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Tiny Planet Effect Photoshop Tutorial

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In today’s Adobe Photoshop tutorial we’re going to have some fun creating a tiny planet effect, which is a classic Photoshop tutorial subject, but this kind of effect has come back into the limelight with new 3D cameras now being used to produce video footage in the same style. I’ll be covering the process of making the effect with a static image by manipulating it in Photoshop, but as an extra touch, I’ll show you how to superimpose an additional picture of a person to simulate the appearance of those 3D videos like the GoPro Fusion.

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► New York Manhattan Skyline from Shutterstock –
► Guy Making Peace Sign from Shutterstock –

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  1. I am stuck at how you made the selection black. Played that part 10 times. "Fill this selection with black then press command + D to deselect" makes no sense hearing this and seeing how a nice new black selection appears as a new layer…

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