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Tessica Brown Tears Up After Surgery to Remove Gorilla Glue From Her Hair

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Tessica Brown, who went viral after using Gorilla Glue as hairspray, flew to Los Angeles, where plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng removed the glue free of charge. The 40-year-old mom of five gets emotional after the procedure, running her fingers through her freed hair for the first time in weeks.

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This Post Has 23 Comments

  1. Eddy Stronger

    That was a horrible stupid accident, I truly feel sorry for her. That's something that innocent kids would do when they are home without their parents. I'm happy to know that she's better now and none should laugh of her pain.

  2. ThatKpopFan

    I’ve seen so many comments calling her « stupid », being so judgmental and even questioning her ability to raise her children. How is it helping ? She SERIOUSLY needed medical care and gave back 20 000$ to the surgeon who treated her.

  3. Sam Smith

    This lady has the audacity to complain about the doctors cutting off her pony tail. I'm speechless. She did it all to herself.

  4. Elaine Resendez

    thank the lord that man is sooo nice free of charge yes please!!

  5. chris

    its so heartwarming seeing these kind humans rushing to help these poor monkeys in need, truly fascinating how we can show such compassion to animals that might not even be able to understand us

  6. Teagan MacDowell

    I hope she’s ok now it was probably a mix up with A different product that’s meant for Hair

  7. Common canadians

    so of its true she got it for free, I'm fuckig pissed. my grandpa died fo cancer form lack of getting proper treatment due to not being able to pay. its fucking retarded thst someone who out glue in there can get it out for free, but if someone contracts something they can't control, they have to pay

  8. james_stuff

    it’s crazy how strong freaking glue can be it’s so strong you gotta go to the hospital

  9. Cam'ron

    You made a ridiculous mistake that shouldn't have been made, and it was your ignorance that got you there?

    Free Surgery for you!

    Oh, you got a life-threatening injury from something that you couldn't have known how to avoid?

    *That will be $20,000 for the surgery"

  10. Jon Edison Bermas

    I'm glad that she's fine,but I can't still can't get over how stupid she is for not reading the label,and blaming the company and the product for the situation that she's in

  11. Silver KTH

    I am really glad her scalp is ok. I was really worried about her. God bless the Doctor! Such a kind man.

  12. Joseph Scott

    Props to this man for helping someone out, no matter what stupid things they've done.

  13. lcsavik

    I’m sorry she had to go through all that. Poor girl. Hair will grow back.

  14. ToxicToons13

    Wow 12 thousand dollar surgery when you can go to dollar tree and buy a bottle of Goo Gone for 1 dollar and fix the problem.

  15. 01yala

    Thay should pull off those disqusting nails ! Surgery on hair !

  16. SparrowHunter

    She has FIVE FUCKING KIDS and she doesn't know to not put gorilla glue in her hair

  17. Chad B

    How stupid can someone possibly be?

  18. StevieSmith4k

    Anyone else feel annoyed with her nails like that I can’t stand it! I’m entitled to my opinion it’s not hate

  19. cassandra Johnson

    Tessica im so happy for u you look great with short hair but if u wish to grow ur hair back try hollywood hair god bless you

  20. Me Not u just me

    thank god they got it out she has been blessed by god because most people die from concentration of gorilla glue to their skin ecspecialy to the face

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