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The 10 BEST iPhone 12 (Pro) Camera Tricks you don't know yet!

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Here are 10 little-known Camera Tips & Tricks for your iPhone 12 (Pro, Max, Mini). Most of them work also for other iPhones like the iPhone 11, or iPhone XS.

Mini Tripod:
Mini Tripod (Pro Version):
Smartphone Gimbal:
Wireless Charger:
Screen Protector:

My main camera:
My main lens:
My favorite lens:
The lens I use for YouTube:
Best SD-Card to shoot 4K video:
My microphone:

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0:00 Intro
0:13 Trick 1: How to control your iPhone camera with Siri
1:00 Trick 2: How to use your iPhone camera with Shortcuts
3:10 Trick 3: The many hidden features of the shutter button
3:38 Trick 4: How to make a gif out of a burst
4:51 Trick 5: Two different ways to create a blurred background / how to edit the portrait effect
5:57 Trick 6: How to convert an iPhone live photo to a long exposure
6:35 Trick 7: How to always start the camera with the last used mode/filter
6:59 Trick 8: How to improve the quality of your videos
8:00 Trick 9: Two tips for better Selfies
8:36 Trick 10: How to use the magnifier App

#4K #iPhone #Tricks

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This Post Has 15 Comments

  1. This was very informative! Great information, to the point, and I can't wait to use some of these tips in my next shoot!

  2. erron1410

    Thank you for such in depth information!

  3. Alexander Cruz

    Honestly the best tips and tricks I’ve seen for camera literally! Thank you! You have earned a new sub!

  4. Scott Tea

    Good stuff. Don't own an iPhone 12Pro Max but after watching so many videos on it regarding cinematic videos I will be in the market for one next year. And now this. Wow.

  5. Drost Video

    Great tips..I'm going to try the long exposure and utilize siri voice commands. Please do a similar video for GoPro 9 tricks

  6. Roxy Schiavone

    This is great information! I learned so much in a short time. Thank you.

  7. Cindy Smith

    Does the double tap work with a case in the phone?

  8. Amped MTB

    You blew my mind with a few of these. These shortcuts are going to make life so much easier.

  9. cinIALVEspO w

    The double tap feature is cool, i had it as screenshot but it's too sensitive. Was making 4-8 screnshots a day that I didn't mean to

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