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Scott Disick Is MOVING to Miami Temporarily With Girlfriend Amelia Hamlin (Source)

A source tells ET that Scott Disick and Amelia Hamlin are planning a temporary move to Miami. ET has learned the 37-year-old reality star wants ‘a change of scenery,’ and that he plans to split his time between the Magic City and LA, so he can see his kids and the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner family. Another source reveals Scott and Amelia’s romance is ‘getting a bit more serious.’ The new details follow the final season premiere of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ last Thursday, where Scott revealed ex-girlfriend Sofia Richie had given him an ultimatum between her and his family life with Kourtney Kardashian and their three children: Mason, Penelope and Reign.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 35 Comments

  1. Jan Berestecki

    He should be ashamed dating someone who is so young! Lock him up and throw away the key!!

  2. M. M

    He's doing this to get back at Kourtney

  3. jyn88

    Poor Scott. He's hurting from seeing Travis and Kourt so he had to run across the coast. The "source" is wrong. It's not about Sophia. It's about Kourtney!

  4. Showstopper1

    That's exactly why a 19 yr old shouldn't be in a relationship with a 30 s'thing year old, old ass man, with three kids and an exgirlfriend. Neither one of you should be with each other, that's a lot for a 19 yr old. And a real man wouldn't want to date a young girl like that, because you have three kids and an ex!

  5. kimwimberly82

    This is just a booty call, he will never take her serious!!!

  6. Dæmonette

    I read " Scott Disick moves in with his temporary girlfriend"

  7. J. M.

    That's not going to last.

  8. Celeste Elijah

    Everybody needs somebody, Scott and you deserve somebody. If Kourtney is not ready…then she's not ready…not your problem. Just don't forget those kids. Mason is growing up. When he was a baby he couldn't remember but as he get older he will never forget. I love to see Reign. He's a kid after my heart, He's got a personality of his own…he broke the mold. Best of luck to you Scott.☺

  9. Priceless Gems

    Can anyone take Scott serious? These people don't know how to be single

  10. Sheila Johnson

    scott what do you possibly have in common with a kid? go after girls around your own age.

  11. Maria Benjamin

    I get it but inviting your girlfriend and ex girlfriend together on vaca is a little much Scott

  12. annie lane

    Because Sophia is young Scott …Amelia even younger and you think it’s gonna be different ? 🤣

  13. Pia Abildgård

    Scot is never satisffied and he is greedi . He has nice children but he is allways looking for ……. I dont like him..

  14. Kesha Jackson

    I understand Scott is lonely. But he should really consider dating older and more mature females rather than expecting a child to know how to love a man such as himself. If he keeps going this route, he'll probably be serving time with Tyga as his celly

  15. Lux7

    He is upset about Travis and Kourtney getting serious 😢

  16. Tia Towery

    I really like Scott but why these young girls? At his age it’s kinda creepy and starting to change my positive view of him

  17. Wilma Rivera

    Scott looks great in blonde hair wishing him the best

  18. Ana M.

    I bet Lisa Rinna is pushing Amelia to have Scott's baby so they can $$$$$$$

  19. Ashley Swierpel

    Stop dating young girls. They can never understand the love an dedication it takes to be a parent until they have kids of their own.

  20. Kelly Bayley

    No Way. Your delusional Scott. Can you see KK or Khloe hanging out with Amber Rose or TT's baby mumma Lol… 😘🤳

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