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Top 10 Portrait Tips and Tricks to Become a Better Photographer

If you enjoyed this video check out my Top Photoshop Tips and Tricks video :

Canon Digital Photo professional 4 :

Editing tablets :

Step Ladder :
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Kate Backdrop :
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Godox RBG Round Light :
(I used these in the into video for the changing color light in the background)

My KelbyOne Courses :
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Music : (affiliate link)

My info
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Twitter @irene_rudnyk
Personal Insta : @irenerudnyk
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This Post Has 34 Comments

  1. Charles Permacio

    Do yoi have some presets give away? 😭 supporter from ph 🇵🇭❤ I'm an aspiring photographer

  2. Charles Permacio

    Hi miss irene. Where did you buy your backdrop? I mean that thing that's like a reflector when you used as a backdrop when you take your indoor self portrait. I want those.😅🇵🇭

  3. Pony Moore

    You are so gorgeous Irene. Oh and thanks for great tips 🙂

  4. Eric Beard

    Awesome tips, thanks so much for sharing 🙏

  5. Łukasz M.

    3:24 But instagram has 4:5 format. It easy to transform 16:9 to 4:5 than 3:4 to 4:5.

  6. Paul Robertson

    Nice video. Great tips.

    Just one small criticism – 4×3 crop? I always use the camera sensor's 'full-size' crop aspect ratio on my Canon, 3×2 that is. Why? Well, if you set to a crop other than 3×2, the camera crops the JPEG to whatever the aspect ratio you set (4×3, 16×9, 1×1 [square format]), but the RAW is still captured at the sensor's full 3×2 (in the case of my Canon it does at least), and as such, you can choose the crop in post, so it's in post that you crop to 4×3 if that's the final aspect ratio you want. It makes no real sense to do in camera though really. 🙂

  7. xvspider

    are u kidding me im in love with ur "worst" shot

  8. Jimmy Vooys

    Superb, I've showed this video to my wife and she really loved it.
    But now I have to collect all kinds of stuff just to give all the Ideas a little bit of shape and believe me ….. she has lots of them.
    Backdroppes, chairs, sofa's, pipes, collars, coats, jackets, dresses, hats, guitars, guns, rifles like you wouldn't believe … you name it, she's looking for it, finds it and buys it.
    We've played with the idea for some time but it never left the ground.
    Thanks for giving that little push she needed just to empty my wallet and fill up the guestroom 😉

    I'm retired, used to be a bird and wildlife photographer, not able to run around with heavy equipment anymore, so I decided to go portret, macro and a little vintage/fine-art and believe me ….I have never seen the wife so enthousiastic, she alway liked the bird pictures and all …but I think when you've seen a few hundred/thousand, you've probably seen them all, and finaly now she can express her own ideas that she likes and wants to show.
    The lights, taking the photo's and post processing will be my department, the genaral direction, setup, make up, the theme, what people and kids, especially kids … is entirely up to her.
    Once again thanks you so much.

  9. Carolyn Vines

    Just found you and subscribed. I'd love to see part 2; and it's likely you've already posted it by now. I'll just search your channel.

  10. ThatsLyra

    Hello, I just want to know what camera did you use to take those photos.

  11. Mr Oblige

    I'm 6'5 so the ladder def holds a reflector I made out of cardboard and foil
    I def bought the xp pen tablet I'm on a serious budget
    Love making my own props/model outfits

  12. The Next Hobby

    We don’t see too many people advocate for using native RAW processors. Let me ask you: Do you just go straight to TIFF conversion for working in Lr or Ps, or do you additionally use the native software for initial edits also?

  13. Nilton Cardoso

    I'd like to see the number 2,3,4 and on…well done!
    Greetings from Brazil!

  14. Celsius Paco

    Hello Irene,
    I'm enthusiastically following your channel and the tricks you show for your photos; in one of the videos you advise to use the Canon DPP program. Since the final result is spectacular, it could be a great success to make a series of videos in which you show the complete circuit, from the photoshoot, the analysis of the photo and how you retouch it in DPP to achieve that wonderful result; something like Gavin Hoey’s work for Adorama.TV, although without making unnecessary additions. Thank you

  15. Imteaz Sajid

    Thank you so much
    I just roam around on youtube and try to find if I can get one tip at least
    And yes, your video helped me

  16. K Da Produca

    You are so awesome with these tips!! I love it!! Thanks!!

  17. Antonio Sorlozano

    I'm impressed with your recommendation of DPP, I use it and I'm happy with it. Most professional photographer recommended only Adobe programs but, to me it's a point for you! Thanks for your videos Irene.

  18. Weronika Gdaniec

    I may not be a part of the ladder gang, but surely I'm a member of the climber gang after watching your videos XD

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