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Samsung Galaxy A51 | Camera Tips & Tricks

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Samsung Galaxy A51 | Camera Tips & Tricks!!!

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This Post Has 39 Comments

  1. R B

    man ppl who r complaining about the camera, the thing is u don't know how to use it

  2. No one's is talking about how to adjust brightness or darkness. If I adjust the brightness down a bit it will not stay

  3. Vlad Petrache

    Am I the only one who shoots in video mode when long pressing the shutter instead of getting a burst shot of photos?

  4. halxxl

    The GIF doesn't work for me how to fix it?

  5. Cab52

    Thank you for the information

  6. Min Fatmawati

    Dont forget that paint tool on camera that make paint like on the air

  7. eunoaha

    i dont think we have the same phone

  8. Nyan Cat

    Hey I have a problem, my samsung a51 wont burst shot:((

    Like, I long press the button and everything but it takes a video instead. I even saw someone in the comments of a different video with the same problem as mine.

  9. Mikey Szabo

    Does the galaxy a51 have motion photos? My Samsung s8 plus does and thought the 2020 phone would. Also, when I take pictures of anything thats not still, like a cat or a dog, they always come out super blurry

  10. My pictures keep turning out blurry. I have a toddler and baby so its hard to keep them still during photos. Any advice on this issue?

  11. Daniyal Noor

    Bro plz plz plz reply me
    How to have a good camera plz plz

  12. Google User

    I have had mine for almost two months coming from a cheapy phone and Am so upset with BELOW low quality of speakers. Can not hear out of speaker phone when on a call, listening to music it is barely loud enough and I ALWAYS have to hook up to another amplifying device. Listening on the phone without speaker phone is a challenge as well, that I have never had on another device. I would not have spent good money on this phone IF I HAD KNOWN about this ahead of time.Not a bad phone and worth it IF you have blue tooth headphones for calls

    Also, Can not preschedule a text message from standard messaging feature like with my old Samsung.

    I am dealing with these ISSUES because the camera is AMAZING!!

    samsung: please fix the speaker issue. Please

  13. Rayyan Cupido

    Can you make a video on how to get water or fogbout of the lens please 🙏

  14. IknowEMJAY

    I tried the nightmode, but still it's too dark

  15. Black Shadow

    After clicking two times in shutter button my Samsung takes a pic . Is there anyway I can make my shutter speed faster?

  16. sleepymiloo

    My slo motion is really really laggy. I've reset settings, my phones updated to the latest and I've tried EVERYTHING. I only got this phone on Christmas and its already showing this kind of behaviour. Please give me solutions to this.

  17. Yann Belec

    Can you make the pictures full screen with the A51?

  18. Ches Ca

    Hi! Can i ask to to set the ultar wide camera in the of the samsung a51?

  19. Nehya zadan

    I just got the gaxely a51 and I've it im enjoying it next year ill get the gaxely a71 for x mas for my self

  20. Matthew Roach

    The "hold shutter button to" actual button isn't enabled and im not sure how to use it?

  21. saiki kusuo

    Why everytime i take a picture it when its processed the color of the picture changes like jt doesnt stay the same color in the preview

  22. the secular

    Don't buy this phone , it has the worst camera , trust me , I hv this shitty phone , don't buy it , a loss of 25 k

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