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The Surprising Reason Why Big Companies Outsource to India And Why You Should Too!

There’s a real reason why so many big companies are outsourcing their tech needs to India and it’s not the reason that you think. Indian web designers and other techs are more than just less expensive labor. There are a lot of pro’s in finding your web designer professional outside of your immediate area.

So, I’m sure you are wondering why big companies are hiring Indian web developers instead of staying with the available pool of workers. Surely there are enough web designers in their area, right?

Massive companies like Disney and California Edison have hired Indian tech firms. Companies are also recruiting Indian employees to move to the US to work in and develop tech. Why India? Why tech? Why now?

Here’s another hint- It’s not a decision rooted in finances. There are so many other forces at play when a company makes a decision as big as this. Large sector companies won’t undermine quality of end product for a small cut in cost.

OK, enough hints. The real reason why so many big companies are outsourcing is: TALENT. When you hire a web designer in India you are tapping into a resource that is just beginning to get mined. India has a wealth of super techs who would get snapped up in a second if they were in Silicon Valley. The education is top notch and the continuing instruction keeps them competitive and on the cutting edge of every new development. Top companies know this and use it to their advantage. They get smart, quality professionals with exceptional portfolios and the best part is that there isn’t heavy competition.

There are also so many English speakers so communication isn’t a barrier. India is the world’s second-largest English-speaking country. This opens up a whole new arena to find the best of the best. So it might be time to cast your net a little farther and see what kind of talent you can scoop up for your projects.

Most small firms haven’t caught onto the trend yet because they haven’t crunched the numbers and seen the underlying value besides just the financial numbers. In some cases they think more expensive means better or that home grown talent has a better education. This is not the case at all but as they say “old habits die hard.” Your company can use this to it’s advantage and gain a significant edge in tech related issues.

Besides that, non Indian techs have a vested interest in you not finding out about this. American techies are shaking in their boots hoping that more people don’t find out about this developing frontier. Hiring an Indian web designer is the next best step for many people who want to develop a quality site with a team of professional collaborators. You can get a reliable, dedicated developer who would be right at home in the Silicon valley big leagues working on your site.

Source by Dionn Mack

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