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SNL: Elon Musk Pokes Fun at Himself and His Girlfriend Grimes Joins During Nintendo Sketch

Elon Musk’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ stint had plenty of jokes about Dogecoin, Wario and the Tesla CEO’s social media history. Musk’s girlfriend, Grimes, later popped up as Princess Peach during a sketch about the world of Nintendo. Miley Cyrus was the musical guest for the very special Mother’s Day episode. She paid tribute to godmother Dolly Parton with a rendition of ‘Light of a Clear Blue Morning.’ Cyrus also showed some love to her mom, Tish, who joined her onstage alongside other mothers of the ‘SNL’ cast.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 36 Comments

  1. Space Facts Wax

    Thanks for uploading. I got the opportunity to witness a rocket launch in 2018. Amazing experience. I posted a pretty cool video of the trip to my page.

  2. Renia Reads

    Elon Musk didn't work for his money it was handed to him and with that hes a shitty person to his workers. Like why is a billionaire dying for attention on a late night sketch show

  3. Scorpio

    No visit to mars for me but wow ill take the car that drives itself brilliant i dislike driving so bad

  4. I feel like my favorite part of this was Miley describing her relationship with her mom lol

  5. Debra Tanner

    Weird omg made me feel weird omg what hell it's like who can be most weird omg I didn't understand none off it maybe it's cause I'm not clever enough

  6. JesusLovesYou9999

    It would appear that Cyrus will never tire of drawing attention to her breasts . What a shallow sexual merchandiser . Talk about sexually objectifying women . Germaine Greer must be completely appalled .

  7. theLutheran1

    Cryptocurrency is as much of a hustle as conventional money.

  8. Russell Anthony

    Click bait made to look like the actual snl clip. This sucked. Please stop making content

  9. Red Robin

    this one of the better SNL shows. I haven't enjoyed SNL in a long time! The mothers tributes during Miley's song was really good.

  10. RK

    2:30.. big crowd of lefty celebrities without masks? Or did all of the lefty celebrities boycott and leave?

  11. Amir Moghaddam

    پدرسگ چرا ریدی به بیت کوین دوج کوین

  12. MarGo /

    Elon is so nerdy and adorable! I’m so relieved he seems to be a good guy- can you imagine if he were an evil billionaire?!

  13. Chris Free

    So what's wrong with her voice?… I don't keep up with this stuff.

  14. Angela Luna

    Why do I think this man is so attractive? He’s so cute and goofy

  15. Jon Johnson

    Miley Cyrus should smoke more cigarettes… Her voice isn't raspy enough yet.

  16. keith conti

    its true fake coin people who are soy and greedy run to it and thus make it worht something which means alot of suckers are going to lose it all

  17. Riberd Ng

    Psst.. Hamtaro maybe the next Pig or doge to 1000x

  18. debbie Fu

    “Won’t your creditors suddenly arise,
    and those who disturb you wake up?
    Then you will become spoil for them.”

  19. Kp P

    Omg I love him even more after this!!

  20. Robb W Cochran

    SNL has been shit for 20 years… Since Chris Farley died… We had 2 funerals that day.

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