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The Vanishing at Cecil Hotel: Pablo Vergara on Life After 'Crime Scene' Hit Netflix (Exclusive)

ET speaks with Pablo Vergara, AKA ‘Morbid,’ about ‘Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel,’ streaming now on Netflix. Vergara opens up about the accusations he received online, which he says ‘spread like wildfire’ following the death of Elisa Lam at Cecil Hotel. Vergara revealed he doesn’t have his own conclusion about the mysterious circumstances surrounding Lam’s death, and says there’s ‘always gonna be that mystery.’

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 38 Comments

  1. Maurice Howl

    My heart breaks for this guy. . . People get so invested and sucked into things that they completely lose their perspective of the situation, and in turn, vomit out complete and utter bullshit. Responsible web sleuths have my full respect, but blimey, the conspiracy theorists just need to go to hell. Seriously, a government spy-?? Lord.

  2. Tamrae Uchrinscko

    Pablo, I just watched this series on Elisa. How NO ONE APOLOGIZED TO YOU IS DISGUSTING!! Your life was ruined by the computer sleuths!! All bc you are different, your music lyrics etc. You're still a human being!! Let me apologize to you for the cowards who were quick to blame you!! Every post on here should be from ALL those people who blew up your social media with hate and false accusations!!!! 😤

  3. Home Boy

    I think he is due some rather serious financial competition for what he was put through.

  4. Wouldn't Elisa figure that she sounded the fire alarm when she went out on the roof? And then climbed inside the water tank to hide? When she heard sirens, which is common in a city with 15 million people she hid. She was hiding in the elevator to support my theory. Her hands are describing the elevator to someone in the hall who most likely informed her to use the stairwell outside. Makes sense of this, right?

  5. I was blamed for setting the 8th floor on fire at the Riverside Hotel back in 2004. It was a security guard looking for attention who did it. He would also break into cars and tell the tenants he chased after the suspect. These victims also offered him cash rewards too. That really hurt me. That lunatic would also pull the fire stations claiming he saw someone doing it and that he ran after him.

  6. Arlene Cox

    You know what happened. Come on i know youre dying to get it off your chest

  7. Arlene Cox

    Didnt you watch 40 minutes before the end of the last episode on netflix. He was reacting to images in tge clouds and saying how he shouldnt do it anymore as it will be f4eaking people out. Iv3 s3en these images in tge clouds myself before

  8. Rain Stand

    I just saw your segment on the Netflix series, I’m so sorry man about what happened that is so fucking horrible it’s not fair what happened to you

  9. Emma R

    So people were attacking him just because he went to the same hotel as Lam did? A YEAR BEFORE SHE DID?!?! People are dumb. I feel sorry for him and the actual detectives for having to put up with them.

  10. Cherry_husky

    People are disgusting. I feel so bad for this poor poor man. I hope he is ok

  11. naomi walton

    Man, poor dude. I feel so bad for him. He seems like an honest guy.

  12. Meeka b

    So many people are falsely accused because of these irresponsible internet warriors that want to think they are heros saving the day when in reality they are just idiots that are playing God to ruin lives and facts. It is so unbelievably disgraceful and dangerous to put your two cents in without the proper knowledge of something. One thing that bothers me is we used to live by "Innocent until proven guilty" yet now adays it has reversed and it is hurting people and ruining thier lives. And the people pointing thier fingers have no care whatsoever on thier poor judgment and assumptions. Also, by now we should know not to judge a book by its cover yet people still do. Just because it smells like leather and looks like leather. Doesn't mean it's leather. It is so easy to manipulate and appear as though something that is not. So, just because he appears to look like someone whom is capable to doing horrid acts. Doesn't mean he is. As someone whom has hung with many metal heads into death metal. They are actually the complete opposite. They are the most intelligent, humble, honest, kind people I have ever met. So, people whom judged him and assumed should owe this man an apology for wrongly accusing him of doing something so cruel. And shame on YouTube, Facebook, and Google for acting without proof. All people involved in ruining this man's life are an embarrassment and are very vile people that should feel completely stupid. Especially those whom have never apologized STILL for thier finger pointing. You are the true monsters.

  13. Tyler

    People make horror movies. He makes horror music. I’ve never thought of “horror music”. I like the idea! He has talent. I feel bad for what happened to him. I hope something good comes from all this for him

  14. Edith Cardellini

    This man had undeniable evidence that he wasn't even in the United States when Elisa Lam disappeared and when she was later found dead in the water tank. This man's life was ruined over nothing. Hope this man is doing well and is able to continue with his art and passions. He deserves a lot more for what he's been put through.

  15. The Disciple

    That’s why mainstream society and it’s citizens are trash af. Just because the dude likes black metal and lives a certain lifestyle doesn’t mean he deserves to be judged and prosecuted with no evidence.

  16. Vickie Brown

    It is horrirble what has happened to you . What ever happened to innocent tell proven guilty??

  17. I thought ride away that he had this "fake killer persona" on hes music videos! 🙏❤ But it was f#cking scary 😄😁 so im happy i find this normal guy! Please dont be so scary😊😇🙏❤❤❤

  18. Soumya Sharma

    One thing I have learned from this case is never ever trust these YouTube detectives. He was a man with passion it might be not our style but these people ruined his life and career. At the end what happened it was found to be an accidental death and it was proven also. I hope he lives his life better and be strong.

  19. Martin Ramirez

    That’s really messed up ngl,the man just liked making music and those “Internet Detectives” ruined his career, I hope he finds something he loves and can make something out of it

  20. nikhil reddy

    I had no idea about the entire Elisa Lam case. Was watching the documentary today with my wife. When Morbid came up, I knew where this was heading. I said to my wife "I am sure this guy is just a musician who is into black metal and these internet warriors might have accused him". I was not only right but it turned out even more sad. They ruined his life.
    Your comments on the internet are more powerful than you think they are. Be responsible.

  21. Ronny Frank

    Those stupid conspiracies from illogical internet sleuths are bullshits, jeez they are more creepy than this guy.

  22. Jörg Schwantje

    I am one of the people who cannot understand the critics of the Netflix show. For me it was fabulous. They showed every part of the story, left nothing and even rehabilitated this poor nice man. It was a really good decision to attend this documentary. Otherwise it maybe never stopped.

  23. Ravin Mode

    I knew he didn’t do it she didn’t have one scratch on her.Ppl need to stop playing detective online. Let the professional handle it

  24. Karoline Kiel

    Hi Pablo!
    I just watched the documentary on Netflix. Gives a lot of thoughts to my mind! And i loved how deep the go into the case. But then i saw the episode with you. I got pretty angry at how people accused you. And i feel like it was because og your music and your style. I am a metal lover. (I think you look scary, but crazy cool ❤️ and great music!) but it doesnt really matter. Cause people who dont understand that world, cant understand. I live a very different lige than my family. I believe in god, but i just like metal. For me it is just music and also a community of deep understanding for each other. (Cant wait for the World to get normal, so i can go to my yearly festival, Copenhell.)

    Sorry my comment is long. I just wanna say: from the moment i saw you in the docu, i was shaking my head. People are so judging. I am so sorry og what you have been through. I experienced bullying myself. And the internet is dangerous for that.
    I am glad to see, that you Seem more settled and happy in this video that from the episode in the docu. Be you – always 💪❤️🤘

  25. Charles zeine

    I feel for this guy and he deserves an apology 100% However, after watching that series on Netflix, I will say he set himself up w/ this outcome after his “I’m innocent speech wearing that mask w the voice ”. I LOVE dark metal and never once thought he was guilty for 1 sec, but if he did his innocence speech like a normal genuine person ( like this interview) no mask , it never would have gone this far. He liked the attention at the time and didn’t realize how far it would go. Nobody deserves that but be cautious how you handle major issues w social media these days
    All in all I’m glad you came through dude. Takes a strong person, get back into ur music and BE YOU

  26. Man people are dumb these days I knew he never did it he’s innocent he may not look innocent but he is who knows how Elisa lam died rip

  27. sara nodine

    I am so sorry you became the scape goat. I knew watching this documentary that your music was just timely and not a confession. Hope things look up for you.

  28. kyledm8

    Sometimes I listen to death metal or death music, just to get my anger out. I wouldn’t kill. Unless someone was trying to kill me. Sorry for your change of life just because you stayed there.

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