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The effect of uncorrectable mistake is almost regrets if not death. backgrounds doesn’t define a person but just a fate which was chosen by nature… The movie revolves on hates, deceit, class and of course misdeeds. Henry(Ken Erics) was a tailor mangingn life with his beloved wife Oluchi(Mary Igwe) untill her friend showed up with her “Classy gal suggestions”… Princess Cassandra (Queeneth Hilbert) was almost rudness personified. Looks down on people and doesn’t appreciate anything close to poverty while her sister is the exact opposite of her…. Twas almost a twist of faith when the table of royalty turned around….

Starring: Ken Erics Ugo, Queeneth Hilbert, Mary Igwe, Harry B Anayanwu, Dorise Ugo…

Executive producer: Izuchukwu Udenwa

Directors: Goodnews Erico Isika

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  1. Which ur queen by ur side?, Your just dreaming u better wake up from ur slumber Cos the crown 👑 is never meant for you…. well, let keep watching to know who the crown 👑 is meant for

  2. Ken my great actor, get ready for becoming the next KING the universe is about to smile at u, so get urself prepared….we really deserve the good things of life

  3. This Marry Self she too like high life and at the end it will back-fire to her… Always take life easy and u will surely reach where u want to be…..


    Ma lo sviluppo socio-economico non lascia alcuna possibilita per lo sviluppo graduale e coerente della societa. Un'esperienza ricca e diversificata ci dice che l'innalzamento del livello di coscienza civica crea la necessita di includere una serie di misure straordinarie nel piano di produzione, tenendo conto del complesso del ripensamento delle politiche economiche estere.Cosi come l'attuazione degli obiettivi pianificati richiede la definizione e il chiarimento di nuovi principi per la formazione della base materiale, tecnica e personale. Come solo una parte del quadro generale, il controllo dei concorrenti e ancora un sacco di liberali che sono ansiosi di essere ridicolizzati, sebbene la loro stessa esistenza sia di indubbio vantaggio per la societa.!


  5. What is all this Queeneth your own too much meh. It is a crime for someone to be poor. You have no regards for the less privileged, what better Royal family you there supporting man that didn't marry you. Foolish girl. Mary Igwe your own pass garri , you never suffer with man that your middle name. You quick to be carry away by what you see. I hope you don't catch up with it. Your friend is the worst person ever, she not marry so she want you be like her. If she was a good friend she could have helped you while you still with her husband not to influence you the other way round. She another crazy fly.

  6. You see, the PROBLEM wasn't created by the COUNCIL OF CHIEFS or was it, by Prince Sebastian, but the FAULT was from the LATE IGWE; for he never thought it EXPEDIENT to lay out everything before his SON to avoid FUTURE CATASTROPHIC OCCURRENCE or CLASHES..!

  7. Look this WIFE O, she was an ORDINARY AKARA Trader, but her EVIL Friend has now turned her into a CLASSIC BABE;
    Because, sometimes I just wonder, how a MARRIED WOMAN would allow this WICKED B.CH to use PROGRAMMING to brainwash her MIND against her OWN HUSBAND and SON!
    Would he grow up to agree and understand things at her own STANDPOINT..?

  8. The way he said goodbye I knew it. But what doesn't make sense is, he died as a result of hitting a plastic trash can. A green one at that. I put it to you Firstnollytv it was indeed a green plastic trash can.

  9. That princess behaving like anybody did tell her to give that man 10 million and he leave..kmt she trying to make it like every man is the same.

  10. Kenneth is stacking on the princess cos the throne, but I don't know why he is happy bcos they have not chosen u yet so relax dear Kenneth Annabel now u understand when they say life is a circle

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