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Tessica Brown Wishes She NEVER Posted Gorilla Glue Video: Her Message to the Internet (Exclusive)

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ET’s Melicia Johnson spoke with Tessica Brown, who gives an update on the status of her hair after making the mistake of styling it with Gorilla Glue. Tessica opened up about her video of the aftermath going viral and how the sudden fame is affecting her, and she also reveals the celebrities who have reached out to offer their assistance.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 24 Comments

  1. Chris DiPietro

    I know alot of people who should use gorilla glue to brush their teeth

  2. Rin Kazu

    So wait…she never sued the Gorilla Glue company? Where does this misinformation come from? Whatever, I’m glad her hair it’s getting looser now. I really feel sorry for her, especially because the process is so painful. I feel like she should take up on the help from people that are offering it to her because she clearly needs it and it shows that society it trying to become more empathetic towards issues that might seem meme-like and get criticism for it but do affect people’s lives. This clearly hurts her rather than other people.

  3. TaquanNYC

    yall be thinking anything is for clout lol

  4. Marco Salgado

    Having your mom still lecturing you like a child . Grown ass women

  5. Amber Rice

    TESSICA NOT GORILLA GLUE GIRL do not be mean people

  6. Judy Jetson

    Tessica, everyone makes mistakes. Where's the empathy people!!

  7. Sada Reed

    Lol now she wants us to feel bad for her after she couldn't sue the company. Her stupidity made her viral for all the wrong reasons. Ppl making fun of her is why she wants out lol she didn't expect something this dumb to go viral

  8. jeff allen

    At least she got that shit out of her head lol

  9. Le Maure

    set black people back another 30 years LMAO

  10. Harry Kendall

    You posted it because you wanted to set up a systemic racism lawsuit and you were going to try and sue the company…….oops forgot about that. nice try at getting free money for self stupidity.

  11. Harry Kendall

    There were people blaming her situation on systemic racism…….is she ok with that?

  12. You should have read the warning. Don't worry everyone makes mistakes. Good thing it's off now.

  13. Vickie Wilson

    Be encouraged lil sis, God is able to restore what went wrong. I messed up my hair stripping color off, putting too much stuff on causing me to loose my healthy hair. Saturate your head with oil, let that sit all night long wrapped tight. It will be alright. your hair will be alright and so will you. God bless you. People made fun of me but I didn't let it offend me, that's why God restored my hair. So he will deal with people who offend in this matter

  14. Joel Willis

    I don't who this is but I am gonna google guerilla glow girl.

  15. khaleel s


  16. Ms.Bubs4fun

    I feel bad for her and all the trolling she is receiving. She seems like a good person!

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