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Super Bowl LV: What to Expect From The Weeknd's Halftime Performance

ET spoke with Super Bowl halftime show producer Jesse Collins about what viewers can look forward to seeing during this year’s event.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 30 Comments

  1. Josh Braun

    Miley Cyrus should have done the half time show. The Weeknd was boring af, not sure why people are raving over him spending his own money, they have a budget and clearly he wanted more. Lololololololololol

  2. PHRZ

    I came here after…
    Well, You Know…..

  3. Arena Kids TV

    We have some behind the

    scene footages on our last video about the Super Bowl half time show !

  4. P

    should have watched this a week ago

  5. P

    POV: you here after the performance

  6. julieevanb

    The Weeknd is a character being played by Justin Bieber. Wake up people.

  7. sm peace

    and they love the dark more than the light.

  8. They probably wear a mask and nothing else! How can they possibly top the flesh fest/ Satan worship from last year!

  9. Rrrr m

    This gon be a cry baby ass halftime show. Boring

  10. Gabriel Perez

    Reminder… This is not the worlds biggest stage.. Its americad.. The world cup hodt a show where the whole world actually sees it. not millions… billions

  11. Anthony Neitzel

    Going to perform all his hit records? He'd need 2 hours not 13 minutes to do that!

  12. Jayden Diamant

    What to expect from the weeknd's super bowl half time performance…… word: legendary!!!!!

  13. Daniel Dalton

    It’ll be a tall task to surpass Shakiras performance from last year

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