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Scott Disick Says Sofia Richie Gave Him an ULTIMATUM to Choose Her or Kourtney Kardashian

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On Thursday’s season 20 premiere of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardahsians,’ Scott Disick explains that his relationship with Sofia Richie came to an end after he says she told him he had to pick between her and his family life with his ex, Kourtney Kardashian. Also during the episode, Khloe Kardashian reveals that she almost miscarried when she was pregnant with her and Tristan Thompson’s daughter, True.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 32 Comments

  1. Diane Black

    Now that k has moved on with Travis maybe Sophia and Scott can get back together cause I love her energy with him.

  2. D M

    Sophia deserves someone who is devoted to her. Scott has tons of baggage and is selfish. Glad she moved on.

  3. Berlaine Bobb

    Why can't Scott live in his own house pick up his kids every other weekend like normal people?
    Give up this Kardashian and Kourtney INSANITY? Like get a life?

  4. Annie Mae

    So many cooler dudes than Tristan, hes pretty fruity too

  5. Dæmonette

    This guy Scott ultimately wants Kourtney but also a "snack model" on the side.

  6. Amanda M

    So is this what they do? Gossip about people who have moved on ? & Amelia Hamlin thinks shes hit the jackpot. 🙄 amazes me how he cant keep anything private he has to talk about someone just to say something. He cant help himself. Does he realize hes dragging his ex in the spotlight to try to proove what kind of man he is..well the real him is showing. 🙄

  7. Irma Estrada

    I think she meant like wherever you went on vacation you didnt have to bring your ex everywhere you went with sophia kourtney would tag along she never said nothing about your kids now that kourtney is with travis tag along with them just saying

  8. Dawid Dyląg

    The real ultimatum was: i dont want you to talk about me in that shitty tv show kuwtk and it was to much for him.

  9. Jennifer Alvarez

    Kim !! It’s a package deal LOL no it’s not it’s should be about the kids and just the kids. They should not be going on vacation together for that they should just get back together.

  10. Charity Belzyt

    Sofia was totally correct in this situation. Scott time to move on from Kourtney. There are boundaries and it is not fair that Sofia didn't get her chance to make a life with you without all the baby momma drama. I still think they have not moved on just playing the game. Sofia seen through it they are stuck and not moving on! She wised up!! Maybe Scott can go on vacations now with Kourtney and her boyfriend all year.🤣🤣🤣

  11. Nzamu L

    How do you people watch such madness?

  12. sara kelly

    My god!!! Americans are off the, Wall!!!! Memo to Scott!!! U do not go on hols w u ex!!! Hello!!! Let's see does he go on hols, w Travis barker!!! Pls, I laughing my socks off here, absolurely no integrity, he's w another 19 Yr old. Sophia, u the only one w a bit of cop on, the rest are off the, wall. Move on girl

  13. Verna Morales

    Remember when Diana said her marriage was a bit crowded ? That is what Sophia went through.Scott is still in love with Kourtney.Nobody wants to be the third wheel.I wish good luck.Her dad stayed out of it even though he felt Scott was to old for her.Scott has a daughter and l would like to know how he would feel if the tables were turned

  14. Ess Rhee

    🙄 getting along and co parenting is so different from going on vacation together. That’s weird and no woman would actually like that. The kids and the mom are not a a package deal. The kids and the father are a package.

  15. Heather Thompson

    Kourtney n Scott are best friends get over it people its possible to be best friends after the history and to also coparent

  16. Nik Maroc

    This is why it’s difficult for some single parents to start new relationships. Who knows exactly what Sophia said to Scott, but the fact remains that he was spending a lot of free time with Kourtney… and now that Kourtney is with Travis, she admitted that prior to getting with Travis, she was trying to get back with Scott. So basically, Sophia was correct to worry and ask for appropriate boundaries.

    I bet Scott isn’t spending any extra time with Kourtney now…because Kourtney spending her extra time with Travis, lol. I can almost guarantee that once Kourtney was officially with Travis and before he found another 19 year old that he contacted Sophia with one of those ‘hey how are you?’ messages. A sudden case of more free time.

  17. M. Davis

    Idk why that young lady wanted Scott in the first place. She can do much better, than a Kardashians left overs. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  18. Maria Ramirez

    He needs to stop dating younger women n peaple his age n he wouldn't have this problem.

  19. Chatsky F.

    hopefully the new girl is wise too and leave now than later

  20. Chatsky F.

    good for sophia👍👍👍 very wise decision of her

  21. Kellie Collins

    I wish he would start dating women closer to his age than his kids. It’s gross they’re barely legal.


    If you come into a relationship whereby there are children you must accept the package in totality not half or move if the baggage is heavy, she knew there were babies, babies come out of Mama girl

  23. PATSY

    Scott needs to stop dating children

  24. Elsie Tongdo

    Sofia girl you did a right decision to dish dump Scott Disick, you don't deserve him.

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