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samsung galaxy s21 camera tips and tricks for photographing the night sky

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In this video, we will look at the Samsung galaxy s21 camera tips and tricks for photographing the night sky. There is a lot that the Samsung S21 Ultra can do with its camera and it’s one of the best cameras for photographing the night sky. We will look at some editing tips and tricks as well as moon photography tips. If you want to know how to photograph the moon with your phone, we will teach the best settings for that sort of photography in this video.

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0:00 start
0:49 how to photograph the pink moon with your phone
7:20 Light painting with your S21 Ultra
11:20 How to photograph the milky way with your phone
14:50 How to take a selfie under the stars
16:09 How to use double exposure tool in snapseed

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This Post Has 21 Comments

  1. Tony O hEidhin

    What tripod adapter are you using with the w1 ultra ,, great vids ,great real life experience ,really appreciate them . Sorry saw that info in the comments , just another senior moment

  2. haroo86

    If Samsung doesn't give you a job! Their f*#kd! excuse my French.. wee wee …
    And mate, you should get that checked out, looks like your pissing out holy water with all the glowing

  3. B G

    Totally agree, I find 10x to be near optically perfect (incredible for a mobile phone) and the extra 3x digital cropping/processing to get to 30x is entirely acceptable, to the point where its equivalent to digital cropping the 10x image off-camera. But I wouldn't say the same between 30x and 100x. It is, as you rightly say, a fad, but fun for instantly sharing with friends, although it's worth spending 10 seconds cropping the 30x using the phone's crop tool if you're not in a hurry. Top video mate 👍👍

  4. Derrick Johnson

    Phone technologies is amazing! I was blown away of him zooming on that moon,I'm like no way! I tried with old phone and you get a red blurr of the moon.But this S21Ultra is like having a telescope.Wow! Makes me want to get me a newer phone like the one he's using.

  5. F3rr3ll RAF

    Your moon is upside down … love it🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 👍

  6. Jossiel Fraire

    Espero me entiendas pero mi inglés no es bueno, deberías probarlo para cielo profundo de gran campo, como la nebulosa de Orion, Andromeda, the Whirlpool Galaxy, etc, objetos luminosos, probar bien ahí la calidad del sensor, ver detalles, porque si se ve que entrega las fotos con algo de ruido, yo estoy usando un Realme 7 Pro, pero para foto una cámara básica, una Canon T6, apenas ando empezando pero ya he visto que los equipos anteriores no se van a comparar con una apsc o algo así, son equipos móviles con algunas mejoras, pero mientras su sensor sea pequeño no se logra algo muy bueno, la vía láctea es algo luminosa y no tan detallada en campo amplio

  7. w oleary

    I never give likes, but my finger went straight to the button. Sweet As.

  8. minealone88

    Now that you've had a fair amount of time with both the s21 ultra and the iPhone 12 max, is there one that you find yourself preferring for your photography?

  9. Raul Huertas

    I have several identical photos, only with different exposure. When I select double exposure in Snapseed, the selected photo appears upside down or lying down, and I have to manually overlap them. It is impossible. There is no option to simply rotate it. No matter what I do with the photos, App never superimposes it well.

  10. Ryan Peters

    What is the darkness level of the sky by you? Unfortunately the darkest I can get within a reasonable distance is a Bortle class 4.

    Also…have you spent much time using the lightroom mobile software? It's definitely not as feature rich, but with my S21 ultra and Samsung Dex mode, I can make pretty quick work of most of my editing needs.

  11. zk ef

    What a talent in photography! Bloody good!

  12. Hey I've been trying to use the double exposure function for basically the same purpose and for some reason when it's loading the overlapping picture the blue loading wheel stays on screen and won't complete therefore not letting me press the tick and move on. Has anyone else had this problem? anyone have a solution?

  13. Miller Time Prime

    Bloody good. I have done everything just on my phone for years but you're inspiring me to start editing on a computer. Thanks for all the tips

  14. Cyle Marcum

    Subbed. You're really talented and enjoyable to watch. Thanks for your work bud!

  15. Daniel Scuteri

    If you turn on the scene optimiser at the bottom right corner it picks it up better

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