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SECOND LIFE | BLACK DRAGON Photography Tips & Tricks Quick Tutorial

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Today’s Second Life video is the FIRST in a series of Black Dragon Photography Tutorials. One of the best viewers for Second Life Graphics! This quick tips & tricks tutorial covers: Camera Effects, Shortcuts, Pose Adjuster, Depth of Field, Lights & Shadows & Keybindings.

My Tech Setup (Affiliate links):

✪ For my Audio Recording, I use the Blue Yeti Microphone for supreme quality:
✪ For my Video Editing, I use Adobe Premiere Pro:
✪ For my Photography and Thumbnails, I use Adobe Photoshop:

To download the Black Dragon Viewer, here’s a link to the Creators page:

Join the Second Life Black Dragon Discord Group:

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This Post Has 42 Comments

  1. NiranV

    Absolutely fantastic video tutorial, easily the best and easiest to understand i've seen so far!

    A couple extra tips that i noticed:
    You can directly change the mPelvis position in the Poser to alter your height, no need for hover height.
    You can also use Shift + Arrow Keys to change directly to the next menu entry (without having to open it first and hitting enter)
    Lastly you can use the Arrow Keys (after selecting a slider) to nudge the slider by its smallest possible increment, for those precision movements.

  2. Sneed Chuckstein

    Shame the viewer is a "log-on to take pictures and logoff viewer" its a nightmare edit and mod anything on it and lacks privacy stuff and group muting, ect. It seems as the poser is taking too much priority over quality of life, which is a shame. even though the poser is cool but Id rather have a fully functional viewer instead so I wouldnt have to log off it after finishing a picture.
    and as a mesh creator the complexity is off putting while normally using default LL viewer to upload with (even with super low poly meshes it reads off oddly), hopefully things change in the future but for now sticking with alchemy for my daily use.
    Im sure you could just run reshade and probably get same results on other viewers with enough tinkering tbh. since allot of it is just opengl postprocessing.

  3. altiris

    awesome viewer! thanks for the quick video tips, just perfect to start shooting !!!

  4. Andi G

    my camera rotation is not working when i do shift Q, any advice on how to fix this?

  5. Dreem TV

    do you know why depth of field doesnt work when i take the photo?

  6. Taylor Men

    Loved the tutorial, thank you … although moving here is a pain in the … 😀 … but on another note: can you tell me why I have no shadows? Everything is clicked that I am aware of, but still no shadows (with CalWL for example)

  7. RionaSL

    That pose adjusting is just… Wow… No more hours lost on photoshop to retouch.

  8. DeMarcus Adamson

    Yo my guy everytime I watch your videos your guy looks clean in his gear…. Mind letting me know where you show for your men's gear I'm trying to look for more male clothes.

  9. Carebear Carebear

    I've tried the viewer for taking photos. Showstopper: My Truth hair isn't rendered correctly despite both Automatic Alpha Masking settings enabled.

    The Poser is a great feature! However, for daily usage there would be even more showstoppers for me, like having to use websearch. Not gonna happen.

  10. Sariel Shadowsoul

    thank you for this quick tutorial 😀 now i know how i can use the different settings in BD 😀 oh and liked + abo ^^

  11. Misha

    I just understand everything! Thanks!
    But I have a problem >.<
    My laptop has just the intel graphics, the ram is just 4GB and icore 3 (7th generation) and I’m wearing BOM in the head and body and the BOM doesn’t seem HD is like the texture just blur
    If you’ll be able to help me it would be amazing!

  12. Nikka Nateas

    This video made me want to really try Black Dragon but I cannot live without area search which I heard this viewer does not have. Not to mention look at ughhh

  13. Katorria Edmonds

    Maaaaan THANK YOU!!!! It took me MONTHS to learn how to keybind and I just simply gave up on how to do it til I came across your channel! I appreciate this so much thanks to you I FINALLY learned how to keybind thats for explaining this with simplicity!

  14. Aurora Night

    Really good video for a novice like me! Waves to fellow brit!

  15. Crys VanVianen

    I just dont understand why Black Dragon doesn't fix its navigation to match the regular used viewers because it seems every single tutorial tells you how to change this so you know how to move correctly.

  16. A A

    Holy crap! You are a life saver. I never knew the pose adjuster could help me repositon limbs so easily !!!! I don't have to use all these annoying huds i bought ..ugh! I freakin love you right now. Excellent video!

  17. Joanne x

    Fab thanks just started taking pics and still learning @ izzy kestrel

  18. Flora Sperling

    Another speciality of the BLACK DRAGON VIEWER:
    its CAMERA can not only be swivelled, it can even be TILTED TO EITHER SIDE. Up to portrait format. (And even upside down, if I remember right.)
    Moving a tilted camera is fun. This gives photos & videos more excitement.
    As far as I know, there is no other sl viewer that can do that!

  19. Flora Sperling

    Thank you for this tut!
    Which Black Dragon's feature I like the most? Gosh, still I could not try them all, sorry.
    Currently, I am particularly delighted with the DEFAULT SETTINGS of its FLY CAM! Using them, I control avatar & camera independently from each other. This supports me a lot in my humble filming.
    Absolutely INTUITIVELY & FLUIDLY, thanks to the default settings. That’s fun!

  20. Very cool video! Clean and simple! I'll be linking friends to this video when I talk them into switching to Black Dragon for photos.

  21. Anna Darkheart

    I had a few attempts to Black Dragon, graphic looks fantastic, but the viewer itself is extremely annoying to me, simple things i do in fs, without thinking about them , here i need to spend time and figure out how to move etc 🙁 And it doesnt 'read' groups preferences so million chats from groups which are disabled on fs are popping, i dont think i have a patience to deal with it lol, but great video made me try again shame i swapped back to fs after 5 min again LOL ♥

  22. Elena Elena

    Muchas gracias por este video. Me encantaría que hicieras más videos sobre este tema, creo que eres la persona que mejor ha explicado hasta ahora los conceptos y estoy agradecida por ello. Me cuesta entender ya que mi idioma no es el inglés, pero usando traductor consigo entender. Gracias de nuevo ♥

  23. Yorkie Lad

    Yet again learning a lot of new things because of your videos! It's refreshing to see more male SL YouTubers

  24. Dean Haystack

    The Poser alone is worth using the viewer for and the day he makes it so you can export those and re-upload as animations we can call it Year 0 on SL.
    Also when editing Windlights you get a North and East angle separate bars for both Sun and Moon, so you can actually put them where you want them unlike the Official/Firestorm with that awful sphere that you move about more in hope than anything.

  25. nice tutorial – on the poser select the hip the go to the position tab – you can can rotate yourself, move in and out, and adjust up and down (like hover)

  26. Tigerfish Girls

    Absolutely loved this, and learned tricks I wasn't aware were available. Thank you so much for sharing! The Discord link given doesn't seem to work though >.<

  27. Logan Fournier

    Thank you for going over the poser! It looked to overwhelming to Me once I finished setting up all of the other settings, and I never went back to try and figure it out. Another awesome video in the bag! ✨

  28. Isabelle Cheren

    Really good tutorial.In fact one of the best I have seen because you speak so clearly which makes so much of a difference 🙂

  29. Cate Heartsong

    Thank you Boston! I love that you are easy to understand and that it's just quick tips and not long and dragged out. I didn't know some of those features were in Black Dragon! I am excited to try them out!

  30. AriaLeila

    Lmfao oooo that's what the pose does😂😂 thanks for the video🙏😂

  31. Seli Blackmore

    really awesome! thanks for the details been using black dragon for a while but never messed around with the built in poser till watching this ohhh the fun to be had lol XD

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