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Simple Vector Art Portrait Photoshop Tutorial

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In this photoshop tutorial video you will learn how to turn photo into vector art in photoshop. actually I am not good at making this, but many of you asked me to make a video about this vector art. but according to me this video is easy to follow. You will use many Pen shape tools, and patience is the most important.
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  1. Your a kind man to put these tutorials on youtube , really you deserve first of all respect and secondly anything bieautiful that can make you very happy,you made us happy because of your nice work keep it up ,my Allah bless you .

  2. Hello ! Very nice this video, I was looking for this type of video, thanks very much for the help !!! Your art is not as difficult as others ! +1 like ?

  3. You are genius… I am sure you know that already… thanks a ton.. can you please also add voice or subtitles/instructions in videos…

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