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Skin Retouching Photoshop Tutorial

Find the Free Photoshop Action here:

Enjoy! x


Digital Film Actions

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Julia Trotti

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I Make Films

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Sony RX100iv
Sony a7s + Sigma 24mm f1.4


Canon 5dmkiii
Sigma 24mm f1.4
Canon 35mm f1.4
Canon 50mm f1.2
Canon 85mm f1.2
Canon 135mm f2

Thank you so much for watching! xx

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  1. Hi! Your video is helpful…however, with the updated Photoshop, how do we "sample" color in the Healing Brush Tool? I have a mac and it's not working for me like you do in the video.

  2. Hi Julia! Hopefully you notice this comment because I could really use YOUR HELP ? After I watched this vid, I wanted to try out the frequency separation for myself, however, I am experiencing issues opening up my image into Photoshop from Lightroom. It's saying I need to free up more storage (so I deleted a lot of cache files I found), but that still wasn't enough. Have you ever experienced this problem before? Do you think you can help me resolve this issue? I have posted this on the Adobe Photoshop Community to see if other ppl have experienced this as well but the replies I got weren't very helpful ?‍♀️ I hope you can help me out!

  3. How long would you say roughly takes to retouch the skin for an image? I find it takes me forever for skin alone! But would love to know your thoughts..I seen so many retouching videos but never seen in real time from start to finish as most people do a time lapse so never really know how long it took to retouch. Would be helpful to get an idea 🙂

  4. Just a quick note for people. The mode and offset she shows is only for 16 bit. If you are editing in 8 bit (you really should edit in 16 and save in 8) the apply image will need to be subtract and scale 2 and offset 128. 🙂

    Great tutorial.

  5. Very nice video! I'm interested in how many different variations I've seen of Frequency Separation. I fix the skin on a separate layer, nit on the low layer, but I might try it. I love how you blend the colors together on the "low" layer

  6. Ive watched hours of videos, tried all different frequency seperations and even preset actions and this is by far working the best. Thanks for showing this!

  7. Great tutorial! I love your natural style of editing. The only issue I'm having with the action is when I set up the high frequency layer the image is all grey even after changing to linear light. Any tips??

  8. HI, Julia Thak so much for the action I can't wait to start using it. I feel this is what my photos are lacking. I would also like to find out what is the tab that you use to retouch? I am very interested in getting one myself. Thank you so much for always putting out amazing​ content.

  9. Really helpful tutorial Julia. Thank you SO much. Surely there's an action that someone has created for setting up those first few LF and HL layers? If so, do you know of any to purchase?

  10. It took me 3 years of doing photoshop to appreciate how smart and beneficial this tutorial is. Many that I know, will just keep this recipe for themselves. The fact that you share this in such a detail tutorial let us all know that your heart is just as pure and pretty as your portraits. OMG, I want to hugggg you 🙂

  11. I know this is an older video, but can you please answer this question! 🙂 If you took multiple photos of the model or subject , how do you sync the changes to the rest of the photos? Or do you have to do this to every photo to get the same results. I feel like it would take forever If you had to do this for every one ? Please tell me there's a way thanks!

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