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Texas in Turmoil: Celebs Speak Out After Unprecedented Southern Storm Affects Millions

Celebrities are speaking out amid a brutal winter storm that has brought frigid weather to the South.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 34 Comments

  1. Alpha MECH

    Lone star state is the only state not on the national power grid, That's where States feed each other power,but Texas State government blocks them from getting power, feel so bad for them, hope the State government steps in , at least Ted Cruz The emperor of Texas got out with his family. You guys should Pat yourself on the back, while you freeze to death, he and his family are having a good time in a Mexican resort,Where as the same Mexicans working there are not allowed in this country that he comes from,.It must be nice to Have that type of privilege.

  2. Cru Jones

    If you lose power to your house and you can keep it warm for first thing you should shut the water off to the building. FYI

  3. Jackie Hartman

    Hahahahahah turkeys. Hope all peaple get back all there home after bad snow storm

  4. James Ricker

    10 years ago this came real close to happening in Texas
    Texas was warned, they did nothing

  5. IDFWY

    Wow this winter storm would be normal where I live except the power outage's.They are really good at getting power restored here plus we have generators.Feel really bad for them!

  6. Pursue Happiness

    BioWarFare is the longest war. WeatherWarFare is for the Georgia Guidestones. Microwave the snow and watch it spark with the metals the Navy sprays in chemtrails on Planet Gates.

  7. Cherilyn Lutero

    America is in terrible times since Trump left the palace and replaced by an ? President Joe Biden

  8. After at the top of modern era,
    We,re back to the past: should look for wood to burn, no electricity, no phone, no internet…

  9. Ahmed Monir

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  10. how about you not get rid of fuel, don't put all your solar panels in one basket, and chill with the wind power. that's why it's not good for this country. we get snow, we gave snow. get out of the sheep mentality and DO NOT LISTEN TO GATES SAYING GO TO LEGIS AND SAY NO MORE FOSSIL FUEL. WE WILL ALL FREEZE TO DEATH. #WAKEupTEXAS #WAKEupUSA

  11. Jean Luney

    Guys…have you ever heard of “climate change”? Well…this was Exhibit A!

  12. Rich

    Rumor has it Pelosi is blaming Trump & is currently seeking another impeachment.

  13. Ahmed Monir

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    And now verily We have caused the Word to reach them, that haply they may give heed.

  14. kjdnyhmghfvb

    and in the recommended "This Texas Town hasn't had running water in it's 142 year history."

  15. pnky2006

    Same photo shown on wild weather us video hummmmm

  16. Louisiana Born

    Really??? You didn't think this could happen???…. But please…let US in the USA support your SOVEREIGN state….then you can go back to being independent…..good luck yall

  17. AliSakurai

    Oh no these poor celebrities. How else are they going to survive in their million dollar homes? Cute but it was of terrible snow storm that caused a lot of problems for us here. My neighbors who had power were gracious enough to let houses that didn't have power plug in extension cords. The electric companies here are only prepared for extremely hot weather not cold weather because this snowstorm happens every 10 years I am not even joking.

  18. taytoe cheeps

    Yes, he's out looking for firewood like how instagram models solve racism.

  19. tomkrzyt

    Go and ask Ted Cruz. Maybe he won't give you his middle finger.

  20. Adrienne Bodry

    Well it's not like these people who are so much better than the rest of us common folk cant just jump on a plane to Hawaii like mr. Ted Cruz going to Mexico. Nothing pisses me off more than seeing rich pampered celebrities crying about problems their bank account can fix. Shut the hell up Hollywood. You dont live off minimum wage and really struggle. Go cry in your fur pillow.

  21. Rebecca Swanson

    Comstock Resources JerryJones is selling gas at prices ranging from $15 per thousand cubic feet to $179 per thousand cubic feet, a markup of between 600% and 7500% over pre-crisis levels. The idea that people might desperately need the gas and can’t afford this has probably not even occurred to him. The church of market worship has a narrow definition of sin.

  22. Truman Powell

    This cold spell happens about every 10 years. We had plenty of advance notice from weather folks. News people need to quit being malicious gossips and get the facts, report facts, not their biased opinions. "News" is not news it is propaganda for radical left. They play the blame game constantly.

  23. Ken Konard

    How is AOC’s ‘Green New Deal’ working? Free wind power… unless the windmills freeze up.

  24. Maybe Biden should stop punish Americans for not voting for the Democrats party.
    And actually do something like play President, at least a little bit, And help some people in America.
    Of course what dose his puppet master Kamillion Harris want him to do.
    Help destroy America that’s what the Democrats want, so if you’re in a country that’s not America you’ll get all of America’s money.
    Congrats, Biden is proving he didn’t legitimately win the Election.
    Places keep going I love to see Libtards trip over there imaginary world they think they live in.

  25. Texas Gal

    Big thank to Ercot… Glad our gov. is investigating them.

  26. JuCon

    Ok I feel bad for the people in Texas, they have been done wrong by their government but come on they are not the only people hit by this winter storm. I am posting this days after it aired and the snow in Texas is gone melted away and we got hit not once but multiple days of snow sleet and freezing rain single digit temperatures and today I still got stuck trying to get up my driveway because of the snow covered ice. Texas doesn't have a weather emergency they have a government emergency.


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