are going to just go away.

  3. Patricia Yohn

    I am American with British, Scottish and Irish DNA and I could not believe Prince Harry's and Meghan disgustingly rude interview, how ungrateful they are for what they have, absolutely shameful on their part and Meghan is a liar and using a victim card with no proof presented. It was like watching a Congressional hearing.

  4. Katherine Poli

    Nobody say….about color of the child…..if they dont want to say …who say….so is very stupid to mention at all..

  5. Katherine Poli

    Why william must admit Royal live is not easy ? He can cope v.well so where is a problem

  6. Katherine Poli

    Prince andru has nothing to do with this situation….differen matter i different time…why to mix matters..I just think so…I could mix up in my mind. Everything in right time….

  7. sea shells

    Believe me, Megan's performance was vile. As an American, I was appalled at this 2 bit actress putting on her best performance. What was Megan's reason for marrying into the royal? She has an attitude that is not appealing and we are ashamed of this BIMBO

  8. Susan Lynn

    I disagree with the ET reporter – I speak with a lot of people in my community and they side with the Royal Family. Meghan and Harry are behaving very badly. Megan in particular is hopelessly brash and tacky. She doesn't understand duty and supporting the people. Everything is about her…no, a life of service is about the people. Meghan will never be able to understand that.

  9. Liz P

    Of course they underestimated what Harry and Meghan would say. Who would think the two of them would accuse their family of racism? I'm sorry but I feel manipulated after watching that Oprah interview. The palace has proven two of Meghan's claims false, that of Archie not having received a title or security due to racism and that of the private "wedding" before the public one. What other falsehoods did Meghan perpetuate in that interview? I think Oprah should give CBS a refund to help them pay the Queen when she sues them for libel.

  10. G R A C E Y

    What Meghan and Harry forgot to mentioned was when they step down as royals this automatically disqualified them from receiving the taxpayer-funded security extended to working members of the royal family. Only WORKING royals get security; and they all work for their charities. We just don’t see the minor royals on TV.
    Canadians also paid 60K for their security while they lived in Canada. But when they stepped down – since Canada is a commonwealth, Canadian security was pulled.
    I don’t understand why they’re playing dumb. That’s the rules. You work – you get the benefits. You quit, the benefits stop. This also works in any family owned business – just because your last name is stamped on the business card doesn’t mean you’re on the payroll

  11. Crystal cloud

    That was a very immture thing for her to do. Wanting to try and make the world think that the royal family is racist. I am so sick of hearing Racism this or racism that. What about Harry wearing a Nazi shirt. Not all of us in the U.S. were on her side. Some of us really don't care. There are more trying things going on in the world. It's ridiculous.

  12. Marilyn Verick

    Doesn’t it occur to anyone that NOBODY said it at all. Meaghan knows how to press the right buttons to promote herself and pulling the race card works wonderfully with my fellow Americans.

  13. virginia kirby

    to bad you don't do the work you dont gt the pay so tired of hearing about what color son wilo be who cares he could be light then change out darker thats comon for irter races h will be loved thats all that counts
    i have seen it happen many times

  14. Kim Burns

    I'm from the US. She's a liar. I don't believe ANYTHING she says. She's toxic.

  15. Gwendolyn Daniel

    They just trying to hide how Disgusting the rest of the Royals are nothing but Vipers!!!!!!

  16. Jan truitt

    I am totally backing the monarchy!
    God Bless the Queen Elizabeth!

  17. Nory Laman

    You have to love your family. It will fire back to you, whatever you do to your family. Clean your own dirty linens in private.

  18. Mary a

    They basically shared nothing. All that they said has been proven to be lies and misinformation. It's all about the money with them and to hell with anyone who gets in their way they will use anyone if it gets them a pay cheque

  19. ram V

    why are royal family of UK given so much importance? they are an ordinary family…and need their privacy..

  20. Ann M.

    Making sure looks a gift horse in the face, she gets so much and she turns around asks for more. Is she aware of whatever's going on?

  21. Ann M.

    Americans don't back Megan and Harry going to Tik Tok and YouTube they are catching it from Americans

  22. L H

    Moaning Meg hires 3 publicity agencies when she got with the Prince, to make sure she was in the public eye all the time… sge aired a pile of terrible lies to millions of people, helped by Oprah (shame on YOU ).. MM wants as much publicity as she can get, just like 'sly Di' did. There is no racism in the RF, if there was, the wedding wouldn't have been allowed, the British people loved MM, she was welcomed to the UK with very open arms and big smiles. I think MM did this because she knew she was about to be outed as a 'BULLY' by the staff members she bullied mercilessly. I think when they lost there titles on the 31sh march, they knew that those people would start to speak out, so MM decided to use her wrecking ball as quickly as possible before this happened. with no regard for prince philip who was gravely ill at the time.

  23. Cecilia Cole

    Andrew has a huge problem but he didn’t deliberately throw the family under the bus so publicly. These are two completely different issues.

  24. Cecilia Cole

    Harry is a huge disappointment. I would never reveal anything about my family publicly.

  25. SweetiePie Cakes

    Go get em Harry and Meghan. I'm loving them going after that dysfunctional outdated institution.

  26. Rufin H Ali

    just because you make appearances to combat racism and fight for equality in public doesn't mean you're not a racist behind closed doors.

  27. Tee Good

    Royals those people live fantasy lives, they are not royalty, the Real Royalties are the Malenated Hewbrew Israelites People…

  28. CuchiBella7

    It was princess Anne but she funny ask about the skin color, that was a lie!

  29. Garden Glory

    its simple they should take them to court for slander and false allegations.

  30. Chris Cowie

    Why do we assume the “skin colour” comment is true? Meaghan told many lies during the interview so nothing she said can be relied upon.

  31. Pinky Lee

    M and H steal the show.. now they forgot about P.Andrew..
    Don't forget Meghan is an actress…AN ACTRESS, SHE WANTS PUBLICITY

  32. jinx 57

    Why is this a racist comment? It was just a question which has been proven that most biracial families have discussed when one of them is pregnant. Why can we not ask questions now without it being racist? Do we all gave to walk in why shells whence speak to someone of a different race or hair colour or from a family of hunters like mine or a family with very large noses or crooked teeth or anything else we can think of! OBE of my sisters had a very bad swuintvin one of her eyes where she needed surgery to fix it and we wondered when she had a child, do you think the baby will have a squint? It's just family business that we are allowed to comment and wonder on. When did everything become racist and why is anything said to white people that black people would consider racist, not racist? The worlds gone mad and so super sensitive which gets worse when you fan the flames like Meghan and harry have. Also white people have died the same way george floyd did and nobody batted an eyelid. I'm not saying violence is good I'm just pointing out the difference. White people are running out of rights. Itz all wrong. Racism of any kind is wrong but white people get racist comments too.

  33. Angelita Aguilar

    Money MONEY money hungry hippos it's has always been about MONEY they will try to use the kids to blackmail the Queen

  34. Annette Sheckler

    Personal I think it should not have been a big deal. Harry and Meghan were probably the ones that brought up the issue and saw this as a opportunity for a scandal and money. Meghan and money.

  35. Dinah Quillen

    Yes, the RF are not used to gutter snipes and street fighters like megsy. But fear not megsy will destroy herself sooner than later.

  36. Therese Ember

    Meghan went to the UK to boss them all around so they booted her out. Her narcissist ego felt suicidal so she figured, “Hey! I’ll pull out the race card so that no one will notice that I bilked the UK for my $43M wedding and then ditched to the beach in CA!”

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