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The 7 Best Sony Camera Tips / Tricks

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These are my top 7 Sony camera tips Tricks

As you use a camera system over time you develop what are your must have tips and settings to optimize your shooting experience.

In this video I share with you the 7 best tips I’ve developed overt the last 4 years of shooting with the Sony system. These tips are most applicable to the 7 and 9 series cameras, but some (if not most) of these will also apply to the 6xxx systems.

Please let me know what you think in the comments section of YouTube.

Index of the tips

Bonus tip: Upgrade your firmware – 1:14
Tip #7: Relay Recording – 2:08
Tip #6: Menu Help using C4 – 3:56
Tip #5: AF/MF Control hold on Lens – 5:21
Tip #4: GPS logging using smartphone – 8:13
Tip #3: Viewfinder / screen toggle using C3 – 15:01
Tip #2: Auto ISO Min Shutter Speed – 17:31
Tip #1: AF Area Registration – 24:03

Special Notice: I have found a bug with the Sony Imaging Edge Mobile app that is preventing people from setting up the “Location Information Linkage” to get GPS info from the camera. If you are not presented with that option on the home screen of the Imaging Edge app, pair your camera with your phone first using the “Connected with new camera” button and “Ctrl w/ Smartphone” option on the camera. Once you pair at least one camera, you will then have access to the “Location Information Linkage” even if you then unpair the camera you had already paired. Seems this is a bug with the app that will hopefully be corrected in the not too distant future. Hope this helps.

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This Post Has 21 Comments

  1. A H

    Didn’t know ISO Auto Min 謝謝,

  2. What an excellent explanation. I am planning to get the 7r IV, so I am watching a lot of different tutorials to learn about it,. Canon shooter here, as you were. Excellent work!!!!! Thank you , and best wishes from Uruguay. I have a small question, I read this camera is kind of noisy, how do you work with your wild life images with that issue? I photograph birds and macro mainly . Thanks again.

  3. Jan van Veluwen

    Hi Juan, video was very helpful! Question: what is your C2 settings? I am new to Sony A9ii and have to find my way, so more tips are most welcome! I shoot mainly birds (on 200600lens)

  4. David Harrison

    Hi Thanks for your videos. The Sony cameras are excellent pieces of equipment but for me to large once the lenses are added so I’m returning to MFT Olympus. I’ll keep watching your videos though and thanks again for your time. 👍🏻

  5. Michael Jäckel

    Tip # 3. Sometimes it is annoying if you press play, to show a picture you just made and you want to explain something for example to a client. If you move your finger around the screen, the picture changes to the view finder. I tried to fix that with your tip # 3, but on my 7r4 it works just with menus information. My tip is to lift up the screen just a little bit, now the picture stays on the screen until you have finished.

  6. Sebastian Inhofer

    Thank you very much! This was much more helpful than I would have thought! Great content! Thanks again

  7. Guillermo Lopez

    Nice video Juan, thank you! I need a suggestion, I will buy a Sony full frame camera. What is the best choice for landscape and night photography (both in one gear)?

  8. Paul Corcoran

    Some interesting and useful tips, thanks. I'm not sure of the usefulness of the AF MF Control Hold on Lens though because after you have manually focused the camera reverts to autofocus when you press the shutter button.

  9. Stan Leeger

    Watch out … Auto Switch Media can cause a big problem. It is OK to auto switch from Card 1 to Card 2, but what happens after Card 2 fills up? The camera will auto switch back to Card 1 and overwrite everything that you recorded on Card 1. So you can lose your work.

  10. Don Dunning

    Another fantastically useful video Juan!👍👍👍Thank you for sharing. In your one hour video on the A7R4 you said you would make separate videos on some areas so as not to make that initial video too long. I know I am not the only one looking forward to those follow-up videos.

  11. Satish Dasari

    Thanks for your tips. I will be incorporating a few of these right away.

  12. Evgeny Lavrentiev

    GPS location tip was great. That is something that I was missing on my Sony cameras. Thanks Juan

  13. jnet6

    Great video, but it's too long winded for me if I want to know how to go to settings while waiting for you to explain the whole features.

  14. g bee

    Why do chose card relay recording over backup? Most discussion about dual cards seems to be about the big advantage of having that backup and for most people that would be the way to go. ? Edit: I see you have answered this question below.

  15. Roger Kent

    Hi Juan, I've just switched from an A99 to an A9 and am finding your videos essential viewing and so helpful. I had never even thought about getting the Sony Imaging Edge app on my phone let alone pairing it to my camera, you have made this so easy to follow and do. Many thanks for this and I'm looking forward to much more advice from you as I get to grips with my new set up.

  16. Hi Juan,

    Some great information on setting up Sony cameras. One question on the Relay Recording? I notice you set it up to continue on to second card when first is full. I have mine set to Raw slot 1 and slot 2 JPG. My feeling is if slot 1 becomes corrupt for some reason at least you have a JPG backup. Just a thought. Would like to hear your feedback on that. Cheers,

  17. Camilla & I

    Very useful explanation showing why Camilla & I use the Sony system it is complicated but you can programme the camera to serve you, not what the camera wants you to use
    Thanks Juan it’s worth persevering

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