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The Perfect Video Editing Build For Creators! ๐Ÿ˜‹ (RTX 3060 Ti, Ryzen 5900X) | AD

I’ve put together an insanely powerful gaming PC in 2021, but this is actually meant for video editing, photography and 3D Modelling! Join PC Centric for this epic NVIDIA studio PC build guide 2021! Links to everything featured below!

Sponsored By NVIDIA and Scan Computers
Buy NVIDIA Studio Certified Parts & Systems HERE:

Amazon Affiliate Links:
(When you buy through an affiliate link, PC Centric may receive a commission on the sale – as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

Amazon USA Links
Phanteks P200A Case:
Ryzen 5900X:
Aorus B550I Motherboard:
Corsair 32GB Vengeance LPX RAM (3200MHz):
Corsair Capellix Cooler:
Corsair TX650m PSU:
Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti:
Sabrent 2TB Rocket Q SSD:
Windows 10:

My PC & Setup Gear (these were all review samples*):

1440p 165hz Gaming monitor:
4K Benchmarking monitor:
My Personal Monitor – Asus ROG PG35VQ:

Philips Hue Strips:

My Keyboard: XTRFY K4 Keyboard:

My Mouse: Logitech Pro:

My Work Mouse – Logitech MX Master 3:

My Mouse Mat – Corsair MM XL:

Philips Hue Bulbs:

Philips HUE Play:

My Desk ‘Legs’ Alex Drawers:

My Desk Worktop:

My animated wallpapers:

Noblechairs ICON Leather chair:

My Main Camera – Blackmagic Pocket 6K:

My Main Lens:

My Microphone:

My 2nd Camera – Sony A6500:

My lights – LIFX RGB Bulbs:

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Epidemic Sound

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This Post Has 29 Comments

  1. Ryan Davis

    โ€œGo big and go homeโ€ -PC Centric๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. Pierre Plays

    I keep debating whether or not I want to build a separate editing PC, my gaming PC edits fine but it could be better….just with stock right now it's probably on the back burner for a while

  3. Omar Amin

    can you do a mid-priced(900) pc for students(can handle zoom, gaming, and a lot of chrome tabs)?

  4. Ravanin

    I started watching ur video's for the info, but I returned for the entertaining host (; Your video's not only teach me about pc's, they are also entertaining and very well made. Keep up the great work man!


    My guy your cold ….rocking a 4600mhz ram….

  6. Linear Angel

    love the build.
    Can you do a top pc cases in 2021 because I don't know what to take!!

  7. Brin Master

    Is this pc a entry level pc for a gamer and soon to be youtuber?

    LYTE Hyper V2 โ€“ Core i5 4570 | GTX 1060 | 8GB RAM | SSD + HDD: If you need more specs just let me know in a reply.

  8. XDR Gaming

    Great video! But you know I will have to buy an RX 570 instead of 3060 Ti… because the PRICES!!! I hope this GPU price crisis gets fixed soon..
    Or i would just buy a pre built

  9. Faxz

    hey! hope your doing good!! can you do a review on the hp pavillion gaming desktop? hope you have a great day! ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. blackhound rise

    Man thank you. This might have convinced me to go team green for graphics due to lockdown introducing me to Blender!!!


    In india rtx 3060 price is 60k (800$)๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚.

  12. Unluck

    can you please make a video about a free app (and how to use) for animated backrounds? (probably upload it on shorts?)

  13. ianboy666999

    Hi, great video again, I do a bit of photography editing in lightroom and photoshop, been a console gamer for years, but want venture into pc gaming as well, would this rig be more than capable for both gaming and editing, or anything that you can recommend, maybe some of your many previous builds, like most my budget is not massive, and given the gpu shortages at the moment, I probably couldn't have picked a worse time to want to do this lol, but yeah any recommendations would be great. Thanks.


    It's the perfect build if you have $2,700 laying around to buy all of those parts. That's the figure I got when I added up the cost of everything listed on Amazon. The 5900X is $760 alone.

  15. wanglelife

    Who wants to see Marcus do a video while heโ€™s drunk? How crazy can we get?

  16. LeboPlays

    I love how all these youtubers making vids of hardware we canโ€™t even buy! Not very fun tbh

  17. LMFAO

    wouldn't recommend ryzen for video editing. i got one 5900x for premiere pro and the experience was rly stuttery. i picked up a 10850k for 320 (1/2 price of ryzen) and photoshop and premiere pro are now sooo much smoother.

  18. The Game

    my gpu temp more than 70 is that normal???????????

  19. Scotty Zepplin

    For my productivity and side gaming, I have the Zotac twin edge 3060ti OC edition. I am impressed that such a low-end 30 series card is gritty. I never thought about gaming but what should have been a test run just completely blew me away at 1440p in just about every title out today. If you can get this card at MSRP, you will not be disappointed. It does get a wee bit loud tough but there's nothing a good pair of headphones can't handle.

  20. Unknown

    Is the motherboard in the video out of the box compatible with the 5900x or did you have to update the bios?

  21. Harira Normal

    Can someone say how the fans in front work? Do they need only one cable in which they take power and also RGB DATA?

    What is that called then? I am always confused, is this called "ARGB" fans or so?

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