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Sony A7SIII 7 Things You Need to Know // Tips, Tricks & Camera Hacks

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7 Things you should know before buying the Sony A7SIII & how to take it to the next level!
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Shot with this camera:
Memory card you SHOULD get:
Cheaper alternative that allows you to shoot ALMOST everything:
XLR Adapter:
External Recorder for 4k RAW Video:
Camera cage:
Side Handle:
HDMI Cable for 4k RAW Video:
All my Photography gear:
All my Video gear:
That AWESEOME Electric Desk:
Literally EVERYTHING I use for video for weddings, youtube videos, and everything else including why I use it and why you should consider it.

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My video FX software: and use my coupon code: Watson-15

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Hey, I love checking in with you guys, talking gear, meeting up, answering questions, and checking out all the amazing content you have going on.
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This Post Has 39 Comments

  1. Dan Watson

    For those of you who have had the camera, what are your thoughts so far??? You loving it!?

  2. I get sporadic screen latency at times filming in 4k 60p. Do you think this could have to do with my memory cards not being V90?

  3. C White

    @Dan Watson, could you please tell me what mini tripod you are using for this setup?

  4. arno kranenborg

    Hi Dan, I loved your tips, Thanx! But what did you use to connect the sony XLR- K3M to the top handle? And which smallrig top handle did you use?

  5. Curtis Abbott

    What small rig adapter did you use to attach the Sony XLR-K3M adapter to the side of the handle? Did it work out pretty good?

  6. Jesse Peery

    I am busy tricking out my Sony A7S3 and this video gave me hope…because I've had some issues like Codexs issues and hand shake etc. I'm excited to get my Ninja! Thanks for this video Bro…btw your set looks dope!

  7. Terry Alexander

    Doesn’t anyone know how you can get the A7siii to show under -2.0 (EV) and not hurt start blinking when EV is -2.0

    Meaning it shows -2.7 EV up to -3.0EV

  8. Eric D'Amario

    Fantastic video. Love the ISO info at 7:30. Ran into an Slog3 grain issue and was perplexed why I had to be at 12800. Glad to see it's a known issue, and a safe solve. Thanks

  9. Slim Dxvis

    what matte box and little tripod are you using

  10. Ang P

    can you playback 4k120fps footage on camera's screen? or says not supported?

  11. Lord Emilian

    a lot of money just for the name and marketing. wait until you test it in over 35 Celsius…bye-bye Sony. this equipment is more suitable for events, but not for nature.

  12. Gortt

    Except with S&Q it gets rid of sound, so not the best hack!

  13. Ali_ReBORN

    On Slog 3 ISO should be kept below 1600 and above 12800? Could you explain why pls? Thanks

  14. Ryan Treadaway

    When I record in 1080p on my a7siii, the resolution comes out as 1920 x 1072. Do you know how to fix this?

  15. But why no full sensor readout for video 3:2? I just don't understand it. Hopefully this is resolved with firmware in the future.

  16. Ehsan Yousaf

    after watching the sony alpha 1 announcement i am really excited about sony a7iv. because i am waiting for hybrid camera or all rounder. Sony A7sIII is powerful tool for videography.

  17. Thanks for a great video. One question, though. At 3:48 — Doesn't the FX6 output raw just like the A7s3? Or are you just saying the FX6 (unlike the C200 or whatever) doesn't record raw internally? Either way, it sounds like you're saying the A7siii can do something with raw output that the FX6 can't. Might want to clarify (or feel free to correct me if I'm off my rocker here).

  18. Elise London

    Do you have any videos or explanations of how you put together your smallrig setup? I have the smallrig w a7s3, k3m, side handle…just need to figure out which top handle to get and how to fit it in with that small space.

  19. Mr Black

    Something to note with the Ninja V, you can only record 2 channels of audio directly to the Ninja V over HDMI. In HDMI output options you can choose to record 1+2 or 3+4, so a lav and a boom for example. Regardless great piece of kit and nice video 🙂

  20. Colin Clarke

    what ND filter holder is that, and what nd's are you using?

  21. Terri Ferguson

    I just want to know what the best Sony camera is for a intermediate photographer

  22. Mick Gilligan

    Any work arounds for capturing custom white balance in memory recall modes? I really can’t believe they locked that feature out when using the memory recall

  23. SAVAGE produzioni

    Hey man Great video! the set up is awsome…i got a sony a7sIII and i had previously an a7sII… I had a small rig 1984…and is it right that it doesn't match with the a7sIII? Another thing, i also have a small rig monitor focus 5" and i love it but with this as7III i can't see all the right image on the minitor, it's seems like not framing good…thank you and congratulations!


    Hi, Is the 1600-12800 iso factor same with A7S2 and A7M3 also…?? I mean the bad spectrum between these two values…

  25. Bon Ishikawa

    a lot of mistakes but I am happy to know that 1080p works that great.

  26. MANNY

    That setup looks freaking awesome Dan👍

  27. Moonbeam Arcade

    How did you mount the Sony XLR-K3M on the side like that? Do you have a hot shoe extender that works with the A7S3?

  28. Paul Fairchild

    Great video as always. Interesting you prefer S-I mode. Some other reviewers prefer the H265 mode. I read an article that said H265 was very close to Prores 444 but 1% of the size. S-I mode has much higher bit rate than H265 but H265 uses a very clever compression algorithm that some argue packs in more detail than S-I. Have not been able to test it myself as I have not been able to upgrade from a Sony A7 III as yet…

  29. Joel Rivera

    So if I’m shooting in the middle of the day on slog 3 I still should use ISO 12800??

  30. Tecno Latino

    Thanks for the tips. Btw, I was able to record in XAVC S-I 4K 60fps 600M 4:2:2 10bit using a SDXC II V90 card so I believe you don’t necessarily need a CFexpress Type A card.

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