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Sophie Turner REACTS to Taylor Swift’s Song Seemingly About Joe Jonas

Sophie Turner and Taylor Swift seem to be having a good laugh about the singer’s newest vault release, ‘Mr. Perfectly Fine,’ which is seemingly about Joe Jonas and will appear on the re-release of Swift’s 2008 album, ‘Fearless.’

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 37 Comments

  1. Bella K

    Can’t we all just see Sophie jamming to the song around the house? I can. Queens support Queens 👑💗

  2. Kristie Moe

    It was 2008! They're adults now! They know how the industry works.

  3. Shannon Marie

    This is examples of how ladies should carry themselves. 💜💚💛❤

  4. blakrumba

    Oof how can people read those lyrics and not laugh? They suck so bad. I totally get why Taylor marketed her music to little kids. They're the only ones who set their musical/writing bars that low. "Now I send their babies presents" ? 😬🤣🤣

  5. I'm not scary

    Things the internet can't move from:

    1. Selena and Justin Bieber
    2. Taylor and Joe
    3. Olivia, Sabrina and Joshua

  6. Amina Gurhan

    I thought she was cool and brilliant so how come that she still in love with someone who broke up with her ages ago, sure she can get someone who loves her among the 7 billion people who live on this earth.

  7. JustSomeone

    Joe should be proud of that song even it dissed him, how could an incredible ex wrote a masterpiece about her ex 🙄 I'm jealous.

  8. jd mg

    I guess the real question is…. who hasn't she dated?

  9. She wrote a song about her ex, back when she broke up with her. Why would anyone get mad for it? It’s literally what lyricist dedicate their careers to; writing about their experiences.

  10. D Ned

    Thats wild she really did love him that much huh 🥲🥲

  11. D Ned

    So we Could've ahead a Couple of taylor and Joe what coulda been 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  12. Cynthia Jones

    If you confess Jesus is Lord, believe God raised Him from the dead you will be saved. Romans10:9

  13. StefanFire

    Shes basically calling him arrogant and all about himself which sounds about right.

  14. Cobbiant Miguel

    Yep that interview was so out of line for her. Im actually surprised she did that. She writes about her exes but she never says which song is. People just especulate.

  15. Theresa Toomer

    Ironically Taylor and Sophie do not look alike but both are blonde and tall.

  16. life is love

    Wow' She always writes a song of the very man who broke her heart and gives them such a honor for doing so ..

    I am SERIOUSLY confused here ' Normally when someone does a A- HOLE thing to ME ' I don't give a second of MY precious time by acknowledging them and even thinking about them, nevertheless write a beautiful song with beautiful lyrics..

    I guess this has NOTHING to do with self-respect and it has to do with use the A-HOLES and make some millions out of the A – HOLE things they did .. Smart move Miss Swift !!

  17. Gideon Lance

    Taylor is a very powerful, outstanding and marvelous lyricist!

  18. AP

    I feel like I have gone back in time 😅😅

  19. Sun FunLife

    I don't get why she still holds with old stuff and makes songs. Everyone should move on. Especially her. 2021 new fresh ideas Tay tay.

  20. Lizzy Borden

    Seemingly is the key word. The only person who knows what or who the song is about is Taylor. The media loves to stir up unnecessary drama.

  21. DJ Koenig

    Let's move forward. There's no need to dig up old bones…🌿

  22. Sami

    Just leave taylor and the poor girl alone 😭

  23. Yo Yo

    Well I dont care…actually…teehee

  24. Upscale Avenue

    Mr. Perfectly Fine is a great song! It's a fairly accurate depiction of narcissism, too.

  25. Brian Murphy


  26. virline honore

    i didn't even know it was about joe. i didn't know who it was about til i saw comments about it

  27. Tortured Soul

    i would refuse to date her without a legal agreement barring her from mentioning (whoever) after the relationship ends.
    Those who have dated her should also sue her for half the profits from singing a song about them.

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