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Stephen Colbert's #HeWhoShallBeNamed Is America's Favorite Trending Topic

Last night, our host asked viewers to tweet suggestions as to what he should call our disgraced former leader when mentioning him on air. And wow, did you good people deliver! Watch as Stephen shares some of his favorites, including “Mar-A-Lardo” and “King Baby Coward.” Got a nickname for the 45th president? Tweet it to @colbertlateshow including the tag #HeWhoShallBeNamed and you might see it on a future show! #Colbert #HeWhoShallNotBeNamed #KingBabyCoward

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This Post Has 36 Comments

  1. Annette Bryan

    Hi from Australia… please whenever you have to mention him, please continue to always use one of those brilliant names… haha… never use his name again. Haha

  2. David T

    Just say trump, not everything needs to be a Twitter contest

  3. mark thurst

    I love reading through the comments, and seeing that any comment that doesn't totally match the narrative is attacked. Even ones that say they are against Donald Trump. It reveals the left as a frail, weak thing.

  4. Adrian Colley

    Jimmy Kimmel has been casually throwing these out for years. I liked "The Dear Misleader" best.

  5. Duke Dex

    How about “ another American “ 😂😂😂😂

  6. Judith Heineman

    This is way off the subject and for that i apologize. However i'm disappointed that prince phillips family members (except harry) are not goibg to wear their military uniforms. If they're doing it so harry wont feel awkward, stupid reason. The funeral ceremony is to honor prince phillip, not harry. Prince phillip honored his service and i think uniforms would be more appropriate (except for harry). Who cares if he's embarassed? He made his bed. We dont owe him any respect, but we do prince phillip. Im sorry …. i couldnt find anywhere else to put this, but i had to say it. Thank you. Judith heineman

  7. Computer Nerd

    How about "Sweet Potato in Thief", "Yam-Burgler"?
    "Humpty Trumpty sat on the Southern Border wall, Humpty Trumpty had a great fall, all the MAGA Horses and all the "Q" men couldn't get Humpty Trumpty back in office again." 🤣🤣

  8. id gaf

    I know we shouldn't say his name so much, but holy fuck, this is genuinely hilarious.

    Quick, someone go tell Agolf Twittler that there's a chance he might still be POTUS. We need NEWS

  9. An Ro

    Can’t wait to hear all 9k ++ names along the way!

  10. Bonny S

    I like 'first convicted former president'

  11. Miollvynir

    Not Floridian Fondler- you have to distinguish between him and Gaetz somehow!

  12. C.K. Brooke

    The producer laughing off-stage makes this next-level funny

  13. Kathy C

    I like this name. The overtired 2 year old with ADD who missed his nap.

  14. Bart Roberts

    Why talk about past mistakes? Why not look forward, to the future of America? Republican Primaries are just around the corner. Let us know who the next Republican to infest the White House will be.

  15. Nanyu Busnis

    0:10 A twitch in his left eye as his brain puts doen a sentence coming too close to containing #HeWhoShallBeNamed. xD
    I have the same issue, except I dry-heave every time I try to say his name.
    I like to stick with the old name: President Orange. A.k.a. The Orange. A.k.a. The Orange in chief.

  16. noel hutchins

    D…ump: it's his first initial and the last three letters of his last name.

  17. Teresa Thayn

    I still like douch nozzle. So perfect for self acclaimed pooty grabber! What a jerk!! I'm still hoping, one day, a strong woman will grab his tiny junk!! If it can be located.

  18. Max Doubt

    And the #1 suggestion is…..Dongleberry!

  19. V H

    I still like mine… The L.O.L.(The Leader of Lunacy)😉🥂🤭

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