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Top 7 cool camera tricks for S9 plus : Samsung s9 plus tips and tricks 2020

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if you buy anything from this link, it helps me. This video will explain 7 cool tricks for your Samsung s9 plus camera.

These camera hacks will help you take good photos and videos.

These tricks will also work on your other Samsung phones like Samsung galaxy s8, Samsung s7 edge, Samsung galaxy s10, Samsung galaxy s11.

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This Post Has 7 Comments

  1. T. Higgs Reviews

    I don't get the multiple options on photo taken in live photo. I only get the main 4. I have s9+ and my friend who has s20 ultra can't get more than the main 4 either.

  2. anit722

    There are also reverse mode in slow motion.. can you please tell us about reverse mode

  3. Electronicom

    I just subscribed, liked and comment for your channel. Please do the same. Thank you.

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