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Stock Photography for Beginners | Is Shutterstock Worth it in 2020?



In this video for Stock Photography for Beginners, we answer the questions is Shutterstock Worth it in 2020? We’ll cover what we earned in 2019, what we’re expecting in 2020, and review some stock photography tips and tricks along the way!


This channel is all about stock photography money and stock photography earnings! If you’re wondering how to sell photos on shutterstock, or what our shutterstock contributor earnings look like, hit that subscribe button!

As a Shutterstock contributor, we offer reviews of our experience on the platform, various forms of payment proof, how to make money, and our overall earnings. We’ll also answer the question – is Shutterstock a good way to make money & how much does Shutterstock pay? While we sell photos online, we also started dabbling in stock footage lately! So stay tuned for plenty of info on that as well!

Got a question? Post it in the comment below! We’ll do our best to answer them!




📹 Our 4k Pocket Camera we use to film stock footage:

📹 Our Youtube Filming Set Up
Camera: Nikon D750:
Lens: 24-70mm 2.8 Lens:



➡️ How Much Money We Make Each Month:
➡️ How Much Time Stock Photo/ Video Takes:


(in no particular order)

➡️ Shutterstock
➡️ Adobe Stock:
➡️ Dreamstime:
➡️ Bigstock:
➡️ 123RF:
➡️ Pond5:
➡️ Alamy:


NOTE: This description contains affiliate links that allow you to find the items mentioned in this video and support the channel at no cost to you. While this channel may earn minimal sums when the viewer uses the links, the viewer is in NO WAY obligated to use these links. Thank you for your support!


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This Post Has 28 Comments

  1. Charles Carabott

    I had 33 photos from about 90 accepted by shutterstock. I did all my photos with a fujifilm finepix AV200. I also sold 1photo. I have been a contributer with shutterstock for about 2 months. I have to say that I am a complete beginner in photography and am learning as I go

  2. Twelv7 Visuals

    I disengaged after approx 30 seconds after listening to demands and boasting… not ideal for beginners to listen to. I'm not a YouTube myself but would suggest not asking for subs/likes at the start, most people will like/follow if they want, also get into relevant content straight away…. otherwise it just becomes another talking head vid… just saying !

  3. I find my photos worth much more than what these stock agencies offer. Is it really worth the time it takes to upload, key words , photographing for pennies on the dollar? Who’s making more money off of your photos? And now that shutterstock is starting you from square one at the beginning of each new year?

  4. georgesd9

    Someone downloaded a clip of mine today, guess how much I got, 0.26$, that's 0.01% of what I got paid per clip last year, I'm deleting all my content from shutterstock, I'd rather make my own website and give content away for free, at least I can get some ad revenue

  5. Emil Oprisa

    Shutterstock is good at one thing : stuffing its contributors

  6. Mario Bluewings

    lol….stock photography companies are making money with your effort. I stopped years ago. You will earn more money working 4 hours a day on a McDonlans… this is only for frikis with a lot of time to spend, willing to get 500 bucks a month by the end of 2027…

  7. Jeremy Cobb

    You're definitely right about the approval with Shutterstock being tougher than Adobe Stock. I just submitted my first batch of photos to the two sites this week. I submitted the same 40 photos to both sites. Adobe Stock approved 100% of the photos I submitted. Shutterstock approved 30 of the 40. Of the 10 they declined 3 of those were due to a branding or advertisement in the photo (even though it was tiny). I did notice though that Shutterstock is much faster at reviewing the photos, having them approved/declined within a few minutes of me submitting them. Adobe Stock took 2-3 days. Now its time to sit back and wait for my pictures to make me millions of dollars! 🙂

  8. 86Corvus

    Shutterstock is a cesspool of stolen art and designs

  9. Salih Kaya

    You guys looks from here ultra xxx HD .woww so clear

  10. Short answer: If you even remotely NEED money right now. No, it isnt.
    If you're fine financially and you do this as a hobby, then sure. Money for a lunch every now and then is worth the months of uploading.
    The end.

  11. Adam Smith

    Shutterstock have just dropped their contributer payout guys. This is probably out of date already. Please consider sharing this petition to keep the old payment system where you got $0.25 cents per download instead of $0.10 under the new scheme which resets every January to zero and you have to work through the different tiers every year to get slightly better payments.

  12. Nick

    Prob not since they changed the tier system from June 2020

  13. Everyday Rc Car

    Hi guys! Great video!! I'm using the same 4k camera osmo pocket and I just got one editorial video of man wearing mask collecting trash put in the truck sell for $13.20. Anyway, I'm from Cambodia.

  14. Lens Cap

    With Shutterstock my personal thought is "will you stop and pick a quarter up off the sidewalk, or walk by"-at least for your first 2000 images($500). Assuming no video or special sales this will take a lot of time to get to .33 each (500 to 2000). Hurts to see .25 for an image, but if it has some shelf life.

  15. GAL S

    Can I uploud the same photo to a couple of different websites? or is it ilegal

  16. Ramon Rios

    Hiya thanks for infromation…!!! soo why dont you show the earnings from the other agencies from the same period ???
    Got a problem with that ???

  17. Dina Galal

    Can you do a video on what is FTP and how to upload videos to shutterstock?

  18. phil doodler

    I had a photo rejected from shutterstock for not being in focus. The focus seemed fine to my eyes. Put it on another site, was accepted and sold. Go figure!

  19. Cody Michael

    The time put in with the earnings put out seem like a joke.

  20. Steven Tritton

    Yeah I do the same thing with submitting to avoid mass rejections. Generally rejections are much higher, especially for images. For images I think is worth it, I resubmit twice, may be three times before letting them park. I've read others resubmitting as much as eight times or more to get accepted. Is Shutterstock worth it in 2020? For me, this industry would not be worth it without Shutterstock. It's the only agency producing any decent income. Starting in February, I made $263.42 by end of 2019. So far in 2020 have made $190.26 and am chasing Tier 2 with less than $50 to go. Had Feb 2H 2020 been as good as Feb 1H 2020, I would of been well pass there. Oh well, will definitely make it in March, finally.

  21. RglovesBooks

    I hope y’all try Alamy again, after 3 months I finally got my first sale of $23 of Yukon potatoes

  22. Richard Oldroyd

    Well as I take photos and videos as a hobby then yes it is worth it as I enjoy the process of shooting and uploading. The money is a bonus that buys more gear.

  23. they seem to get stricter every month. i submitted 25 images of good quality and they accepted only 8. sometimes all 25 get accepted, but that is very rare. i think you need luck with the reviewer aswell. video's became even harder uploaded 40 and 5 got accepted or something. images get rejected for out of focus wich they arent. i dont have a sharp $3000 telezoom lens. Video's get rejected for noise/artifacts. they are there but very minimal its hard to meet those requirements -.-

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