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Sharon Osbourne Responds To Criticism Over Racism Debate

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After Sharon Osbourne responded to “The Talk” viewers following her defense of Piers Morgan and her discussion about race with co-hosts Sheryl Underwood and Elaine Welteroth, Cheryl Hickey, Graeme O’Neil and guest co-host Meera Estrada discuss during ET Canada Live. Watch “The Talk” weekdays at 2 p.m. ET on Global.

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This Post Has 26 Comments

  1. mark caine

    I am a British person of colour let me make that known, Piers is not racist just because he has a low opinion on a woman who happens to be a person of colour, its nothing to do with skin colour its to do with the content of her character nothing more nothing less, it seems if a white person has a verbal argument with a person of colour that person is automatically a racist what complete and utter balderdash is that? two people can have a disagreement and it has nothing what so ever to do with skin colour. Sharon asked the talk show host what did piers say that was racist ? we all saw that stupid blank expression on her face.. so in other words dont ever dislike a person of colour because if you do, you must be perceived as a racist.

  2. Natalie Montague

    You need more diversity of thought on your show. It's always one sided. We are all different and have different opinions. No one is right or wrong in opinions. That's why they are called opinions and not facts. I'm also concerned that people try fighting racism with racism. Using derogatory racist terms like "white privilege" hurts the black and brown communities the most. It's arrogant to believe that white people hold a privilege over any other race. How about we talk more about positive things that bring us all together instead of divisive things that gives you ratings?

  3. kingdingaling

    They ambushed her because of her colour and then put on the fake tears. The irony.😂

  4. Shaizee Shows

    No way Sharon Osborne got upset because she’s being put under the spot light for something she didn’t do. 🙄. I’d be just as mad. It’s ridiculous that white people are getting called racist left and right over the smallest crap. But then we completely ignore actual racism. MY PROFESSOR literally said “one white person isn’t bad. White people as a group are bad.” Now imagine “one black person isn’t bad. Black people as a group are wrong” or “one person from the Middle East isn’t bad, but middle eastern people as a whole are bad” It’s complete bull. At this point racism is “I might have been offended by something that a person might have meant, but I can’t explain why what they said is wrong, but I think it might have hurt my feelings😥” 🙄 get the hell out of here.

  5. Droopy

    This will be the new trend… Sharon is right

  6. Stuart Cooper

    This isn't racism & the definition given is hardly a definition at all.

  7. A.Z. B.

    I love the fact that I don't give a damn if someone calls me a racist. All these celebrities are scared to death for being labelled as such and they would go into any length to prove that it is untrue. We common folks on the other hand are not obliged to do anything other then laugh and walk away.

  8. WrongShot

    Ok how dare Sharon get angry for being accused of being a racist. It’s unimaginable for her to be upset because she is being insulted. How dare she….

  9. Randy Richards

    Young lady listen to your words. All three of you are not in touch with reality. YOUR the kind of people that never stand up for anyone! Too spoiled. GROW up!

  10. Silk

    Way to go Sharon. I’m glad you’re keeping it real. I’m tired of the continual Black people pointing the finger at the white person and using the word “racist“. It’s getting old now.

  11. Teresa Moran

    Sheryl underwood is underhanded. These woman are rascit against Sharon.

  12. Angela Kerce

    Someone who is simply not racist doesn't act like that. She's so disrespectful the fact she yelled at the only black woman is telling… Read the room sis

  13. Dakota Trapper

    Everyone is sensitive af…the talk, ET and any mainstream media is what's wrong with the world..keep feeding bs narratives and pinning ppl against one another bc that's exactly what's going to make the world better great job 😂 just a bunch of 🤡 sharon was right to defend her friend. Remember boys and girls you are allowed to have an opinion.

  14. Rachel Davies

    Don't corner someone and accuse them of something they haven't done then act like you dunno why they're upset. Especially to a British person. Tends to piss us off.

  15. Venus Venus

    The way that Sharon was talking to Sheryl was very disrespectful and unwarranted.

  16. Andrew McKenzie

    Wow. The world is so so so stupid. Please can anyone give me an example of what Piers Morgan said that was racist. These idiots don't speak with any clarity either.

  17. Toby Olden

    Sharon was rightly angry at being accused as being racist. If you are going to falsely accuse someone or suggest and raise the question that someone is or could be racist, you should not then be surprised when that person defends themself, like Sharon did. A form of inverted racism towards white people… casually suggest to a white person they are racist…based on a wrongly percieved idea that a friend may or may not be racist is plain madness. I'm not a huge fan of Sharon Osbourne….but here she was set up and cornered.

    Wierdly interrogating friends or colleagues for any racist signs, hints of possible hidden racism and scrutinising friendships etc… when its not there…..ends up just like this.

    Some black people can be tone deaf too, it appears.

  18. Kyle Rath

    Because she was being spoken down to. Bullshit.

  19. Paul Murray

    Everything is a claim to racism now, vanilla is the worlds #1 selling ice cream, that is racist according to todays over reacting America.

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