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The Best Video Editing Setup

Macbook Pro set up with an external Ultra Wide Monitor. 29UM55 $299.00 as of June 2015. Provides enough Real Estate for Video Editing. Wireless keyboard and Mouse make it even easier.

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This Post Has 38 Comments

  1. Tech TV usa

    Best video editing system? Having an ultra-wide monitor doesn't make it the best editing setup. What if you have to edit interlaced video for a client? Interlaced video never looks good when played back on a computer monitor. Why not have dual ultra-wide monitors?


    Cool setup, i suggest you invest in bigger studio monitors like Presonus or Mackies to give you clear accurate sound.

  3. Dipankar Medhi

    Hi this is great Man, Need you guidance- I have a MSI workstation laptop and at present i am doing lots of documentary and film and corporate films …as usual its hard to work with the laptop with color correction and editing in short 15 'inc laptop….looking for your advice, which monitor i should take as external monitor which has the 4K capability display or full HD display within reasonable budget and how to set up.. kindly guide please….( what to plug : thunder bolt cable or HDMI also)

  4. photojeff74

    Your kidding right? Um track ball, key pad missing lot of real editing tools breh

  5. alesh

    looking nice and comfort.

  6. Claudio Rivera

    in comparison to editing video on a retina macpro how does it feel to go down in resolution is it worth it for more scree size? please give a through reply if possible. subbed! great video

  7. Adam B

    Are you serious ? this is setup for for post production ? You have to read about REAL post production setup and this monitor is only a toy. You tell me it has IPS. It's not mean is for color-grading ! Read about post production and don't tell people stupid things.

  8. João Melo

    Can you say me where did you buy the Magic Mouse and the keyboard?

  9. Neelam Kaur

    what if i connect the monitor with a cheap laptop? (Lenovo ideapad, 300€)
    can i still edit Videos or does it has negativ impacts?

  10. Febri Rakhmad

    is it okey you close macbook when your mac is on and run?

  11. YB Swavey

    What editor are you using on that video?

  12. TakeOneFilmz

    how do I get sound when I do this my monitor does not have built-in speakers or headphone port so what are other way can I get sound?

  13. Rahel Abraha

    If you close your macbook pro, how is it going to breath? It gets hot when you use video edit.

  14. leandro aguiar

    if you close the macbook, you'll block ventilation extraction!

  15. magicmars86

    i've done everything you said, but when i shut the lid, monitor goes off

  16. Logickeyboard

    You should have a Logickeyboard with shortcuts for your editing software 🙂

  17. Did you have any problems with scaling at 21:9 and 2560×1080? Was there any stretching or distortion? Did you have to adjust display settings at all or did it work as soon as you plugged in the hdmi?

  18. OBH TECH

    what are the macbook specs? What year? i7 or i5?

  19. Jack Morris

    Out of curiosity is this the 13" macbook or the 15"? Also, did you ever find a better mouse? I love the magic keyboard but loathe my magic mouse!

  20. I'm Good

    Correction, screen mirroring can be left on, unless you are adding additional monitors or want them independent from one antoher. But awesome purchase! I want one so bad!

  21. Raf Cint

    29UM67 – what's the difference ? 67 is new one – any new specs?

  22. keiEXo

    You should buy Logitech MX master instead of Apple Magic Mouse. It's 1000x times better 🙂

  23. Shamsheed Sobha

    I think that you are jamming the airflow with the mbpro closed. Having them placed side to side will give you the advantage of a dual screen workflow. Why use only one screen when you can benefit from two.

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