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The Bachelor: Sarah Trott Answers Burning Questions About Her EMOTIONAL Self-Elimination (Exclusive)

ET’s Lauren Zima spoke with Sarah Trott about the dramatic events leading up to her emotional exit from ‘The Bachelor,’ airing Mondays on ABC. Trott says she felt ‘overwhelmed and bombarded’ by the criticism she received from other contestants, and reacts to comments made by Victoria, which she says ‘came out of nowhere.’ The former broadcast journalist opens up about her father’s terminal illness, and how sharing her story has led to the ‘silver lining’ of her ‘Bachelor’ experience. Trott reveals the biggest factors that ultimately led to her leaving the show, and who among the remaining contestants she hopes Matt James ends up with. And yes, she’s aware of her ‘Schitt’s Creek’ doppelganger, Annie Murphy, and even gives us her best: ‘Eww, David!’

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This Post Has 34 Comments

  1. Travis Loos

    Lauren Zima grilling her for actually having emotion and caring like a normal person. Yes, going on the show and her timing was definitely naive and her perception was wrong but so what, she did the right thing in the end. Honestly surprised that Lauren denounced Harrison’s comments because all of the other garbage she spews is always in defense of the show and Harrison. Then again maybe I’m not surprised because she was probably just trying to save face.

  2. Dre Marley

    if she'd had not left due to family issue ..she would of definitely in top 3

  3. Na_lady Liz

    She looks like the journalist actress from Bones. Funny that she's a journalist herself.

  4. Wendy Dickson

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  5. ching ho

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  7. StayBeYOUtiful16

    I think she didn’t do anything worthy of this reaction, her father was ill & that makes emotions heightened on top of an already stressful platform mix in a pandemic … can we show some compassion? I thought she was a kind girl & never came across as anything else …

  8. Aletha Cates

    That is a tough position to be in, because only God knows when someone's life is going to end and she had to decide if she would put her life on hold, not knowing if He would live for weeks or months or I have seen people, doctors say wouldn't make it and get a miracle healing
    Be there as much as you can, but live your life

  9. K C11

    I was so bothered when she talked about the make out and how her make up got on his nose!!!
    That just HAPPENS!!

    If he was white it would still happen you just wouldn’t notice UGH so cringe there

    Happened with kit too then she wiped it off LOL! And probably many others

  10. K C11

    I just felt like this was insensitive (this interview)

  11. Lisa R

    Her and Matt had a genuine connection because she is seriously one of the best & most mature women on there! I think everyone was just jealous of what a great person she was, seriously. She should be considered for the next bachelorette, if her personal situation is better and she is in a good mind space. She’s really mature and seems to have a great head on her shoulders. She was treated very unfairly by these other so-called “women”

  12. A Hamilton

    Easier to think you can fall in love with a man who you know will be dating other women. But we all can attest that most of us lose it or have a hard time when the man we are dating is dating other women

  13. Gab Mag

    Fire the interviewer. Holy crap. So passive aggressive, it feels like she’s basically mocking her and coming at her. She needs to find a new job. This girl is so sweet and going through enough.

  14. Jerrod Kates

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  15. Meg

    I’m sorry the interviewer was asking completely inappropriate questions. Let the poor girl be she’s already going through enough

  16. Kira Ozaki

    God what did this woman do murder someone? GIVE her a break her dad was dying and that would make anyone emotionally unstable

  17. Susan Boss

    Why in the world when your Dad is dying with ALS would you go on a reality show?!! I don’t care if her family supported her or not. Very selfish and I have no respect for someone like that. Meet a guy back home on the real world!

  18. Gosh, Lauren is being is being so passive and judgmental during this interview. I’m really disappointed. She’s just being a mean girl too….

  19. Mel C

    She looks like the actress on Lucifer

  20. Claude Carter

    Sarah seems caring and sweet she didn't deserved how some of the other girls treated her she's right you don't know what other people are going through , sometimes people need to chill thumb up for Katie for trying to hear her out and understanding and Matt as welll.

  21. Amy Nguyen

    Lauren what is wrong with you? I love roses and rose but you are HEARTLESS here

  22. Leah Bloom

    why did they only show katie comforting sarah when two of the front runners were being really supportive

  23. Leah Bloom

    wow i cant believe bri and rachael comforted her and they didn’t show that

  24. Lesia Mahlay

    8:08 …she says while she had a boyfriend right before going on the show 🙄

  25. EEG

    The scene w/ Katie really got me choked up.

  26. LD JT

    I find she looks more like Ellen Pompeo.

  27. Kasey

    It was sad seeing the way those women assumed what exactly was going on with Sarah. Katie made me cry too dang it!

  28. Be Lieve

    Lauren, stop continuing the bashing, be kind! Sarah is so brave and really stands up for her self and explain her side of the story, even if she gets attacked by everyone. Hope she becomes the bachelorette in the future, or at least that she gets the best man ever!

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