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TOP 8 "Smooth" Seamless Transitions

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This Post Has 39 Comments

  1. Learning Point

    bro you look like Indian film actor "sharman joshi" . first time when i see you really surprised

  2. Great video! the "take it away" transition at 2:19 was unexpected. Seemed odd in a video about transitions.

  3. Manan Sharma

    "We are including these FREE in the PAID course" . ~Landon Bytheway

  4. Radius

    Fun fact : No one could enjoy a video except the editor himself 😊

  5. Chico Loko VLOGS

    Wow your Mobile Cinematography is amazing 🙂 and the P30 is amazing i do hope you still have Free P30 mobile phones to give away as i am also in to Mobile content.

  6. Gilles L

    IMPORTANT question: do you compress your video files before doing production and when it's complete and want to download it than again a compression? And with which tool? Thanks for the response!!!

  7. Shaaz Bhai

    This is how Kold edit their videos and make transitions effect. Both make Kold to close his shop. Lol just kidding, No Hate. BTW which camera you use to shoot all this Macros?

  8. gkp

    Is that Daybreak community in the soccer shot?

  9. Bear Newman

    Summary: Cliche…cliche but do it this way say… use this free feature when you pay us… its not cliche this way… do this effect that we won't show and you're good to go. Oh, pay for the "not cliche" tutorial
    No offense to this channel, but there are better channels for in-depth and step-by-step Premiere/AfterEffects tutorials.

  10. Random Immigrant

    As a photographer who is starting off in videography and Premiere Pro for the last 2 months, I am totally loving this channel. Thanks guys.

    QUick question, on average how many different transitions would you guys suggest in a vid?

  11. The Wardejitzzz

    Wait… Did I just skip an ad by the guy I’m seeing in this vid?🤯

  12. Aman Behl

    What music have you used, its awesome…

  13. Malinda Quarry

    The majestic pollution universally improve because comma neurobiologically crawl than a roasted carrot. dizzy, zesty light

  14. Cullie Morris

    LOVE THIS!! Definitely using these tips in my next video

  15. BatarabeVids

    What is the Best Editing software that's easy to use for beginners, please?

  16. Quick question: I would love to buy this package. Could I use the same preset for DaVinci Resolve 17 instead of Premiere pro?

  17. Alana LaPointe

    Wow! This is GREAT! I’m pretty much living under a rock when it comes to ALL OF THIS!!! Lol Do you have a learning tool for dummies? Haha!! I do everything on my phone. I don’t even have a computer. I have a camera that I never use! I’m a grown adult but I do believe old dogs can learn new tricks! Lol! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I would like to make home videos and also of me making diy projects and posting them! Maybe even do something cool for my church!

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