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SM WEEKLY & MONTHLY GLOBAL auditions ????? 1 on 1 zoom call ⚡ How to audition for SM Entertainment

More audition tutorials are coming soon! (yuehua audition, smnbg)

Top is from Yesstyle:

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○ New videos every Monday at 7:00 AM MST!
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○ Outro by Wintərly Heīghts

Codes / links
○ SM Global Shop (use my code luvieirene)
○ Fashion Chingu
○ Yesstyle (use my code LUVIEIRENE)
○ The washi tape shop (use my code luvie10)

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  1. I swear by my soul that I want to enter but I cannot tell me that the layers have been overcome but barely and there are 11; 31 as rays can be filled in 1 minute

  2. dude im literally watching this while waiting- but the thing is i entered the korean one- ? actually im not sure what i entered i was just way too nervous- im literally shaking

  3. I tried auditioning but I didn't get in the first 100 like people are rapid fast…. The Korean one was open but m a foreigner so I didn't choose the Korean one they would kick me out so I just gave up Imma try next week and hope that I can get in the first 100 people

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