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Spider Inside Skin Photo Effect Photoshop Tutorial

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how to edit spider inside skin photo effect in photoshop.
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  1. wow this is awesome can you make a video of fire effect in which we wear a shirt and it is burning with fire something like in indian song "manva lage" in film "Happy new year"

  2. Pls do not give link of photos which are in seamur website it is impossible to download photos from there i cant download the spider photo from thier

  3. Hi! This tutorial is amazing! Just had a problem. When I hit ctrl + L, levels bar doesn't come up. I also tried by going to image > adjustments > levels but the dialogue box still doesn't come up. I wonder if you could help me. Thanks! =D

  4. The detail in the silhouette of the spider is too fine. The skin is rather thick and would not allow for that. Additionally if it were so close to the surface, it should show through the skin a bit since the skin is not completely opaque. That is the reason it looks a bit unrealistic. Otherwise pretty awesome.

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