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'Shadow and Bone' Cast Break Down New Netflix Series | Around the Table | Entertainment Weekly

Jessie Mei Li, Archie Renaux, Freddy Carter, Amita Suman, Kit Young, Ben Barnes, Leigh Bardugo and Eric Heisserer break down their new Netflix original series ‘Shadow and Bone’ – based on the Grishaverse novels by Leigh Bardugo.

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About ‘Shadow and Bone’: Dark forces conspire against orphan mapmaker Alina Starkov when she unleashes an extraordinary power that could change the fate of her war-torn world.

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‘Shadow and Bone’ Cast Break Down New Netflix Series | Around the Table | Entertainment Weekly

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This Post Has 46 Comments

  1. Elena Violante

    She has written 9 books in the grishawors ? Thought it was seven

  2. Jeff Sanchez

    Fantastic show. Avatar in a Paradis like nation with game of thrones esque feels

  3. Sydney Lyman

    While this entire cast did the books and characters SO much justice, Freddy and Amita really have such a DEEP understanding of Kaz and Inej. In the scene where Kaz finds Inej trying to search for her parents names on the wall of the dead (ep 3 I think), Kaz tells her that hope is dangerous and he sort of looks away from her really quickly. And Freddy's addition of that look turns it from "Kaz tells Inej not to hope for her parents" into "Kaz knows he shouldn't hope for Inej to have feelings for him" and it's so subtle and so wonderful. Just one of many moments where the cast perfectly portrayed aspects of their characters that haven't even really come into play yet. Perfect cast and crew. 10/10

  4. Raeburn

    Leigh Bardugo's face throughout this whole interview is everything

  5. Jekka

    My Kanej heart is bursting out of my freaking chest I CANT YOU GUYS

  6. Tinkerblue

    When a guy gets as worked up about books as Ben is doing in this video, that is fucking HOT

  7. x h

    As a fan who read the first book in this series I loved it so much the chemistry is so good between the actors that it showed in the series. I hope that one day my books will come off of the page like this.

  8. Pixie Quilt

    Great casting! Arrival is my most favourite movie of all time. And when I found out Eric Heisserer will be part of this amazing series. I know this is going to be good!

  9. Tina B

    i just love this cast and story so muchhhhh brb rereading the books

  10. Z Ceren Ejder

    Ben’s essay answers are my fav thing about these interviews

  11. Alice Rasmussen

    Leigh looks like the proudest English teacher, seeing all her students UNDERSTAND the assignment

  12. Aabbb Aaa

    They really bleeped out badass, what is the world coming to

  13. What a great cast!! This interview is amazing. You can see how sincere each of them are like you can feel it when you hear them talk about their respective characters. It makes me so happy and emotional that they understand the depth of these character. leigh looks so happy listening to them talk about it.

  14. kyjoraven

    Me when anyone in the cast is talking: Wow they're so so so perfect!
    Me when Freddy and Amita talk about Kanej: For personal reasons, I will now be passing away. They're SO. PERFEFCT.

  15. Lily Styers

    someone needs a fat kiss for clearly using a genie wish to make this show SO perfect

  16. eva

    freddy and amita radiating kanej feels

  17. Hazel Tugbiyele

    I'm sorry but Freddy bragging about Inej and talking about his feelings for her and fully embracing Kanej…I grow more and more in love with this cast every single day.

  18. soring phonglo

    Shadow and Bone was the next Harry Potter moment for me where the cast perfectly (and I mean damn well perfectly!) embodies the character and further elevates the plot.

  19. Freddy describing Kaz's feeling when Inej killed a man for him IS SO PRECIOUS and flawlessly perfect. Freddy IS Kaz😭💗

  20. Shivya

    i never knew i needed freddy talk about Kaz's feelings for inej

  21. Shivya

    ben's acting is so good that i feel like he is completely different person when he becomes the darkling

  22. Shivya

    they really got the casting right rest fell nicely because of their effort

  23. Maria Splsn

    I love how invested Ben Barnes is in the original material and the lore, he's so deeply engrossed in his craft and it's beautiful to watch

  24. Breeta Sen Gupta

    22 minutes of Ben closely (&proudly) watching his 5 kids answer to the headmaster & headmistress.

  25. Love this show love all this cast they are so passionate about their character the different stories and so respectful 💙💙💙


    freddys smile is everything when amita said "Ketterdam needs Kaz Brekker" omg!! i love them 😭❤️ my parents 💗

  27. Eska Lipsi

    i'm dumb where was leigh bardugo in the series adaptation? i hadn't noticed

  28. Julia

    21:05 can you please stop scrunching your nose like that Ben it kills me every time

  29. Julia

    I can tell everyone in the cast is a Kanej stan by they way they're smiling as Amita and Freddy talk about their characters

  30. Some Thoughts

    This makes me wish my other fav YA novel adaptations were handled and cast appropriately 🥲 cough cough The Hunger Games

  31. Who else is here stalking all the casts on youtube and following them in all of their social medias after finishing the show! Can't wait for season 2!!! In the meantime ill go continue reading the book

  32. Papa Moomin

    I'm so glad Ben Barnes is proud of being in this show. A lot of male actors take on roles where there's a large female fanbase and they're not happy with their work, they're embarrassed by it, and they don't give the art the respect it deserves. Ofc sometimes these books-to-screen adaptations are shitty but I feel like Ben would have given his best even if the script wasn't very good.

  33. Emily Ball

    Anita saying “it’s worth saving this man” like im crying

  34. Sam

    Why did Archie shaved his hair again I thought he would be growing it for next season but I guess not 😭

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