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Top 10 Money Making Ideas for YouTube Creators | Passive Income 2021 |Earning Campus Premium Video

In this video you know about, Top 10 Money Making Ideas for YouTube Creators | by Earning Campus. This premium video now free for limited period use it to improve your efficiency.
1. Become a YouTuber, link your channel with Adsense or MCNs using YPP to monetize and generate ad revenues for your videos.
2. Provide your own PDF book or product link in your video description, Also add on basic info link section in custimization tab its appear in your channel art
3. Ask your viewers to support you by donating through Crowdfund or Fan funding sites like Buy Me A Coffee or patreon
4. Tieup with other channel creators and promote their channel in your video and endscreen to get rent from them
5. If you have a website you get a double benefits, number 1 share your website link in your description to get more traffic to your website. Number 2 share your YouTube videos on your website to get more views for your videos
6. Provide YouTube related services like Graphic designs, channel review, SEO Services, Content creation for youtubers to get more money without adsense Since most of the youtubers are not expert in all those things, they always search a professionals to improve their channel quality. So use this opportunity to help them and get money for that.
7. Some link shortening web sites give money for every click of their links, but its doubtful and have lots of errors also, In this method when the viewer, click the link, they play some ads before going to the exact site, we get money for the ads like the same method of AdSense
8. Ask your YouTube viewers to get together for a paid Q&A session to get more money. Since in our video we post a common contents only, but the viewer has a lot and different types of doubts. So this Q&A session more helpful to them. Now you think everything available in google then why I need to pay for Q&A session to clear my doubts? Ya its available, but the excessive contents makes you confuse only, Instead of that, ask questions to a professional human, you get a perfect matching answers only for you not a common answer like a search result.
9. Join Amazon or click bank or other affiliate programs and Share affiliate links in your video description related to your topic to get money easily. Whenever your viewer buy any product or services through your affiliate link you get some persentage of commission.
10. Before starting your video content, promote or Review Sponcership or your products or anything Like ebooks, apps, courses, services, softwares etc.. And share the link in description also to make money more

Equipments i’m using to make my videos. its very, very useful for beginners


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