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Taylor Swift and Harry Styles REUNITE at 2021 GRAMMYs

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift, who dated in 2012, reunited at the 2021 GRAMMYs and had a seemingly friendly conversation. During the awards ceremony, Styles beat Swift for Best Solo Pop Performance, but there’s no bad blood here. Swift gave her ex a standing ovation and later in the night, cameras caught the two having a friendly catch up.


Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 37 Comments

  1. gingle kitty

    Why people think they are reuniting? This random guy dumped Swift after a week or so? What is there to reunite for? Did she ask for the faux fur back? "I went to the restroom and you used this chance to run off with my faux fur. Thanks for bring it back tonight. Late better than never, right?"

  2. Blue Fox

    I think she dodged the bullet when they broke up, she needs a real manly man 😂

  3. Jc Hall

    Can't rewrite history when it's all on web. Tay and H connected back stage at choice awards Mar 2012. The last known sighting was Calep's(lead singer of Sons of Leon") birthday party Jan 2015. Harry not Cox into paradise and leaves you therd. He comes back after he didn't stzy.

  4. Rainbeery •Z

    Harry dating Olivia!!! I thought they’re just friends hanging out

  5. Random Person

    Harry could not even look at her that much watch his eyes you can see it all over his face lol..Trouble

  6. Carol Anne Smith

    I love both Taylor and Harry but he looked so messy at this event. Bring back the elegance please. Loved Taylor’s dress and mask.

  7. Mo Vo

    He's more of a lady
    Taylor is more manny

  8. Suma Kulkarni

    Everything aside who told these people that Harry is dating Olivia?? Did any of them confirm? No!

  9. Suzie G

    It's call moving on an being mature 🙂

  10. Savanna W

    “They are the hunters, we are the foxes”

  11. Michal R

    Her behavior shows you how much of a wonderful person she is! She deserved that Grammy like no one else out there!

  12. myøu films ツ

    I forgot that they DATEDDD, SO like when this was uploaded i thought they were just being friendly to eachother, but then i was just watching taylors out of the wood and i saw a comment about this interaction, and was like "OHH So thats what it was about"

  13. queen B

    Bro you’re saying she lost as if she didn’t beat him with album of the year

  14. Marie Joyce

    Is it too much to ask for a collab? Both are wonderful people and singers ❤️

  15. profsca

    I was watching The Muppet Show last night. Harry stole Ms Piggy’ wrap!

  16. Durga

    Style feat. Harry Styles. Please taytay😭.
    We need a collaboration

  17. jill de guia

    y'all just had to add he's dating Oliva Wilde. dklsfjsldkfjsd

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