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Text Masking Effect | Photoshop Tutorial | Typography

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In this photoshop text effect tutorial ( or you can also call it typography tutorial ), i will show you how to create text masking effect.

Text masking is popular trend at the moment in graphic design. Its bit similar to letter portrait tutorial i have done in past. But here we will focus on entire word.

Main focus is to put image inside text and at the same also show subject outside text as well. We manage it by creating thin empty line between subject and word.

Pretty simple tutorial to follow even if you are new to photoshop, just take you time while selecting the images.

i hope you find this photoshop tutorial useful and if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to ask me in comment section below.

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This Post Has 50 Comments

  1. right now i am in between changing my work machine. Once i have it i ll be able to upload better quality videos. I should have it in couple of days, so till than upload schedule will be inconsistent . Thank you 🙂

  2. Chizik

    really good tutorials,thank you 🙂

  3. Stupid Channel

    You are so smart. My perspacacious people in country have never showed as their knowledgs to the youtube as you. Sometimes they hide their knowledges.

  4. Abstract Colectiv

    can anyone help me? i'm following this step by step but when I get to step 3:51, I make sure the color is on black and I go over the text as he instructed but at 3:58, when I go to erase everything that's inside the "O" it just shows up as black not white like this dude. then at 5:17 when I delete layer mask, the black brush that I went over the text with shows up and it doesn't look like the picture here at 5:19. I click create clipping mask and the photo looks nothing like op's finished product. HELP.

  5. wow Edit

    really good,and i am so happy to see ur video

  6. Mhrjn Ashwin

    For the girls, BOLD word is okay but what about boys? Suggest me some words which suits for the boys

  7. abi don

    Have a small dout .. Did quality of text will be differe while doing scale (crt+T) & doing scale in text option…!!.. Which is method hav a quality !??

  8. Sahar Razavi

    One of the useful tutorials I've ever seen. Thanks a lot 😍😍

  9. Vaibhav Sawant

    i am not able to fill the white color with paint bucket tool please reply those who know….

  10. Cinder Luna

    something edgy about living your life to the fullest because I wrote the word bold

    tore me up

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