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'SoHo Karen' Miya Ponsetto SNAPS at Gayle King During Viral Interview

On Thursday, Miya Ponsetto, the 22-year-old woman who falsely accused a black teenage boy of stealing her phone in NYC, snapped at Gayle King on ‘CBS This Morning.’

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 24 Comments

  1. Bob

    She could have been more tactical about it but I see no wrong doing. She wanted her phone back, she was in trauma or a state of shock.

  2. Bob

    Gayle, or Mrs. King? Miss King "what if" I told you that police are trained paid killers for white society, would people come to the realization that killing is a crime and a sin? White people are justifying murder because it is done by Whites for Whites. The killing has to stop, I was told that their is no reason to kill someone. This was said by a police officer as he let me go and gave me back my weapon. Police are not all evil. Just the ones hired by "Me".

  3. I heard that she committed "Attempted Robbery" and now this? I'm not a Puerto Rican but she needs to drink ZonRox with salt in it so she can get a taste of how "sweet" she is.

  4. lola Blakeslee

    This young woman is obviously messed up, however Gayle has lost all credibility across the board.

  5. Reese S.

    You know I feel like if she was some poor girl she'd be in prison by now. Like why is she even out she's clearly a narcissist and they have her attacking someone. I geuss when you're rich enough to pay the fine then its not assault. Glad it's out there and that she even went this far for the public to know her face

  6. 3055311255

    America is full of trash nowadays. Gone are the days of decent, polite, meek, and hard-working people.

  7. xXsniperTARTXx

    I found that VERY strange that she refers to herself …who is 22 ….as a girl. But she refers to the 14-year-old as a guy.

  8. Ny Jenny

    "I consider myself as super sweet" uhhhm ohkayy lmao gurl you should rewatch those clips

  9. Bliss Johnson


  10. Mat Sapik


  11. Jo Seph

    Miya Ponsetto is just your average democrat.

  12. Mind Speaks

    as an asian a lot of latinos rant racial slurs against me on the online chats. latinos are as racist as whites

  13. MyWatcher101

    This is gayle king bringing the race card…stop black americans!!! You are ridiculous.

  14. Jonathan

    Lol you know you're done once your lawyer walks out on you.

  15. #SP Uo

    What she did is a crime because she accused someone without any evidence or proof and confronted them right infront of many that could possibly damage their reputation.

  16. Mi Cu

    There's a whole culture of narcissists and this surprises anyone lol

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