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Step by Step Video Editing – Shotcut Tutorial

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Shotcut Tutorial for beginners! I had several requests to create a video showing how I use Shotcut for editing my videos. This Shotcut beginner video explains step by step exactly how I complete my videos. If you have any specific questions for me, please let me know in the comments below. Thanks and have a great day!

Download Shotcut here:

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Thank you for watching this video! For more Shotcut Tutorials please check out this playlist:

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This Post Has 29 Comments

  1. Chime pickleball

    My videos are in the slow motion when I uploaded them to the playlist on shotcut how to fix it ?

  2. Bucket Head Fan

    Jer reads all the questions in this comments section, and also replies to them too, so you can also learn a lot from here as well!

  3. Bucket Head Fan

    Im a 60yr old female and making my first ever video for YouTube. I almost gave up tho, because many other tutorials speak in ways that only semi experienced users can understand, so i was still stumped after watching every single one and have been putting this off for months! Lol!
    You are such a good teacher – I feel like i really CAN do this since you explained it so well, so now im really excited to finally get started! I really do mean it, Thank you so very very much for the upload! (your baby's voice is so cute that i just have to subscribe now!)

  4. Redneck Drennan

    being new to shotcut this is VERY informative!!!! thank you. you earned a sub from me!!!

  5. Kala Artonline

    Please create a detailed video on animation and transition and how to make the subscribe button…

  6. Kala Artonline

    I Just started my youtube channel and was really struggling with editing..Thanks a lot for this awesome tutorial..Really helped me… Thanks

  7. Love baking

    hi, thanks for this tutorial, just wonder will there be a tutorial to remove a gif background using chroma key in shotcut? I have tried but it is not successful.

  8. Huge thank you. I was totally lost and then I went through it step by step with you. I created something I was proud of after all day trying and getting nowhere. Fantastic help, Thank You

  9. I have watched a number of videos and this is the best of all. Thank you. I just need one help, I want to know how to write text instructions in my YouTube while editing a new one. This is because I will not be talking in these new videos. Could you please help me in showing how to do this? Thank you once again.

  10. Creed Flynn

    Thank you man you just saved my laptop from flying lol πŸ‘πŸ»just what I needed step by step for non computer smart people lol again THANK YOU πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» i wish I could of heard your audio to track on your computer

  11. Lisa Marie

    I am now making my first video for YouTube and this video is the best one I found. Thank you so much!

  12. Dubufy

    So from the official website it has nothing bundled in just the software? If so I’m going to download this right away

  13. Meme Bros

    thank yoo so much i watched this a while ago and said thx and now im this

  14. Pasterge

    i need help is there a way to cut a video? i mean to cut out a part of a vid?

  15. WordPress With Me

    This video was awesome JerHenning, I learned so much and feel awesome about the videos I will be able to create. I have a question, how did you create that subscribe animation? Do you have a video showing how to create that? Thanks for any other insight you can provide.

  16. scrimperuk

    Thank you for giving your time in doing this video. I hope you won't be offended but the background music for me is unnecessary and really annoying. You have a brilliant easy to understand speaking voice, why take viewers minds off that with the monotonous music? For me this was especially annoying when you played the audio tracks which were silent? Surely would be better if you at least muted the music when playing the actual audio parts on the timeline? So sorry to be a killjoy but it's better to give an honest opinion. πŸ™‚

  17. ROBLEON2

    When i exported my video, my video was a gif can u help me?

  18. Denon

    This man is Jesus descended from Heaven. The most helpful tutorial on Youtube. I’m gonna make videos with no problem thanks to you!

  19. Aditya Kumar

    Good video sir but couldn't hear any audio from shorcut screen πŸ˜€

  20. Jim Richard

    Maybe you could show how to work with f-log videos (flat profile instead of camera generated – similar to a raw profile), manipulating the dynamic range (lows, mid range, highs), color grading, adjusting white balance, and maybe filtering out some sort of overcast, such as a blue haze, how to pull up detail in dark areas without dramatically increasing overall brightness etc.

  21. moiz ahmed

    can u tell me plz after i finish my edit video how i can put thump picture on video

  22. Aris Leousis

    If I want to make a certain clip play backwards, how do I do it?

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